Monday, November 21, 2011

I like the Idea Cash for Clunkers for Useless Polticans.

                 Thank you Mike for a new idea listening to the radio show. He is right, when the super committee cannot come up with an agreement. It may sound like a disappointment for them and us because automatic cuts and maybe tax hikes might be in the works. It just proves they are useless to us. When we cannot get them to act as a check on the White House starting wars without going to congress. We really have a do nothing congress. We need to start first with John Boehner first and toss him in the political junkyard of losers(jail).

                  It is time to cash them in like a clunker and get a new one. It is like a used car on it last legs. It cost too much in maintenance and repairs. Same with politicians. We pay more in taxes,fee and regulations for nothing even though keeping a clunker running is more useful than a politicians. A least they take me from point A to point B. A politicians will just take me backwards the opposite direction I want to go. Does that sound familiar? Does anyone recall when a politician said this proposed bill would lower everyone's auto insurance rates? When the bill passed and singed by the governor. The rates actually went up sky hight and never down as they promised.

                Anyone in Washington DC does not know the meaning of the phrase. If it ain't broken, don't fix it. To them if ain't broken lets fix it. But they do not actually fix anything, just makes it worse. Just like our healthcare system and collage tuition. Before the government got involved. Getting healthcare and going to college was affordable. It did not need anything done to improve it. Since the government got involved. Healthcare cost are in the stratosphere and college tuition is rising faster then inflation. Now we know everything government touches turns to crap thanks to defective politicians.

                When we trade in our defective politician. I rather they be part time one were they go into session for a short time and goes home to live under the laws they pass. Full time career politicians have really screwed things up big time. The clunker is the status quo politician that needs to be traded in like scrap metal that is rusted that has out served its usefulness. Do you agree with my solution?


  1. Actually, I prefer the idea of a bounty on their severed heads, not just sitting politicians, but ex-politicians who are now lobbyists like the despicable Billy Tauzin, Phil Gramm and Newt Gingroid.

  2. How about no politicians, no countries, no flags, no capitals, no borders, no legislatures, no any of that useless shit?