Saturday, November 5, 2011

Minister Farrakhan on Ron Paul & Exposing the Federal Reserve


  1. Right on! Gotta love Farrakhan!

  2. This guy has continually proven to be a hatemonger who twists and spins facts to suit his warped interests in presenting himself as a so called leader of the muslim community. For decades he has been doing his community a misjustice---a wolf in sheep's clothing.

  3. At least he has the balls to say it.

  4. How can telling the truth be a misjustice. The Federal Reserve has been (and still is) doing a misjustice to the people of this great nation. Everyone is in this boat together.

  5. Louis Farrakhan is one of the few in the USA left who tell the truth as they see it.

  6. Exellent speech and very informative

  7. "hatemonger" = Jew babble.
    My people are not interested in such uneducated bullshit as 'hate' and fake Nazis.
    But, I can translate.
    "The minions of Jewish supremacy really hate that man!"

    Yeah, I'm sure they do.
    Jewish supremacists hate everyone on earth other than themselves, especially someone who voices an opinion without permission.

  8. The source of ALL of America's problems begins and ends at the Federal Reserve. It is corrupt, it gives out money and makes interest free loans ALL at tax payer expense and lowering standard of living solely for the benefit of the rich and politically connected.

    Americans will have no choice but to violently overthrow this unfair monetary system, and every single person who is rich should flat out be killed by the poor victims who have been denied their right to access credit and capital at the same terms as those who already have everything they could ever want. We do not live in a democracy when we have no control over our money supply.

  9. "Remember, Remember the 6th of November. The bail out, treason, and plot. I know of no reason why the bail out treason should ever be forgot!"

    ███ ████

    2 0 1 2

  10. Here's another preacher who tells it like it is.

  11. Jct: Sorry, but it's not Ron Paul who wants to bring the right to print money back to US Congress. He just wants to END the FED and have an audit. No positive plans. But Dennnis Kucinich's Bill H.R.2990 proposes to END the FED by having it taken over by the US Treasury and using US Treasury notes like Lincoln did. Come on, Rev., get with the real reformer.

  12. @King of Paupers, Paul wants hard money, Kucinich wants fiat money printed by the treasury.

  13. Money Must Be Tangible....It Will Be The Only Way.There Is No 11th Marble.

  14. A word to some of you keyboard commando's:

    Minister Farrakhan is by no means Anti-Semitic, he only exposes the Zionist fake Jews "The Synagogue of Satan" Rothschild Bankers = Goldman Sachs = Federal Reserve etc.
    So be careful the stones that you throw.

  15. Ron Paul has positive plans, he just doesn't plan to show his hole cards. He has to play the role of a naive hick with his head in the sand. He knows exactly who is in charge and he knows they won't simply go away. He knows what happened to Garfield, Lincoln and the Kennedy's.

    Dennis Kucinich sold out before when they beat his own brother to death and when he signed on to Obama Care in exchange for a ride on Air Force One.

    I am running across videos every day of Minister Farrakhan and he certainly makes alot of sense.


  16. I find Minister Farrakhan most informative
    and does not lack the ability to tell the
    truth without fearing for his life in these
    times of jewish take-over of America.
    Thanks Farrakhan for airing the dirty

  17. In the great game of the universe, nothing is just what it seems. The American black has a special personal brainwashing that makes him strong. Their people embrace the idea that 'a bunch of white skinned humans with money, media, and political power, do nothing but lie, cheat, fuck you over, send you to die in Viet Nam. They bring crack and guns to your hood.'

    Though I am white, I also see the white skinned Aryan ashke'NAZIS doing that. Blacks have an advantage. When a blue-eyed red-haired Aryan Jew tells the black man, "you are my brotha of color; we know how hard it be.." The black is well aware of how WHITE THE JEW IS. Takes more than a costume and a soup bowl on your head to make a black forget how white you are.

    Maybe that is the Superman glasses thing. A Jew puts a soup bowl on his head, and he is now disguised and no one can see how white he is anymore.