Monday, November 21, 2011

Famous Paintings of the First Thanksgiving

The first people who landed at Plymouth Rock to form a new world free from religious persecution. There was no welcoming committee. There was great loss of like on the sea voyage on the Mayflower to the new world. When they arrived onshore what is known today as Massachusetts. There was no welcoming committee. There was not Motel 6 to lodge in for the night. They did not have a warm place to lay their heads. When they set up a settlement. They continued losing many people to starvation and sicknesses due to malnutrition. The early settlers endured much hardships just to survive battling nature and hostile Indian tribes.

It was by the grace of God by divine providence Squanto and Samoset who were native Indians who spoke English. If it were not for the Indians tribes and the goodness of Chief Massesuate forming an alliance with the Pilgrims to help defend against the warlike tribes nearby. The Pilgrims would have died off.. It was about celebrating giving thanks to God for a good harvest with the Indians. Thanksgiving was about hospitality and diplomacy. A mutual cunstom between both Pilgrims and Indians. When the Indians showed up. It was expected they be given hospitality by the pilgrims. It was expected the Native tribes were expected to extend the same courtesy in return when the Pilgrims visited.

This Thanksgiving. Lets be thankful God is in control, not the money junkies and despots. Be thankful we still have our guns which is the foundation to keep all our other freedoms.

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