Friday, November 11, 2011

The Money Junkies Will Say " We Are Big to Fail"We Will Say" Not Too Big To Jail"

              The reason why the economy is in shambles is because of criminality in high places. If if be in the halls of goverment or the corporate board rooms. The excuse for all these bailouts is because they are too big to fail. So why are they too be to go down? These too big to fail corporations are responsible to sucking the wealth of the nation. I mean by crony capitalism which I believe is the wrong term. It is mercantilism to be the right term. It is when corporations allied with politicians gaining the upper advantage to wipe out their competitors using goverment force. 

             Why are the politicians so afraid of the bankers? Why are they afraid of the corporations. They fear the men in mansions. the ruling families and corporate CEOs. Why do they fear the very few in numbers more then a angry population who been ripped off out for blood. What is it they fear them more than the rage of the people? What makes these bankster gangsters or robber barons more fearful then a revolt? They may be wealthy and own the press. They may have the money. It does not give them the right to do what is wrong. So why should we fear them? They are just men, no super humans. So why would any politician take money from the bankers knowing that they will steal the people blind. These brought and paid for politicians are no mare then the fall guy or the stunt dummy. That means when things go wrong. The people who backed their campaigns will jail these sell outs as the scapegoat while their power is still intact.  With another sucker politician to take his place to carry out the agenda.

             You can call them what you want, Call them what you want. Robber Barons, Banksters, Bankers, money junkies, the elite, the ruling class or the super wealthy. They may say they are too big to fail. The trouble is they become too big accumulating power for themselves because of unfair political influence. They are too big, they need to fail. They need to implode on itself because of the corrupt rot from within. The world will manage better without them. They have the delusion they are untouchable and invincible. This is their downfall and their demise.

             The day is coming when these oligarchs say we are too big to fail. We will say the are not too big to face justice. Theft by debasing the currency and stealing the nation blind by fraud will not happen. They are a very few and we are many. They may be wealthy and powerful right now. We have the numbers. But they are not too big to jail when it is all said and done. The Politicians who took money from the Bankers and the Oligarchs themselves will be brought to justice. Fraud will not stand. Too big to Fail? Not so. Never to Big to Jail. Theft is theft, Fraud is still fraud. We will not pay a debt we do not owe we never consented. No one is above the law. No one is too big to jail.

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  1. whats goin on at #OCW DALLAS?
    what violence cops got hurt?