Sunday, November 20, 2011

Neo Con Sites and Pro Israel Christians Still Trying to Find an Excuse to Attack Iran.

               The oligarchs need a war really bad. They need a distraction from the bad economy. The occupy movement has now become a thorn in their side. Seeing all those unemployed people with time on thier hands and great number does not bode well with the politicians. The corrupt scandals in the White House are making headlines. Congress being caught doing insider trading has lowered further the approval rating of congress that make them less popular than Fidel Castro. Ron Paul is gaining ground in Iowa and all the so called top tier candidates are floundering. Mit Romney is the next card to fall giving eh Texas congressmen more appeal.

              We have become a war weary nation. We are not please with drone warfare in Pakistan, and Somalia. The wars keep spreading like a cancer in Uganda and in Libya. The Americans are not pleased because we have not consented to these wars. Congress is acting like a potted plants doing nothing to keep a check on the power of the commander and chief. The national discontent among the people is coming to a flash point were the other side fears losing everything. The people do not see a democrat or republican party. We only see the globalist party representing the one percent and not the 99 percent.

             Now we see the neo con sites like World Net Daily siding with Israel over a fabled enemy called Iran. The Israeli people are tired of the wars too and the Prime Minster needs to be reelected next year. They are saying Ezekiel 38 is about to happen because Russia is siding with Iran and the battle of Armageddon is coming. News Max is saying North Korea is sending Nuclear aid to Iran now. Since the use car salesmen story and Dick Cheney staging using gunboats to sink a battleship have wen belly up. They are desperate to find a reason to sell the people on a war with Iran because right now many General Staff inside the Pentagon have said this war will will lose.

           Hal Lindsey and John Hagee who are Zionist preachers being the mouth piece for Israel and the anti defamation league trying to use the Bible to gain sympathy among the Christian right to a war with Iran as a just war. Well I would like to ask them when is a preemptive attack a just war? Iran has shown much restraint despite all the attacks by special operations and CIA operatives trying to undermine the country to bring it down from within. Since Obama is failing to sell another war to the people. The establishment is courting the ignorant Christians from the other direction. There is no reason to go to war Iran. They have not attacked us. They just want to be left alone.

            The bankers need a war to loot the nations to ruin as a diversion. When people are seeing who the real power looking past their puppet leaders to the towers of an international banking cartel hell bent on controlling all the wealth of the world by controlling every nation. Iran with a few holdout nations not under the banking dictatorship is the issue. A nuclear weapon is just a cover story as the excuse to go to war when the objective is the set up a private central bank to enslave the Iranian people with a puppet government in place.

             All these neo con sites, phony Zionist Christian leaders and talk show host are just another tool of the New World Order to sell the war from a neo conservative angle for the military industrial complex and the globalist. There is nothing Christian and conservative about wars of aggression. Beware of the phony patriots selling wars of aggression for Israel. Do not get fooled again like we were right before the Iraq war. No weapons if mass destruction were ever found. I rest my case.


  1. And monkeys still sniff their own behinds and fling poop. Iran actually wants Americans to visit and share observations and goods and the joys of friendship. I think the Hagee-Lindsey crowd is jealous of the 97.9% of humanity that doesn't walk on their knuckles.
    Sources report that the Bush43 forced 12 neutron warhead missles on Iran, who did NOT want them and Obummer REFUSED to take them back. Maybe Russia could take and dispose of them if they have not already.

  2. A repeat of what's been said a thousand times, but thanks for repeating it again. The problem is that the hypocrits sitting in the pews and the blow-hards preaching to them listen only to what they want to hear. Which is the old Calvinist doctrine that any war is better than no war, and that mayhem and destruction redeems the soul, while peace and prosperity leads to eternal damnation and hell. Onward Christian Soldiers!!!

  3. WHO are they going to blame for an attack this time?