Thursday, November 17, 2011

Our US Congress Should Be Called the American Knesset Because they serve Israel First and Ignore Us

             Why we see the people flooding major US cities is they are tired of being ignored by their own government. They ignored the will of the people when they said no to socialized medicine. They blown off the voters when they demanded the immigration laws be enforced and our borders secured.  The Government cared less when we demanded  we not to bail out the banks 2008. So who does the congress serve? It is not us. If that was the case. The TSA would not exist today.

             Now when I see a congressman or woman say we must support Israel. I see two types of those who serve the phony Jewish state. The first type is as I see it.When we heard about members of congress going over to Israel last spring recess. We know here comes the hookers and hidden cameras in the hotel rooms  ready to use to blackmail representatives to get their way to vote a certain way in legislation. If they do not, then it comes out in the press.

             The second type is the ones who get support from the ADL. They also love getting face time with the evangelic community. We see Rick Santorum, Joe Lieberman and John McCain never will hated a war Israel d wanted to start and our soldiers had to fight. Well I would love to ask these congressmen. How blessed has American been since we supported Israel. Our Nation has been going downhill since 1948 since the UN recognized Israel as a Jewish state. Israel attacked the USS liberty and were the ones behind the attacks on September 11, 2001. There was no Arabs arrested, but plenty is Israel spies were detained for suspicious activity.

              This is why we have to call our US congress as the American Knesset because they serve the demands of Israel while our people are impoverished. Israel wants us to commit our sons and daughters to wars. The American people want no war with Iran, they did not want a war with Libya. Congress is doing nothing to stop the President provoking attacks without a declaration of war from congress. Why because congress serves Israel first. This is why we need make support for Israel as a political liability. Israel is like a spoiled child threatening his parents with CPS saying Mom or Dad spanked them unless he gets a X-BOX for Christmas when the parents cannot afford it. Until Congress says no more aid or committing our troops to the conflicts. Israel will not stop and that is why we should call congress the American Knesset because they serve Israel first while we starve.


  1. Oh, fuck Israel. It's none of my business.

  2. This is no lie. The GOVERNMENT of israel is a bunch of war mongering scum, just like the US, NATO, EU, etc. I hope the people of that country keep protesting and wake up to the fact that there gov't is trying to start WW III

  3. Our "master" has spoken!! Is there any doubt they "CONTROL" us? In their own words:....

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  5. None of the traitors in congress will go to Iran with a rifle in their hands. Who exactly is the slave? The congress slaves of Israel? Or the American children they send to die in Iran for Israel?

    Zionist plans to invade Iran are over 10 years old.

    My main interest is how Iran reacted to this. Did they spend 10 years getting ready like I would? I would have buried enough arms and explosives around Iran to arm 20 insurgencies for decades to come. I would have planted agents world wide over those ten years.

    On the other hand, Iran thought it was a bluff.

    Pissrael does not actually care.
    Americans, Canadians, and the UK goyim do all the dying. Pissrael plans to start the war, then sit back and watch. As close as they will get to putting troops on the ground is their teams of organ collectors at the hospitals.

  6. One cannot get elected in any office in the United States without lots of cash. At the lowest level the process of elimination is started. By the control of the people who can move up the political ladder one gets to control the country. In some cases you get very rich people who can provide their own money but if one looks at how they got rich it will always be in the financial markets and I will point to Bloomberg and Corzine. Once the money people create their desired elected officials often a family develops and you get people like Nancy P. who become a family of elected officials and very rich in the process.
    Money is destroying the USA and as long as we continue to accept the system that allows our elected officials to buy the seat of office we are going to continue to head to the gutter.
    We need at all levels start firing the professional elected scum that we presently have. One last rant Mayor Bloomberg net worth has increased 16 billion dollars since he took office. The good Mayor Bloomberg also just gave a hospital wing to a major Israel facility. I wonder why he could not fund the people of New York a hospital wing while he continue to represent and clearly make a lot of money as their mayor.
    I think people who love a foreign nation more than their own nation should not be allowed to hold public office.