Friday, November 18, 2011

It is Time to Arrest Congressman Who Aid and Abet in Legalizing Fraud for the Bankers.

           We have let congress go to far, we cannot blame them completely. We have to blame ourselves. We allow them to exempt themselves from the laws they pass and impose on us. The role of government is to secure the liberties and property of the people. The other function to is protect the people from force and fraud. We have failed to stop congress in its corruption. No we have a congress who are brought and paid for the by the bankers to use the force of government to allow the bankers to commit fraud against the people. They protect the bankers who use force and fraud to loot the people. We must make support from Wall Street and the bankers a political liability next election.

           We petitioned the government and asked our congressional representatives to investigate itself and clean out the corruption. Congress has failed to arrest Eric Holder for lying to congress. It seems there is selective enforcement of the ethics rules in congress. It seems the powerful protect themselves from prosecution. The last person I can recall to be removed and dealt with harshly was James Traficant. He was unjustly tried and convicted by perjury of witnesses on the stand and flimsy evidence. The reason why he was treated harshly was because he took on Israel when he helped free a man accused of being Nazi war criminal Ivan the Terrible when there was evidence say that was not him. This Ohio congressmen took on Israel and that is why the removed him from congress because of selective enforcement.   

           So what are we supposed to do? The FBI will not help and these special prosecutors are just smoke and mirrors. The Department of Justice is there to protect the powerful and tramples on the weak. It should be called the Department of Just-us not Justice. Because it is an injustice what is going on now. They protect corruption in congress and goes after political enemies. If we cannot get the Federal government to act on the behalf of the people. It is time to turn to the states and our counties to deal with our corrupt US Representative and Senators. Why do I say this? It is because the corruption has caused injury to many people in these districts or states by legalizing fraud by law to allow the bankers to loot and plunder the economy. We need to start grand juries investigations and while congress is not in session subpena them before the panel.

            We need these corrupt congressmen doing the bidding of the bankers indicted and arrested while congress is in recess. This is what needs to be done in a hand full of areas to send a message we will not tolerate it anymore,the might get congressmen to think twice about doing the will of the bankers. We must use all the legal resources at our disposal using the grand jury and recall elections also. They need to held accountable to the people, not their donors.  It is time they know we are tired of losing our freedoms to empower some bureaucrat in some goverment agency to help the bankers get away with fraud. We are tired of being burned by entrenched politicians. It is time they face trial in the states they represent where the people affected the most were harmed by their actions and ignoring their oath.

           Historical Icon and Texas Hero at the Alamo Davy Crockett . Before he came to Texas to defend the Alamo. He was a Kentucky Congressmen. He was sent to congress seven times and was recalled seven times. The people held him accountable every term he served Congress being called home to answer to the people who voted him to go to Washington. He had to answer for how he voted and what his actions were. How the people held Davy Crockett accountable every time is how things are supposed to be. If the people back in early Kentucky held this icon accountable. There is no reason why we cannot do it today for the malfeasance because they are doing the will of the bankers. Davy Crockett was not above the law and today the people who are present in congress today not above reproach either. We have to take action of this corruption, or it will not stop. I do not want to be a slave to the bankers anymore. Do you want to be a slave to the robber barons or will we be free? It is up to us. 


  1. Time to arrest all the corrupt judges and prosecutors in your local neighborhood.


  3. The situation is growing where the levels of corruption are starting to wonder when it is time to betray those above them. Failure to betray your crime master makes you the same as him and join him on the gallows. You are with us or against us.

  4. We need to form a non-profit organization and fund it with donations to hire lobbyists, hire attorneys and bring civil lawsuits against the Congressman and the agencies that do nothing.

  5. You need to take out the 'impostor' in the White House.
    You all know he is completely bogus.
    When are Americans going to get the balls to do it.
    Waiting for Arizona are you? Texans.
    Waiting for the Sherriff there to face down the criminals in Congress and Wall Street.

  6. Like anyone out here today doesn't know that when shots are finally fired you're to grab your gun go kill police, rich people and any morons that get in your way?

    Make sure to hit charter schools where the 1%'s kids are..I mean this is what it is going to come down to if they don't get a clue and stop stealing everything and destroying average American's lives, jobs and retirements.?

  7. Dave Mowers, you FBI STOOGE. I'm glad this paid FBI informant named 'Dave Mowers' came here to plant TERRORISM. What is your name? Roland, Dave, Paul, Greg - you have so many names.

    What disturbs me about you: is how dumb you are.
    See, many people wonder, how does a police state happen? Do the idiot goons KNOW they are a criminal? No.

    We have you, Dave Mowers the FBI PAID POSTER OF TERRORIST COMMENTS - your job, is to make TERRORISM.

    You, Dave Mowers, the PAID BY THE FBI ASSHOLE, just said to 'kill children in charter middle schools'?


    You just did that.

    This is where it gets interesting.
    You answer no.
    You are 'catching terrorists' by BEING ONE.
    How many did you catch? umm, none
    You caught Zero.
    How many IP addresses did you collect with people who SUPPORT THE FBI saying we should murder children at charter middle schools?


    So, you explain everything.
    How do you get an idiot slave to perform crime, terrorism, murder, you name it, and then, have this person say proudly with an honest heart, that they didn't do it, as they did it.


    That is why REAL MEDIA of the internet educates people.

    Yes, all readers - notice for yourself.
    What is TERRORISM?
    Terrorism is when the FBI, the ATF, TSA, one Soviet Jewish government structure after another....

    comes to you, and PERFORMS TERRORISM, to then battle terrorism.

    No REAL terrorism exists.
    The FBI PAYS PEOPLE, to BE TERRORISTS. so the FBI can fight the terrorists they made themselves.

    Dave Mowers, I hope you don't have a boss, who watches your work.

    Dave Mowers character, TOTALLY FAILED and you exposed the FBI 'plant terrorism' program.

    And notice 'Dave Mowers' you are not worried about the FBI arresting YOU for going on the internet and 'planning a terror attack against a charter middle school'.


    Where are you FBI?
    Why don't you investigate DAVE MOWERS, who is planning on shooting up a school?

  8. The mossad motto,
    " By Way Of Deceit Thou Shall Do War "

    See, {short inspiring stories}

    ASK every politician, How and When They are Going to create 25+ million private sector
    living wage sustainable jobs plus 200,000
    more every month for the new people entering
    the jobless market ? IF you ask that question
    at any political rally you can destroy his
    chance of ever getting elected and or any one
    else, IT IS their most feared question and IF
    asked in public where every one else and the
    TV news media hears it, the matrix Illusion of
    hope will crumble before your eyes, because it
    is absolutely impossible to ever create that many jobs in your useful life time. Do your
    own realistic home work on it. To see the
    proof see daily job vist it every day. The Occupy revolution could destroy the
    corrupt government and the BS TV news media
    in one day,
    IF only they FOCUSED on that one question,
    NO hope of jobs = no future = the end of all
    the corrupt systems. Time to stop moving the
    deck chairs on the Titanic and get very real.
    Do you have a job? Can you keep it ? will your
    kids in school ever get a job ? as America
    rapidly crumbles ? Wake Up and ask the question

  9. Interesting that everyone posts anonymously except Dave Mowers the FBI plant. Just what kind of revolution are we planning?

    To create 50 million jobs immediately, I would end the FED and eliminate the Federal Income Tax. I would eliminate all unnecessary departments of the government like the EPA, FDA, DOE, CIA, FBI, NSA, dept of Education and annually half the budgets of all others.

    Just imagine if all homeowners were able to harvest their own crop of high quality hemp and sell it on the open market tax free. Imagine if we could treat cancer and a multitude of other diseases naturally without the Rockefeller pill doctors.

    Probably the fastest way to do this, would be to elect Ron Paul before he gets too much older.


  10. Miguel Grande, nothing interesting about it.
    I'm sure it is interesting... to you.

    Among the educated, you can make your IP anything you like, from a dozen different countries. Your name is anything you want to make up.

    But it gets worse than that.
    Could we debate this name issue? No. We can't debate it. You have nothing to say on your own behalf.

    No one could less of a flying monkey shit what idiot name you use, or no name at all. This isn't a homosexual dating service.

    We don't want to know your name.
    We don't want to know your age.
    We don't want to know your sex.
    We don't want to know your location.

    The message is the only thing anyone is interested in.

    According to and your ultra-moronic logic, being supportive without a name is 'evil' while trying to recruit support for a SCHOOL SHOOTING is appropriate... just so long as you put your name to it.

    Let me clear it up for you. If you want a shooting: I would give you a shooting. If you get anywhere near me, and I hear you are planning to murder children at a school, I will take care of you myself.

    No one in the truth movement endorses CHILD MURDER, but apparently YOU DO.

    As a person who is SUPPORTIVE OF TERRORISM, SCHOOL SHOOTING, and CHILD MURDER,, yeah, Miguel Grande (and I hope that is a fake name, which it sounds like. You sound like Roland again. Roland uses only the most cliche' and laughable fake names and yours sounds retarded - the kind of Taco Town Burrito name a white would make for a Mexican.)

    Since you DO SUPPORT CHILD MURDER, Miguel.. I will assume you are 'Dave' who came back in yet another name to support himself.

    Oh what? huh? What? You were thinking that your SUPPORTIVE COMMENTS FOR A SCHOOL SHOOTING CHILD MURDERER would make you sound like one of us in the truth movement?

    It didn't.

    Only the FBI comment makers are supportive of child murder.

  11. Amazing Article!!!

    Thank you for writing it

    How do we perform the grand jury indictments

  12. I don't think anyone on here is an FBI informant. This website simply isn't big enough to bother with.

    Of course there are government- well I hate to use the word "agents", but people who monitor websites. But I don't think any are at this particular site.

    What I do think is that "he's an FBI informant!" kind of thinking is just an excuse for inaction. It's so much easier to do nothing because you suppose the government is out to get you.

    But no one really thinks the government is out to get them. Even our long winded anonymous friend doesn't think so. He's simply an armchair patriot, a keyboard warrior who fears change more than anything.

    Change is difficult, and takes effort. But who would willingly work to change the system, when there are government agents all about? Might as well not even try. See how it works?

    I don't blame Mr. Love-His-Line-Breaks. He's a coward in the real world and so he plays a tough guy in the internet. He's hardly the first scared guy to do that. But since he is just basically a scared guy, I'm going to go ahead and ignore him. If he decides to crawl out from under his bed and help, great. But if not, it's no great loss.

  13. We know, Roland....
    The topic was YOU being the voice of the enemy.
    The topic was YOU using many names.
    The topic was YOU keep coming back to try and fix your fuck-ups. It even got in the movies; the 'tells' of the art of lying, has its very bottom worst of the worst liars - 'the elaborations of a bad liar', which was in Silence of the Lambs.

    You were EXPECTED Roland. You are the worst of the worst liars. You have zero talent as a liar. When your lies fall apart, you LIE MORE LIE HARDER LIE FASTER. When you have no talent as a liar, LIKE YOU - you make your lies longer, more detailed, you come back over and over to fix your lies.

    I'm sure YOU ARE FRANTIC.. to fix your lies.

    You were expected.
    It was an absolute certainty you would show up, Roland, to fix your failed lies.

    The facts are on the table.
    1) DHS, FBI, and the Federal Filth in general art this moment, are IN HOT MODE.. attacking Occupy Wall street. This is FACT.

    2) This blog is on WRH. WRH is a Prime Target of DHS, FBI, and the Federal Filth in general. This is fact.

    We know for 100% certainty, that the filthy FBI reads all this. That is not a guess. That is certain fact.

    Roland.. you are a fuck up. You come here suggesting people shoot up little children in a charter school? ONLY THE FBI SAYS SHIT LIKE THAT ON THE INTERNET.

    You don't think any FBI post here?

    The bottom line is:


    Someone on a blog said shoot, kill, bomb, attack, blood, destruction????

    Then it is a post from a PAID FBI blog saboteur.

  14. yeah, lone star makes me respect texans. i thought they wuz a bunch of drunken hicks. i think that trolls and shills are everywhere, from MSM down to obscure blogs. in 1984 winston sed he wuz willing to throw acid in a hookers face and big brother used that against him. and here we are with doublethink and newspeak. you was warned!

    i live outside NYC and just look at rat bloomy the fascist billionaire mayor, "we can take your rights away when ever we want". TSHHTF!

  15. We need to form a non-profit organization and fund it with donations to hire lobbyists, hire attorneys and bring civil lawsuits against the Congressman and the agencies that do nothing.

    Gregory Chairs