Friday, November 18, 2011

Russia Deploying Resources as a Deterrence in IranTo Keep the Peace and to be Ready for War

                Everyone thinks attacking Iran is a bad idea. Many in the Pentagon to the people on the city streets. The US Military does not have to manpower and resources with a full scale war. We do not have to equipment and our military personal are  so burned out on wars for Israel already that serve no benefit to the safety and security of the United States at all. This pushing for war with Iran as a distraction from the economic realities and the political turmoil at home. Iran never attacked the United States or Israel. These countries need a war to divert attention because of so much national discontent among the people with the government.

              The US Government, and Israel have looking for an excuse to go into Iran. They cannot sell the public on the war. The US government used the same lie going into Iraq over weapons of mass destruction. The American people are not buying it anymore. Most of the Americans believe this war on terror has taken a toll on the nation nearly destroying the economy with massive debt to fund the wars and a loss of freedom. They are seeing as a fraud as justification to take away the people's freedoms. First by restricting freedom of travel with the TSA. Now it is spreading throughout the system. The American can people are angry going into Libya. We are no war weary and just want our soldiers to come home. The people lost all faith and trust in the government.

               Russia is doing what it is doing to protect Russian interest. The establishment wants to encircle Russia and bring it down. Russia now sent Navy ships to block NATO going into Syria. They are sending equipment into Iran like Radar jamming systems and other weapons to help Iran defend itself from imperial attack from Israel and the United States. Russia is not looking for war to fight. They are setting up a deterrence and a strong front saying to the governments in bed with the Bankers. They are showing their strength  letting Israel and the United States know that war is not a good idea with Russia. The Untied States Military is in no shape to fight, the equipment is broken down and worn out. The  US soldiers and Marines are burned out on deployments. Russia has more of a fit fighting force to be reckoned with.

             As an American, I have to give credit to Russia. The leadership of Putin and Medevev have the right strategy to counteract the European Bankers and Israel hell bent trying to rule the world. Russia using a show of strength of its forces might be the only thing that saves America from itself. Sometimes demonstrating strength showing they are ready for war is the best way to keep the peace when we have war mongering politicians would have attacked many other sovereign nations if Russia has not stepped up and shown leadership. Russia shows the best way to keep the peace is to show strength so the neo cons will think twice before they pull the trigger.


  1. Steve Hines shines1965@hotmail.comFriday, 18 November, 2011

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  2. @Steve

    Never mind the message go after the messenger, right?

    Back to reality, thanks for this article, realman2020

  3. Americans are gonna love Russia when they and the SCO annihilate America. It will happen the same day as the next false flag to invade Iran using the nuke the neocons stole back in 07. This is the war of Amrageddon and you can know it is now because of Planet X, its effects, and the chemtrails that hide it every day globally.

  4. weakness is provocative, strength deters.

  5. If necessary, it is better that humanity perish than live under zio tyranny.

  6. And when Russia, America and China (they'll get drawn in, too) get finished destroying each other, it'll be Israel sitting pretty and in charge.

    We've seen how Israel acts with it's neighbors when they have the upper hand. Picture that on a world wide scale. How can we be so stupid to even consider letting this happen?

  7. Americans that are enlightened to the reality of what is going on in the USA. The greatest counrty in the history of the world has been relegated as a vassel of the international banking interests. Do not protest, do not write letters to the editor.......boycott purchases of items unless you need them, take you money out of the banks and investments. If you buy anything buy only American (or Canadian) made products.

    They want a NAU to enslave us. Let us show them a real NAU....focused on gold and silver as a currency, domestic energy development and buy American/Canadian made goods only.

  8. When zero hour comes the world will be truly free!

  9. The US is stomping around the world like a big bad bully, The problem is a real badass does not go around threatening and trying to intimidate, a real bad dude knows what he is capable of and he does not need to impress or scare anyone with trash talk he will just kick your ass. A dude that is a scared punk will go around running his mouth trying to intimidate everyone. [The smallest dogs bark the most]

  10. I - Russian, me 45... Russia really does not want war - for last 1000 histories of Russia all our country has become covered by bones of ancestors and our enemies. We know (Russians) that such war.
    America - ' young ' the country which does not know these horrors, but wishes to be in the lead and at war. Thank God, that in the USA there are people understanding a reality.

    P.S. The translator wrote through online. I apologize, if it is not so clear...

  11. Please forgive me for my English.

    Russia would not stand even a full-scale war against Poland.
    And the more Russia is weak army to war against the United States and the West.

  12. ' Russo-studento '!
    Between Poland and Russia maybe only economic war - when rotten Polish meat is detained by customs and sends back to Poland:-)

  13. Some generals have demanded war with Russia, but Оttо Bismarck has answered: ' war of a priority reminds suicide because of for fear... War with Russia - suicide... Be not able to to war with Russia.
    Russia will answer with strategy which will overturn all your plans...

    Napoleon and many did not know it, but Hitler did not wish to know...