Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ron Paul on Face The Nation 11-20-11


  1. Let's see ah... Ron Paul wants to abolish Medicare, Social Security, Minimum Wage, the Departments of Education, Commerce, Housing etc... Ronnie also believes unions are unconstitutional, doesn't believe in evolution or that the U.S. government was involved in the 911 attacks. For a documented analysis of Ron Paul's positions see blogs.

    This guy is an elitist troglodyte. Our children deserve better.

  2. Another adversarial interview by some MSM hack. Operation Mocking bird pays these idiots to subvert the news. They have been paving the way for an assault on Iran for years and now they are banging the war drums at a feverish pace.

    All the politicians are positioning themselves for a humongous kickback from Israel,in this coming election year, promising to kiss some Jewish ass. I don't believe Cain could even spot Israel on a map, yet he would do anything they demanded. I guess when the president of Israel was sentenced to prison for rape, Cain identified with him as a kindred soul. If it wasn't for payoffs, lawyers and public relations teams, it might be Cain going to prison.

  3. Regarding minimum wages, the fact is, you cant compeet against Slave labor and slave salarys, you cant.
    They cant live of it, even inside China, the People of China have the same problem as you do, american.

    Sallarys are driven down by powerty, that hughe peoples migration is completly unnesesery and if the rspective naboring counrtys rise, you will never rise to, american.
    Like in Europa, the migrations have seesed and is slowing down, from some parts of the Europa, where the migrants realise that they are better of in their respective homeland, right now.
    Every aspect must be regarded.
    Salarys alone is just One aspect, peace and prosperety for other nations and people, in the end, bennefits us all.
    Me and you.
    And your Nabo.
    What could be better than that.

    USA usess more resouces pr inhab than the rest of the world.
    Even incl. counrtys where healt cear is free.
    Even they have a cheaper healthcear than USA, how is that posible.
    Someone is robbing, someone.

    Of course USA can save hugh amounts of money, but all this health, education, infrasructure maintananc, etc have NEVER been a problem, finnacialy, never.

    Its all the rest that wacks Nations.
    It works every time.
    Wars and recles finnace.
    The devils twins.

    Thats the problem, not the sosial sec or free health cear.
    Realise this fellow American, I have all that, free scools and healthceare, and so on, and still I have the same Tax level as you have.
    Still people manages to be billionears.

    wake up

  4. Minimum wage laws never should have come into existence because they lead to unemployment of unskilled workers. No businessman is going to hire unskilled workers who cannot perform work that is equal to or greater than what they are being paid. If minimum wage laws force employers to hire unskilled workers and pay them more than they are worth, they simply pass the extra cost of their products on to the general public.

  5. Anonymous 1,
    He doesn't believe in evolution?

    What makes you so special is, the magnitude of the insult.

    you REALLY DID THINK, you really did, you sat there and thought...

    You could say that SHIT TO ME,
    and I would roll over and be your bitch.


    umm, yeah, it didn't work.

  6. For the record on EVOLUTION:

    The reason I left and fully, totally, rejected and became an enemy of 'internet atheist community'..

    is because atheists are TOO RELIGIOUS.. and TOO CREATIONIST for me.

    As a real atheist...
    Fags? are not sacred or 'healthy and beautiful'
    in REAL EVOLUTION.. we mammals.. MATE...
    Fags are a deviation - deformed humans... who in their need for sexual gratification - a biological urge MALFUNCTIONING..



    That is evolution.

    Your.... 'nature gave us all EQUAL GENES' and all humans evolved together ACROSS GEOGRAPHIC ISOLATION?

    Way way way too CREATIONIST for me.
    We are all not created equal, evolved equal... whatever process you want to say MADE US EQUAL.. it didn't.

    The reason.. evolution got a bad deal, is because IT SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN A BAD DEAL. We can understand that by NEO-CREATIONISM OF ATHEISTS...

    why do atheists teach NEO CREATIONISM? that races don't exist and all humans are genetically equal?

    You teach that because as LOWER HUMANS YOURSELVES.. (you already DID think it) the thought you had was... if race was real.. you A LOWER FUCKING ANIMAL would go out and MURDER, RAPE, and perform EVIL.. on who ever you saw as weakest.


    So, we didn't tell you what REAL evolution is, because YOUR GENE LINE is less evolved than mine, and you can't handle the truth.

    So.. you pathetic little atheists.. you suck WAY WAY WAY too much JEWISH COCK.. you support RACE PURITY IN ISRAEL... You teach NEO CREATIONISM.. You teach Adam and Eve story out of Africa... you are CONSTANTLY WRONG!

    Big Bang creation myth IS WRONG!
    Einstein WAS WRONG!
    Freud was WRONG!

    I struggle to even think of ONE THING IN SCIENCE an atheist will be right about.

    Even one thing.

    Yeah, I will vote for Ron Paul. 100%

    What got left off the list that REALLY MATTERS?????


    You SHOULD be worried.