Saturday, November 19, 2011

Seeing the Implosion of Tyrants Before Our Eyes Trying to Quell Occupy Wall Street

                  President Obama has his back against the wall right now with occupy Wall Street and all the other protest springing up worldwide. George Soros and Michael Moore with other leftist foundation operatives have been trying to make this movement Obama's Tea Party movement as a springboard to be reelected a second term. That has not worked at all trying to co-opt the movement to advance wealth redistribution and higher taxes. They tried to use it to advance communism and socialism. Everything the establishment tried to do to deflect the message of what these people were saying has been fruitless.

                It has been reported that the Department of Homeland Security has coordinated with big city police agencies in an effort to break up the movement trying to break the protesters will. We have heard of infiltrators more like undercover Police officers being agent provocateurs destroying property and trying to start a riot has not worked either. They are being caught left and right. This tactic has worked in decades past in the 1960s and in other countries as a way for tyranny to take hold with draconian restrictions on freedom in the name of security. Now, it is not working now. Technology has helped expose this to the people. Now the protesters are much wiser and more alert to the devices tyrants use to demonize free speech. I am glad it is not working for the authoritarians.

                As long as the occupy movement holds it's ground and does not allow the police an excuse to go crack skulls. We will cause them to crater and implode. As long the police are shown to be attacking people without provocation or valid reason. It will not look good for them no matter how much damage control the government does. It will cause them to implode with confusion among their own peers. I can tell you some in the Houston PD and the Brazoria country Sheriff deputies are embarrassed to see their own peers acting like thugs being a disgrace to the uniform they wear. We have to now make the case down at occupy America protest nationwide that this war on Terror and Drugs is a fraud generated by the goverment. The way the police are acting like criminals for no reason, implementing all these unnecessary restrictions in the name of finding Osama Bin Laden and that everyone's is guilty until proven innocent police state has  no more credibility.

                Gerald Celente was right when he said the Police are now enforcers for the crime bosses in politics, for the bankers and the oligarchs on Wall Street. They used this war on terror as a way to take away our freedoms and set up a police state. So when the banks attempt to confiscate the citizens gold and raid people's bank accounts to save the zombie banks like Goldman Sachs. The police who once was sworn to protect the people will now be the rear guard to protect the criminals in goverment from being brought to justice by the people.

                 This tyranny will implode when the occupy movement is acting peaceful and law abiding. When people have video cameras documenting infiltrators sent in by the police are caught. The system will lose credibility in the eyes of the people no matter how much the press tries to white wash it. There are too many alternative media websites that will expose the truth how Homeland Security is in collusion with the City Police attacking the first amendment protecting the right to assemble and redress grievances against crony capitalism. Why, because it shows there time is short and police out there violating their oath to postpone the inevitable will not work.

                   The tyranny will implode soon because the government has no valid reason to have a police state. The people will see there is no reason to grope people at the airports, have highway check points and to censor the internet. When this fraud has been exposed to the people, The White House will have no more wiggle room to move. Using the word terrorism to use against a person who opposes him will not fly. The tyrants will implode because they have no more justification when no one is breaking the law. The more they attack the innocent for no reason. The more credibility they will lose. The occupy movement that exercises restraint will win the day while the other side that uses force to protect the corrupt system will lose. We will win because we have the moral high ground. Do you agree?


  1. Live Free or Die.
    This is supposed to be the 'Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave,' not the 'Land of the Bullied & Home of the Terrorized.'
    Our U.S. Constitution guarantees us the right to gather & demonstrate & protest.
    It also guarantees us the right to overthrow a tyrannical government that takes our tax-dollars yet doesn't represent our interests.
    INFO-WAR! The Tide is Turning.

  2. Look at the way the cops are dressed. They have the top of the line fighting gear. They’ve been trained for this stuff. They know all the moves. They have all the weaponry, all the gasses, all the knowledge for violence(…assorted tools and gasses for quelling the masses). Now why would we want to fight them on their terms. Violence is a very low vibration and it really is seen that way by everyone, in their hearts, even though the media tries its best to lobotomize people and deaden their senses to violence. (Seen any good movies lately?) Well, when the cops are the only ones committing the violence, they look pretty ugly. There are so many cameras now, that the truth comes out. When the protests remain non violent, women are apart. If it turns violent, the women will be gone. We need their energy for balance. We don’t want to build something new on low energy. The media has tried to display the protesters as violent, only to be caught in their lies by cameras on the scene. This helps to expose the mainstream media for their complicity with the crimes of the 1%. People are waking up. If the protests remain non violent, people of all ages and walks of life will include themselves and will encourage others. What we need here are mass events and that can only be achieved through non violence and non compliance.

  3. "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." Mohandas
    Gandi. This is the American salt rebellion.
    They will knock us down and we will get up and
    turn the other cheek. They will knock us down
    and we will get up again and again and again
    until we the people win.

  4. "And when they seek to oppress you
    And when they try to destroy you,
    Rise and rise again and again
    Like the Phoenix from the ashes
    Until the Lambs have become Lions
    and the Rule of Darkness is no more "

  5. Meh. A strong commitment to non-violence worked for India, but what works for India may not work for America.

    Western civilization has never been one of submission to power. There are no Western societies who highly value pacifism.

    And I see little benefit in letting ourselves be beaten, maced, and killed by the police. Why is fighting back such a dirty word anymore?

  6. police Employment--must have/had served in military--preferably in Iraq/Afgh night riads :^/

  7. Roland 'voice of the enemy' once again tries to encourage people to violence. What a surprise that our voice of the FBI wants people to talk about violence and terrorism.

  8. It didn't only work in India. It worked well in America. Think 1960's. Think Martin Luther King Jr.. When morons were breaking windows and spray painting store fronts, the general public said the police should crack the anarchists heads. But when the police are violent against passive protesters, the general public take notice,and believe the governments heavy handedness is uncalled for.

  9. 320 to 1:

    There are almost 1 million cops in the USA (city, state and federal).

    There are 320+ million regular people.

    If society collapses, and the police turn against the citizenry, all that fancy gear the cops hide behind won't help them.

  10. If such a 'war with cops' was to happen, which I doubt..

    The police would instantly surrender. They would retreat into fortified areas: city centers, city halls, very rich communities. They would abandon all 'regular' places without firing a shot. They would try and control the interstates and airports. If they showed their face in uncontrolled areas, that would be sniper suicide, not even a fight - simple outright massacre where unknown shooters slaughtered them then their survivors ran away.

    They would try and collect intel from facebook and cellphones to figure out who to raid in force.

    Much like any other crime, only the amateurs use those tools. The dedicated hunters would work secretly in privacy, good wholesome workers by day, death-dealing sniper by night.

    The real issue would be the long term. Numerous traitors among the public would try and turn in the Robin Hoods. It would grow to actual civil war. As the public took sides, they would become targets themselves.

    It is not a good idea.
    The worthy goal is making an America where laws are enforced. We already had good laws. The mafia elite ignore them.

    'Too big to jail' = America
    Police crime has become NORMAL
    Quota Police who now call it NORMAL for the police to PERFORM THE CRIME to cause trouble to then make their arrest quotas. Just like the FBI does it. TO make their terror arrest quota, the FBI performs all the terrorism themselves.

  11. Don't blame police in general. I have a police officer living in my house and I can assure you he is part of the 99%. They follow orders. Just remind them of their oaths.

    There are always Tony Baloneys in the crowd.


  12. You can believe in Miguel Grande!
    When Miguel Grande suggests you should attack Charter Middle Schools and kill children as a form of protest, it is because Miguel Grande is with the 99%.

  13. Separation is the condition for contention. To end contention, unite. There is no Police, only individual human policemen. Its not The Cops, its only the 1%'ers among them. There is no Them. There is only US. The choice is upon each of us 99%ers to awaken. The 1%ers are welcome to awaken too.

  14. No, you don't want to unite.
    The crime of the 1% was not the power.
    The crime was the betrayal of duty.
    It is not a crime to be a parent.
    It is not a crime to be a leader.
    The problem is when they take the position and the power - then rape mankind with their filthy Judeo ambitions of being shit.

    Equality is a lie. It was always a lie.
    LOSERS see everyone as equal.
    Losers see everyone as equal because for a loser that is an upgrade.

    The smartest people on Earth don't see everyone as equal. The most beautiful people on Earth don't see everyone as equal.

    100% of all humans are born and start as children, no exceptions. Then at some point, all humans enter the phase of growing up: There is no Easter Bunny and there is no Santa Clause. The structure is more than obvious; 100% of all humans start as children who see the world as BETTER THAN IT REALLY IS. When you 'wake up' what you wake up to is that the world is not as good as your childish fantasy life.

    Human equality is just another fantasy like the Easter Bunny. Some humans were born genetically superior and some were born actually retarded. That is life.

    We don't need to wake up. We don't need Jesus to come down. Not that much needs to change.

    We need to HANG PEOPLE for being 'leaders' that betrayed the people they lead. That is really all there is to it.

    Down the list: judges, police, politicians, publishers, media... on and on.. always the same story, people who had power and responsibility.

    It is not different than being a Senator of Rome. When you take that post, then use that post to enrich yourself while at the same time betraying the country and its people, you need to be hanged.

    There will always be a superior class of people who lead the idiot class majority. That is normal and proper.

    Leaders have to be responsible to their duties of being leader. This generation of humanity is at a low point. The leadership class are criminals who care less than nothing about their jobs. They care about hedonism.

    Fake your awakening.


  15. "Think 1960's. Think Martin Luther King Jr."

    You might have a point, IF, Occupy Wall Street was using similar tactics. But they aren't.

    The civil rights protesters actually protested. They actually sat down at lunch counters, in buses, drank from fountains they weren't supposed to. They actually protested.

    The OWS crowd doesn't do that. They sit quietly, out of the way. Obeying curfew and never making a fuss. That's not protest. Protest involves some amount of personal risk, which they simply don't have in them.

    Even King would call them cowards, I think.

  16. Roland, then why is it 100% of your PERSONAL RISK is lies you tell?

    You don't even protest nicely.

    You are a typical loudmouth pussy.
    All talk and no action.

    When your hypocritical pussy-self is exposed, you make up lies about your heroism.

    Since you don't follow your advice, why would anyone else.

    Roland, go back to what you are good at, saying that people should shoot up Charter Middle Schools.

    Roland's FBI calls for violence is his real talent.

  17. Don't be surprised if the "Gangs" take over when the police retreat to the gated communities..such a plan was already conceived by the chess moves of Zion/CIA to pay 'Gang leaders' in gold to extract the 'wealth' from each district where the ruthless prey & the citizens have no outside it already happening?

  18. please learn something about grammar or writing before writing in the future. stopped reading after the 2nd paragraph

  19. Well grammar NAZI is a collectivist. No individuality and no personality. I rather have poor grammar than receive the Pulitzer propaganda award for lying. I have too much respect for myself. Grammar NAZI get a life. People should not thr5ow stones who live in glass houses. It is not my grammar that irks you. It is my individuality that scares you. You grammar NAZIS are collectivist and trolls. Attack the messenger and not the message. Typical George Soros Obamanoid CRAP. KISS MY FREEDOM LOVING INDIVIDUAL ASS. I am a proud illiterate individualist and glad I never went to college to be a pathetic person like you. When is speaking you mind bad grammar or is it be cause you have become irrelevant? Well next time if you want to criticize the way I write. Do not hide behind anonymous and be a man.

  20. Food for thought..We are all actually part of a 100%.The sooner the ppl who are apart of the 99% and the 1% realize that the better we will all be.

  21. No, we are not part of a 100%
    That is baby bullshit talk for the child minds who want to live in Easter Bunny world.

    In real grown up world,

    We live on the planet Earth in evolution world. What we call human, these bipedal tool-using, fire-using, intelligent predatory primates who have been around for a few million years or whatever - have winners and losers.

    We all don't have equal genes.
    We all don't have equal survival strategies.
    In real grown up adult world, rape is a reproductive strategy of some gene lines.

    It is not that complex really. One of my favorite things is trying to think of ways to make super complex ideas come out in common place ways people can grasp.

    What is a term for the so-called 1% that any person can grasp?


    What is cannibalism? The practice of eating the flesh of your own kind.

    Is it a viable survival strategy in real grown up world? Oh yes, it is. These are humans who see the best path of ensuring the survival of their own gene lines is by EATING YOU, ENSLAVING YOU, HARVESTING YOUR ORGANS, SENDING YOU TO DIE IN THEIR WARS ON CONQUEST, keeping your dumbed down so that while they do this to you, you are not only too stupid to know it is happening, but you will actually FIGHT to help them cannibalize you and your family.

    They are not you. You are not them. They are EATING you. Wake the fake up. In grown up adult world, this is a war of evolution between different breeds of aggressive predatory primates. Stop waiting for them to feel 'love' and start singing songs. They exist to EAT you.

    Defend yourself or die. And do bear in mind, most species DO go extinct. If you refuse to fight, then you will die out. Nature does not even mind that your genes die out. You deserve to die out. If you won't fight to survive, you deserve death.

  22. They have? to buy love, we give it away for free, they cannot profit from that and why they do not want us to be free! They truly are Insane Parasites on a feeding frenzy and we need to delouse! Rothschilds little bastardized Babies!
    THE 1%

  23. O c c u p y Y o u r S p i r i t u a l M i n d

    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= (*) =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

  24. OccupyWallSt org will ban people from posting on their forum if they “spam” the political philosophy of Alex Jones or David Icke, according to the website’s posting guidelines: Time to move away from the occupiers?