Sunday, November 20, 2011

The 99 Percent AreToo Big To Fail. This is Why the One Percent Scared

               Regardless hearing about how Americans are so dumbed down by the school system to all the chemicals in the food and water. We hear about Chem trails being sprayed above us as the cause of the lack of outrage. I hear this is the excuse why there is not enough people are getting angry. From what I hear, this is not the case at all. There is plenty of anger out there against the system. it is just Americans are very silent voting with their wallets. They are voting with their feet. We cannot trust the media to give us reliable data. So why should we feel discouraged? The poisoning of the people to make them docile does have an effect. But it is not enough to quell the anger when there is no jobs. People are while sitting idle are sharpening their battle axes.

                I do not feel discouraged at all. Actually I feel very optimistic about the future. I notice many people are storing up on food. They are out in droves buying firearms and ammunition at a staggering pace then ever before. The Alternative media is exploding and people are abandoning the old conventional media of the past. The people are getting reliable information from independent news sources instead of the old main stream press. People are not buying into the government line anymore. Those giant TV screens in Wal Mart and cutting into communications with propaganda only enrages the people against the government. There is so much distrust with the government. People no longer believe in a terrorist threat and it is getting harder for government to pull false flag event on us as an excuse for Martial Law.

                People are pulling their money out of the big banks because they are responsible for this economic depression. The Bankers seem to get richer while the rest of us get poorer. People are no longer flying anymore because of TSA draconian tactics just to board a plane. Pretty soon they will not be taking buses if entering a bus stations will be just as bad as an airport being scanned and groped. If the TSA goes into shopping malls and super markets. This will bring down the economy even more. Highway check points using TSA tactics will be the last straw. When the government does to clamp down on the people, it will not work and fall apart. It can be a cashless society or a surveillance with a camera on every street corner. People are getting to the point they just do not care anymore if the government is watching. They are going to speak up regardless how much they try to send a chilling effect to silence free speech. People are voting with their feet and their wallets. Fear has left and now people are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

               The other thing left out is many police, military and government workers are part of the 99 percent. When the government steals their bank accounts and pension funds to shore up the one percent who run the zombie banks. We might see many of them come join the protest seeing the government who said they will be taken care of have been betrayed. They will not be a part of the unions. Since the union bosses will be protected. They never intended on keep their promises to them. In collusion with goverment, they played them as useful idiots until they have been used to for their purposes. The one percent believes in the end justifies the means. That includes their minion enforcers being screwed too. Some who work for the goverment do have a sense of honor even though their mentality has been flipped upside down inside the system. When the money is not there. They will not show up for work and realize the government used them too to enforce their own down fall. That is a hope I have.

                The 99 percent is too big to fail. Why do I say this you may ask. We can rebuild our nation from the ground up and not from the top down as the Government and Wall Street will have us believe. There is more of us then there are of them. They are outnumbered.  We do not need to use the Federal Reserve notes and we can have our own monetary system. We can produce all our own food regardless of all the regulations they try to implement. The solution resides with us, not with the system in its present state. We are a free people, lets start acting like it. If we know our God given rights and we see the government is trying to tyrannize us on a myth based on a fraud. We will be too big to fail. We have many guns in the hands of the people. There is too many among us who will start the brush fires in the heart and minds of the people. The one percent have lost the already before the fight is over. The one percent are not too big to fail because the 99 percent has so much more to fight for and nothing to lose. This is why the one percent are scared because they have so much more to lose. We the 99 percent are too big to fail.


  1. I hope you are correct. Would love to see the USA return to the virtues of fairness, cooperation and a heavy dose of responsibility.

  2. Chaos Theory is the idea that chaos does not exist or that it only exists in human perception. There are always more variables to account for than human endeavor can track, but anything you can examine is a product of other forces. One of the tools of getting fixed values to project from is looking at what already is.

    So, what can be said about OWS? There are more forces that 'caused' OWS than we can track or examine. However, OWS did happen. We can say for a certainty that a host of forces that caused it do and did exist for us to be here now. The enemy was also trying to keep the slaves in their cages. The enemy did what they do, but the forces that caused OWS caused OWS to happen.

    Where does it go from here? The forces that caused OWS are not vanishing. There is no forces at work that I can see that are making people 'happy again'. Economy is bad. Unemployment is high. Culturally, socially, and pretty much every indicator of the Western World are looking bad. The wars are bad. An Iran war isn't going to make people happy. Even if OWS ends because the people give up, the general public hatred for our goverment isn't going anywhere.

    We can also see that the 99% by its very name indicates a 'general sort of everybody'. Everybody is not of one mind so it is not like all mankind is going to hold hands and sing songs. The 'change' in the game is going to come from the 1%.

    1) The Zionists will start WW3. This is almost certainly their smart move. Protocols of Zion is at an all or nothing stage now. They want it all. You will all be drafted and sent to die, and the war allows full police state both in the media and on the street. 'You are being disloyal to the war effort'.

    2) The Zionists will fall apart. It is in the nature of rats to eat each other when under pressure. It is also in the nature of evil empires to implode at high speed. Once a mafia family starts betraying each other, they can come apart overnight.

    My vote is they start WW3. That is because I understand how they think. These are not the sort of people who ever stop. In the history of Khazar jews, they have been over the top unhinged criminals UNTIL kicked out of the country they are in. Will this time be different? No. It won't.

    There is the answer in a nut shell. Is America prepared to pack the bags of the Israelis and send them home to Israel?

    No, America is not.

    My odds of America recovering and becoming an honest honrable nation you would be proud to live in and this happening in the next twenty years?

    I give you 1 in 36
    They would rather have all out nuclear war than lose.

  3. Seriously, how bad is it?
    It is so bad, that people will assume this is a joke, which it is not.

    The Republican party would rather lose the election and have Obama win again, than have the Republicans win with Ron Paul. That is how bad it is.

    America is so screwed, both the Democrats and the Republicans would rather lose to each other to keep a Neo-zion in the White House, than win without a Neo-zion.

    Republicans would rather LOSE than win with Ron Paul.

    We already see the trend of people stockpiling ammunition. I suggest you do the same.