Thursday, November 3, 2011

To Occupy America: There is No Honor Among Thieves and Tyrants. Not Even Loyalty for Each Other. This is our Major Strength and their Biggest Weakness

              One of the things that set us apart from the tyrants that is not a weakness but strength is we love our neighbors, for our families and children. We seek to protect the innocent and the defenseless. We are inclined to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves who are the most vulnerable and the weakest. Many of want a just society that embraces life and protects it primarily because we value in people we care for. We have a sense of duty to seek justice and correct wrongdoing. The common person does have valuable attributes that is a strength that is not weak that is far more powerful the evil.

                Tyrants on the other hand do not have any love for anyone. Not even within their own ranks. They seek power and control. They will not waste anytime to snuff out one of their own if a colleague stands in the way of more power. They do not lose sleep over innocent people being incarcerated or on even death row. Anyone who chooses the dark side knows also their sense of individualism no longer exist. They have a false sense of security thinking they are on the winning side and in no danger. They are more in danger of being targeted within the structure than by a common person. Life is cheap to a tyrant. It has no value, No one has any value on their side or the other side. The servant on his side are only useful until they achieved their goal. Then those people are removed because they know too much. This was the way of Stalin's Russia until his own people poisoned him to death.

               This is why they are trying to divide the patriot movement and occupy Wall Street. They know if the most of the crowd start to have a singleness of mind calling for ending the Federal Reserve Bank, Ending the wars, Abolishing the IRS and ending crony capitalism or more like Monopolies that are not free market or capitalist at all; but mercantilism that is an economic tyranny that allows no fair competition in the marketplace. Only a select few reap the benefits. These Robber Barons have no love amongst themselves either. It trickles down to the thugs inside the Police State and the Bureaucracy. If Occupy Wall Street and Occupy America unites behind ending the Central Bank in America, No more illegal Wars, shutting down the IRS and no more corporate fascism where government intervenes in the free market to stifle competition to help their political contributors. It will be their worse nightmare come true.

               If occupy America is not co-opted by the Democrats and the Republicans where those above themes I mentioned become the rally cry of the crowd in unity transcending party lines and ideologies. You will start seeing factions in the government, the banking establishment, the corporatist and Wall Street start to really turn on each other jumping sides blowing the whistle to keep themselves out of jail when they know they are on the losing side knowing there is good chance they will lose when the collapse of the financial system and the bloated government happens. They will start to turn on each.  When all the hacks and agent provocateurs now have become ineffective demonizing the movement. We will see them crater and really start to panic.

               We all know the system is panicking right now because too many people know too much. From the ruling high places down the bureaucracy. We can start to see things falling apart when more people find out how bad they been screwed and they been defrauded by a war on terror to take away our rights and sending us into wars against countries that never attacked us. The whole system as a whole is now being exposed where even in previous President Administrations will not be let off the hook either going back the George H.W. Bush's years. We cannot blame Obama for all this. He was caught with operation fast and furious, but it was the previous Presidents that stated it. He was just the one who was caught.

               There is no honor amongst thieves anywhere. When this movement gets so big and unified in the message. We will see the system start to crack and implode for the reason too many people will start to turn on each other to save their own skin to avoid a jail cell. It just shows the other side has no honor whatsoever with us, especially their own. They will not hesitate to stab one another in the back to save face. This is the advantage we have over the other side. We have something to live and for a fight for. The other side has much to lose if they are on the losing side. They know it; it is just a matter of time before we start to see them crack under pressure. So occupy America keep the pressure on.


  1. Something I don't get about the Occupy Wall Street movement. They claim they are powerless. Their whole point is that the 1% have all the power, and they do not. So given that they lack any power, how do they propose changing the system?

    Even if they do have "singleness of mind" to change something specific, they are by definition powerless to change it.

  2. Easy to answer. Slaves don't have power in the legal sense. That is why they are called slaves. If all the slaves refuse to work, the slave owner loses money. If the slave owner kills all the slaves, he loses money. So you have a delicate relationship. If dairy cows had higher brains, and threatened to mass suicide if they are now allowed to watch TV, you may very well give them TV, since you will lose less money. Will the protesters win? No. They have no power. They will be ignored, arrested, or shot in the street. The 1% will never give up being a slave master. Never. No one thinks they will. You don't think they will. All slaves can do is cost the slave master money. Losing money they care about.

  3. We are literally slaves to the system.