Saturday, November 19, 2011

Proud to be a Part of the 99 Percent.

              I am proud to be a part of the 99 percent for many reasons:

1: I have empathy for my fellow man when he struggles to support his family.

2: I can live with myself when I go to bed at night. I think about how can I help people tomorrow, not steal from them.

3: I care about how I treat people. I do my best to keep my word. I do not like to rip people off.

4: I have a clear conscience and do not have to dread having thought of crowds of people with torches and pitchforks.

5: I can live myself knowing I do my best to maintain my ethics. I do not try to screw people. 

6: I live in the real world were we deal with real life problems. I am happy I can cook and cut my grass. I am even proud I can wipe my own ass.

7: At least in my line of work I seek to better the people among me. I am not out for myself and myself only.

8: I do have a sense of loyalty to my family and my neighbors. I never want to violate their trust.

9: I am wealthy not by money. But by things money cannot buy. That is love in the home and a wonderful family. I do not need wealth to make me happy.I just need to be myself.

   To the one percent:  I am happy I do not eat caviar. I am glad I have a sense of right and wrong. You can take your limousines and shove it. I rather drive myself. I do not need a servant to tie my shoes. I can tied them myself. I do not need maids and servants to do things I can do myself. I am happy to make a cup of coffee myself and do not need any help. I do not need mistresses and hookers. I am happy to be loyal to my lady. One woman is hard enough to please. I am happy I do not live in a life of an illusion. I am not the one who has to be afraid of the people because I stole money from them.I am happy I am not wealthy or rich. I am happy money and power are not my master.

You can laugh all you want at the peasants living the tents speaking out against you. These peasants know more about life then you do. To prove it. We can put you on a deserted Island with can goods and a manual can opener. You will starve to death because you do not know how use a manual can opener. We know how to live life. You only know how to take. A mentally retarded man who works a menial job as a janitor produces more than you do. At least he provides a service. You produce nothing but misery.
I am proud to be part of the 99 percent because we are real and we have no illusions. You are nothing. If it was not for wealth you all be lost. Money cannot by happiness and we are proud we enjoy the many things in life money cannot buy. I am proud of it.

I just want to know. How can all of you live with yourself robbing the livelihoods and homes from many people. It is sad many people who worked hard all their lives do not deserve to lose all they saved for because you stole it through fraud. You all do not care and that is the travesty of it all. You all do not care and this is why at the end of the day. You will all be in jail. If you think life is hard seeing a bad day on the Stock Market. Sitting in a jail cell is so much worse because time stands still. Maybe with time on your hands with no luxuries. Maybe you will have time for remorse and think about what you all have done. Then just maybe you will all find that money cannot buy redemption. Only honesty can.


  1. I can live with myself because no matter how much that hand wants to squash me I will be resilient, buoy up and proceed...that hand taught me a lot, after all, it taught me to think of nothing but myself, but I reject that,...when part of the 99%, the barriers that keep our humanity from being human become the barriers themselves, then we need to re sound our objective, end the fed, cut insider trading for our "representatives" and put those wall street criminals who had a part in the biggest fraud on this globe in jail if not to the big beyond.

  2. crowds of people with torches and pitchforks

    Is this your view of the 99% that you're proud to be part of?

  3. And WHO are the ONE per centers?

  4. Oh please. The misconception that those in the 1% are all caviar eating crooks is ridiculous.

    To make it to the 1%, you need only make over $350,000. That is of course a lot of money, but it's a far cry from making millions.

    Hell, my family income puts us in the top 10%. We're hardly rich. The wife and I have college degrees, and we work decent jobs. But if you think us being in the top 10% means we live high on the hog, think again. Kids are expensive. Putting away money for retirement means that much less to live on now.

    We don't eat caviar, we've never ripped anyone off, and we both sleep fine at night.

    And other than you being jealous of them, how many millionaires got there by theft? What did Bill Gates steal? Who did Steve Jobs rip off? And Ron Paul is a millionaire. Pitchforks and torches for him too?

    Simplistic generalizations rarely makes good policy.

  5. It's Old Money Billionaires running the show, Roland. Your middle class money ain't fucking with them.

    And speaking of Gates & Jobs, you should be asking, what did they DO? I've heard from my computer friends that those guys just made it rich by taking other people's tech ideas and marketing them in new ways. They only deserve that kind of money if they cured cancer and alzheimer's, which they didn't.

    Sad thing is, NOTHING will make the 1% happy, even if they kill off the "excess population", they'll STILL be left with a world that doesn't satisfy them or fill their emotional emptiness, so they'll have to create a new underclass to mistreat and abuse, since sadism seems to be the source of their pleasure.

  6. Roland once again proves what a bad liar he is. A whole paragraph of tells.

    No one says college degrees just as NOT ONE doctor on Earth calls himself a doctor. They are proud of their job and they name it EXACTLY. They are a 'form' of doctor and never fail to say what form.

    You have 'degrees' means you don't
    You have 'jobs' means you don't. 'Decent' job? LOL!

    Since you have such a low IQ: I can guess you are about to lie about your 'privacy', which is a lie since you already had multiple tantrums about how important it was to GIVE YOUR NAME and how you hate privacy. So you will lie you give your full name, but what job or degree you have is a necessary secret. LOL!

    As the old saying goes, Poor people brag about their car. Rich people brag about their HOUSES.

    Roland, you are priceless in teaching the BASIC arts of sophistry. You are such a foolish stooge that you perform all the cheapest fool blunders so others can learn from your incompetence.

    You can't lie past the child level techniques. Just give up; you could not lie to me if your life depended on it.

  7. Stop picking on Roland.
    He understands that violence is the only way!

  8. Anonymous said, "They only deserve that kind of money if they cured cancer and alzheimer's, which they didn't."

    That my friend, is about the most dangerous idea ever expressed.

    Because if a man is only "supposed" to make a lot of money via approved methods, it naturally leads to questions. Questions like, what is approved? Who does the approving? How much are the approved allowed to keep?

    That kind of thinking opens the door welcoming and wide to the worst forms of communism. The State determines how much you can make, and they confiscate anything more. The Government says what is worthy and what is not.

    A government that won't let you be a billionaire unless you cure cancer is a government that can not let be you anything, if they choose.

    Is that the kind of country you want to live in?

  9. Yes, I want to live in a world with power caps.
    There needs to be a final limit.
    Absolutely yes.
    using an example uneducated enough for Roland to grasp, like World of Warcraft.
    Be the richest player.
    Be the most powerful player.
    No, you should not be so powerful that your evil fantasies can destroy mankind.

    Emperor Rothchilde is too powerful.

    Most of this shit has happened before.
    The details change but the principles do not.

    What do people with UNLIMITED MONEY worry about?
    They worry you have a gun.
    They worry you have honest media.
    They worry you will learn too much and drive a stake through their heart like you would any other vampire.

    Form of government is not very important.

    Most people are younger, less educated, less than ideal in intelligence.

    The lives of regular Joe slob people.
    Joe slob people believe the form of government they have matters. IT DON'T.

    It does not matter, because the too powerful elites IGNORE YOUR FORM OF GOVERNMENT.
    They entirely ignore it.

    They DON'T declare wars.
    They don't. They attack anyone they wish. You don't have capitalism. You don't have a Republic. You don't have real democracy. You don't have law. You don't have order. You don't even have religion. You don't education.

    Everything you have is CORRUPT. Over the years and generations, those who hunger for power have bought up and corrupted every facet of your life.

    What does that mean?

    It means...

    MAFIA FIGURES ARE RUNNING YOUR COUNTRIES. Crime and corruption, fraud, dishonesty.

    That is the real war you are facing. The war against corruption.

    Any form of government would work if corruption was impossible. Corruption is not impossible.

    The corrupt elites who ignore the law and your form of government have grown so wealthy on the fiat paper money, debt, and every form of economic corruption, that the system is dying. It will collapse.

    Yes - people can be too wealthy and too powerful.

    There needs to be a final cap on what people can own.

    NO! you can't become so rich that own other humans. You own the planet. You own the oceans. You own the moon.

    Fuck that.

  10. There needs to be a final cap on what people can own.

    Ok, you've convinced me. Give me all your money.

    You see, it's clear you have too much money. You have too much wealth. To someone begging in the streets of India, YOU are the unobtainable 1%. He can only DREAM of the wealth you have.

    Although luckily, he doesn't have to dream. He can make it a reality. Under your "wealth cap" initiative, someone else gets to decide how rich you are allowed to be. And we have decided you have much too much wealth. We'll be sending armed agents to take a large portion of your earnings.

    But don't fret. At least under your system, you need never worry about anyone becoming too rich. Good plan comrade!

  11. Roland, your babbling stupidity hit a new low.
    Just shut up.

    Go back to demanding violence your counter intelligence program.

    Blows my mind how mentally inferior you are.
    So.. if we had some tax system, very much like the one we had now, where the greater your wealth the higher your tax bracket, to the point that if you had a trillion dollars, it was 100% tax, and we won't let you have over a trillion.

    From that, you babble. 'Gimme all u money'

    Yeah, whatever, moron.