Friday, November 11, 2011

Don't Mess with the I.R.S. "Comedy Parody"

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  1. Ha! That should be published by the IRS itself! Not a parody at all. It's an open threat to the US citizenry. The author is carrying water for the IRS better than they can themselves!

    "Don't mess, with the IRS, unless, you're big bus-i-ness!"

    Most large corporations pay almost no tax.

    The sad part is that compliance is by consent of the taxpayer.

    How long would the IRS last if nobody complied? Who would they choose to prosecute?

    Having said that, I know of quite a few Americans with nothing much, in terms of tangible assets, who would actually be better off fed, housed, and clothed for the next 5 years at the federal government's expense, only to emerge, dig up their treasure, converted to the appropriate commodity, which has appreciated, during that time, and make some dandy investments in places beyond the reach or level of understanding of the USFG.

    A win for everyone but the IRS!

    But alas, everybody will probably keep their heads down and do the right thing out of fear of the IRS unless another Spartacus turns up.

    You could tell if the revolt was effective when they declare they "have to" make tax evasion a federal capital crime.