Saturday, November 5, 2011

To the President and The Rest of the US Government: Claiming National Security or Executive Privilege is No Excuse to Cover Up Corruption, to be Secrative, or Lie to Us Anymore

                It is appalling our government on a daily basis seeing them government thumb their nose at us and insult our intelligence everyday. While government is forming policies to get into our personal space monitoring our bank accounts, our emails, and our phone calls. They want to do check points the roads, track, trace us and know our every move everywhere we go. They do not want our lives to be a secret to them because that could be suspicious if we want to keep it away from their prying eyes is a different story. To be secretive not wanting the government looking over our shoulder is somehow criminal. The fact is; it is bad for us to keep our lives a secret from them because we might be a domestic terrorist to Big Sis. Wanting to be left alone is bad suspect behavier, claiming your fourth amendment rights is somehow is taboo to Homeland Security and the White House.

               When it comes to the US Government, everything is secretive. The resent report on the TSA is now classified claiming national security because it would be an embarrassment =. Jesse Ventura's court case against the TSA was dismissed; the ruling is secret now claiming national security. The plaintiff cannot access the ruling for appeal because grounds of national security. It sounds like claiming this type of status tells us that the government is using this shield to try to quell public outrage. In all Actuality, they are enraging the people. When the US government makes a document classified, that the public ought to know and keeps a court rulings secret all claiming national security says they are trying to keep secrets from the American people because if the light of day shined on all this. It will enrage the public on the other hand keep it away from the public will confirm all suspicions the government is up to no good.

              When corporate giants meet in the White House, Both Obama and Bush administrations tried to use executive privilege as an excuse to keep the meetings secret from the public and congress. Did we hear about from both the Bush and Obama that they would be the most transparent administrations? Both Presidents stalled congress and used executive privileged to hide meeting. They were more secretive than Bill Clinton was.  Hillary Clinton when she was the first lady had a lot of scrutiny keeping the meetings forming her healthcare bill secret. She had to disclose the meeting. President Bush used the executive pen claiming National Security doing a power grabs with PD-51 making it classified to keep the public and congress from finding out what is in the document. Once that document was declassified and made public for the people to read. I believe the American people will be horrified to see how our government was setting up a dictatorship usurping the power from the states and other branches of government.

           There is no excuse to claiming national security or executive privilege as a reason to stall and be secretive from the people. It is only shows me they are covering up their corruption and thievery. We elect a government; we expect them to be open and transparent. No more back room deals and secret meetings without public knowledge like the super congress are doing. It is hypocritical that the government wants to know all our secrets trying to eliminate all privacy in our lives with technology and by intrusiveness. When it comes to them, everything is secretive using the bogus claims of national security or executive privilege as a means to cover up corruption and unconstitutional activities.

               The US government has no more excuse, when we are violating, dignity and our privacy with groping by the TSA. In addition, having our phones tapped without warrants to designate any person an enemy combatant by the will of the President using secret evidence the accused or their layers cannot get because it is classified. In reality, this person is a political prisoner and not a threat to national security. The end of government secrecy must stop now and the corruption be exposed. This is our government and our Constitution; it does not belong to the politicians. If we do not demand transparency and accountability in the people, we elect and put our trust in to serve us, not serve them. They will keep using these tactics to cover up corrupt actions and treason, if we just sit idle and do nothing. There is not excuse for us to be silent anymore. The either be honest with us or they will be accountable.

              As far as I am concerned, to be elected or working for the government. It is not a right, but privileged bestowed by the people. It is not a divine right to do as they wish. It is a sacred trust. When they use National security and executive privilege to cover their tracts of wrongdoing and corruption to stay in power. They broke that trust, and they need to be removed. They days of secrecy are coming to an end, if the government likes it or not. Why? because the people are fed up with the lies and secrecy. What do you think?


  1. One answer to the mandarins in Washington and in our court system is to sue each TSA officer personally under 42 U.S.C. section 1983 for violating our constitutional rights.
    Sue the judge for the same thing.
    Pull your money out of banks which are associated with the bankster criminals and put the money in credit unions.
    Find lists of shareholders and activities of corporations and do not buy the products of those you do not like. Just shut it down.
    There are various ways of dealing with these criminals.
    They want slaves. If you just don't cooperate, they will be unable to function.
    Their power resides in structure and energy input, ours in chaos.
    The natural trend over time is toward chaos. It is the basis of the second law of thermodynamics.
    Chaos always wins.
    Use it.

  2. The Ventura v TSA decision is available online, just search! It's a 10 page PDF file, obviously not classified or restricted in any way.

    Somebody post where to upload it, if you really can't find it. I have it.

    Everything is political theater!

  3. Not only is their lying an inadequate response. It also is illegal because it breaches the contract they signeed when we handed them the keys to the White House. Which is OURS!

  4. "Jesse Ventura's court case against the TSA was dismissed."

    Yes, it was dismissed because he was at the wrong venue. If you brought a federal crime to the attentions of the city aldermen, do you think they are "taking away your civil rights" if they refer you to the correct people to talk to?

  5. Roland, just plain wrong.
    Under the administrative procedure act, the proper venue would have been the appellate court, not the federal district court. However, the use of a federal agency to create extra-congressional law making to void constitutional rights is itself unconstitutional.
    The fact that the whole process is unconstitutional is the issue- the federal district court judge simply punted on the stressful political football.
    Ventura was trying to get a jury trial to send a message on the unconstitutionality of the entire TSA. The judge preferred relying on the Administrative Procedure Act and review by the
    Appellate Court mandarins without jury scrutiny.
    Ventura is right. Allowing corrupt federal officials to oversee corrupt federal laws without citizen scrutiny in form of jury oversightis a critical issue that must be resolved.
    Federal Court Judge must have known that exposing the TSA to the scrutiny of jury oversight of a constitutional lawsuit would have proved devastating for mandarins.
    Thus the tragic result.
    Ventura is a showman, but he is also right.

  6. Please proof read for Paul's sake

  7. Roland, our local sock puppet 'voice of the enemy' is hardly a worthwhile source for anything but annoyance.