Wednesday, November 16, 2011

If the Department of Justice Wants to Make Lying Over the Internet A Crime, But the Attorney General Can Lie to Congress With Impunity? That Says There is Something Wrong with the System

               The Politicians inside the beltway cannot win in a fair and honest way. They have to play dirty or find a way to shut down dissent and freedom of speech. What they are up to cannot survive the light of day when the truth has been exposed that shows their deeds out in the open. We have seen an explosion on the internet of citizen journalist out  there in force getting into ruling class's face asking the tough questions the establishment media who has been the guard dog and gatekeeper shielding the political corruption from the public. Now the ruling class cannot make a move without the alternative media there to report on it. Free speech at it best. It is not unpatriotic, It is as American as apple pie.

               We are told where there is a right, there is a responsibility. We can not shout fire in a crowded theater when there is no emergency to evacuate. That is not freedom of speech. That is just plain old irresponsibility. We see daily and can recall how the Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner lied to the American people and Congress saying if we do not raise the debt ceiling. We will default on our bonds to service the debt. Grandma will not get her Social Security check and the Military will not get paid. Gloom and doom will follow if we do not go further in debt scam. The truth came out after the fact, we were no were near defaulting.

                Back in 2008, The Secretary Henry Paulson and the White House lied and said the TARP bailout was needed to save the housing market and Wall Street. The congress was told"If this bill was not passed, the sky will fall, the streets will be filled with blood and there will be martial law". After TARP was passed ignoring the will of the people saying no to these bailouts. If was not really a bailout. It was a blank check for the bankers and trillions of dollars was stolen from our treasury. The United States Government was on the hook for a debt by the bankers created using derivatives the American people never consented to.

               Now recently we had operation Fast and Furious scandal blown wide open when the US goverment was caught shipping guns down to the most violent cartels down in Mexico in exchange for drugs to ship back across the border. Attorney General who has testified before congress about this gun running operation should be in jail right now. The White House tried to use the violence in Mexico to attack the American people's right to keep and bear arms because the weapons shipped across the border by numerous federal agencies are the real ones to blame. They were caught using a false flag operation as an excuse to grab the guns.

               The Attorney General Eric Eric Holder was caught perjuring himself before congress many times. Why is he not in jail for committing a felony? The Congress went after Roger Clemons, Barry Bonds and Mark McGuire for perjury before congress for steroid use in major league baseball. Just not Eric Holder. It just proves the powerful protect themselves. They imprisoned Martha Stewart was convicted for lying to the goverment for insider trading which now proves Congress has been doing for many years. President Obama has been caught lying. Bill Clinton is a professional liar. George W Bush is a bumbling liar. They lie to us daily in the name of national security or executive privilege when in reality the truth will land them in jail instead.

             Now the Department of Justice is now proposing law to criminalize people lying on the internet. Well that means anyone who dissents is a liar no matter how much truth they tell on the web. This is another attempt to try to send a chilling effect to silence free speech, They are losing the information war and the public relations battle to convince the people to go along with them. Well have Big Sister of Homeland Security on every giant screen at Wal Mart telling everyone to dial 1-800-screw your neighbor as a potential terrorist based on pure fiction. Thew war on terror and drugs are all based on lies and propaganda. For the US goverment to have the audacity to criminalize lying on the internet is hypocrisy.

              Before they go after us for saying we are lying to them. Well it is time they come clean. It is time they tell the truth about the JFK assassination, the Gulf of Tokin incident, Operation North Woods, The massacre at Waco with the Branch Davidians, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma city bombing of the Murrah Federal building. The BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. the CIA shipping in the drugs. Gulf war sickness, The Phony claim of Saddam Hussein's WMDs, The USS Liberty attacked by Israeli war planes, the underwear bomber who was a CIA patsy with goverment help to board a plane as an excuse for full body scanners and groping. Least but not least the phony threat of Iran's nuclear program that does not exist. Most of all what really happened on September 11, 2001 to justify passing the freedom killing patriot act

              This just shows the goverment lies has gotten many people killed. This proposed law criminalizing the internet saying people are lying will not fly. Many people in government need to be jailed for lying under oath. To have to gall to tell us we might have to face jail time for lying on the internet is ridicules if they cannot tell us the truth. The lies of the goverment has caused us much pain and seeing many young boys coming back in flagged draped coffins. It has caused much economic hardship and misery. Law or no law. We should not be  stopped from speaking up. This proposed law criminalizing lying over the internet is just another tactic they will try to use to send a chilling effect attacking the first amendment. They hate free speech because we are winning and that has them scared because they been caught lying so many times. That is good enough reason to throw them in jail, not us. What is your opinion?


  1. Too many laws and selective enforcement are useful police state tools as is anonymous phone calls.

    The situation is this: Person X is a political target the elites want to silence. You have your own officer call his own department with an anonymous tip, then you can break into the target's home, search him, plant evidence, or gun him down on entry. Selective enforcement allows you to arrest political enemies while ignoring the same crimes in your friends. It is far from a matter of charging everyone who lies. It will be one more tool to target your enemies. The same is true with internet piracy laws. The goal is to create a system to declare your enemies 'rogue websites' then shut them down without charges, evidence, or trial. Then you casually delay their appeal for as long as you like. A system they lie is about porn and piracy will be instantly directed at bloggers and real news outlets. Zionists will be reporting their enemies for fake crimes, have them silenced, rinse and repeat. Their rights will be fully protected. Their enemies will be lynched.

    For all the problems we have today, the government wants to genuinely protect me from dating fat girls and keeping Facebook honest? Hardly. Such a cheap sophistry is beyond laughable. They have nefarious interests intent on harming me. Government exists to harm you, tax you, and remove your liberties.

  2. "The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws." - Tacitus, Roman senator and historian (A.D. c.56- c.115)

  3. Don't forget that the SCOTUS declared that 'news outlets' were under no legal obligation to tell the truth in broadcasts or in print, since no contract exists between the producers and consumers, even though the word 'news' implies factual information and editorials.This is THE dream come true for the CFR.Besides sick dreams of bodily functions.

  4. You GO LoneStar WatchDog!