Friday, November 18, 2011

A News Anchor Finally Tells the Truth About Ron Paul. The Reprorter Says the Congressmen is Not BeingTreated Fair in the Media


  1. It is still a lie to suggest that this is the "first time". Dr Paul has consistently polled ahead of all of the other candidates in practically every one of post debate polls.

  2. Those who "control" the media .... have an agenda. And Ron Paul doesn't fit in it. WAKE UP, Folks!!! ...

  3. Ron Paul is the one they want. This is a puppet show. Ron Paul wants to do away with the fed. Fine. GOOD! And for that alone, I may vote for him. but the rest of his policies are "free market" rules and it's a little too "democratic" to not be slightly, covertly? racist.

    For sure, he has my vote of alll those putting their hats into the ring... but where are the real thoughtful candidates who show compassion?

  4. I hope everyone post this link to their family, friends, etc. This is IMPORTANT...
    Forward 99%! FARMER DEB

  5. Hmmm

    This been happening on a consistent basis across the entire spectrum of US Main Stream media since the start of GOP race. It bears repeating that complete and clearly orchestrated and ongoing attack by the entire media establishment means that the entire media establishment is under direct control of a very, very small group of men. And in the case of the US media that means less than a dozen radical right wing zionists. The same group that has pushed the US into one phony war after the other. The same group that is desperately trying to con the public into accepting an attack on Iran. All for the greater glory of Israel.

    This is the reason that they have attempted to destroy Ron Paul's campaign from day one. He is the ONLY candidate to oppose war in the Middle East. He is the ONLY candidate that would bring the troops back home to protect Americans instead of Israel. He is the ONLY candidate that would shut down the FED. In short Israel feels he is the enemy and their lackey's in Congress who flock to Israel by the Hundreds every year are going to make sure he doesn't get the nomination if the media fails. They are terrified of Ron Paul.