Sunday, November 20, 2011

Journalist Exposes Phony Patriot Millionaires on Capital Hill Lobbying for Tax Hikes.


  1. Yeah, right. What a moron you are.

  2. The British Commonwealth runs the world thru the RIIA (parent group of the CFR), the BIS (parent of ALL central banks), ownership of the UN and over 40 ADMITTED "nations" including Canada. The most evil and powerful secret group are the freemasons, loyal to the British Commonwealth (empire) and almost all presidents, congressmen, supreme court justices and rich people both local and nationally are masons loyal to a FOREIGN EMPIRE. Oh wait they own us and Israel too... of course everyone ignores me and REAl researchers like Joan Veon who proved this beyond a shadow of a doubt. RIP.

    Almost all of these "useful idiots" including media, politicians, military and demagogues are FREEMASONS. Yet people ignore this group basically because they are SCARED or IGNORANT of HISTORY

    theforbiddenknowledge dot com search "us presidents as masons"

    google "queen of england is head of international freemasonry"

    google "queen of england owns 1/6th of the entire world's land mass"

    google "dead witness saw queen of england take 10 native children to a "picnic" and they never returned."

    google "the balfour declaration"

    google "bank of international settlements"

    google "british commonwealth 666"

    google "CFR and Royal Institute for international Affairs"

    google "you do know there was a world here past 30 years ago right? i.e - learn your history, sheep"

    google "war of 1812 over central banking"

    google "wall street and england funded the nazis and the bolsheviks"

    I'm sure there's more, I'm very disheartened by the complete lack of research and historical perspective by the "truth" movement.

  3. oh and my long post was no dig at the author of this blog or anyone else in particular. We are not even close to having everyone on the same page and the primary reason for that is that the MAJOR deception that England is this weak, indebted nation is a STRONG one. What I am disheartened by is actually the unwillingness of "truthers" to EVOLVE YOUR KNOWLEDGE. This crap in the MSM and on TV is a DISTRACTION - LIES- PSYOPS. ALL OF IT. It's all controlled events, they cover up the things that aren't in their predefined narrative. (see FUKUSHIMA which has also doused USA with radiation and I am sad to say the people of Japan will be threatened with extinction because that disaster is ongoing. enenews dot com)

    If there is to be any hope at ALL of overcoming the ASTRONOMICAL (literally) odds against us we need to TURN THEIR LIE BOXES OFF. DONT GIVE IT ANY MIND EXCEPT TO KEEP SHOWING THE SHEEP THAT IT IS LIES). Their media has NO credibility. You can get more facts from your local corner homeless guy - I am not lying! Unfortunately probably nothing can be done but if there was a mass awakening I think they'd have to push their plans back further than they have already delayed (IMO). This "economic crisis" ANOTHER MASS VACUUM OF THE WORLDS Accumulated LABOR/WEALTH. ANOTHER BIG SCAM. All the "sovereign" losses go right into the globalists POCKET, and also PUSHES THEIR PLANS FASTER. They have nothing to lose even if they did screw up and it went pop. THEY have all the stuff! Think mass chaos is a worry to them? Sure, it has a risk that some unforeseen event could cause them to lose their (HEAVY) grip on most of the world. What do people think the endgame will look like? JUST LIKE NOW, people losing stuff erosion of justice, rapid degradation of culture and human values, rapidly escalating insanity by all involved. I try hard not to care but people just are not striving to see the bigger picture and bloggers are unaware that by even accidentally inferring something that could mislead someone about the true nature of the conspiracy are playing into hands they dont want to be playing into. What I mean is they OWN THE FREAKING MSM, even this RT, all of it, they own the satellites that carry the signals, the cables under the ground, the frequencies and the air itself. There is NOTHING on TV that they dont want there. Planned FAR in advance.

    Anyway I'm sure you have better things to do than hear defeatist rantings. No I think human nature will eventually change for the better but it will be a long tough battle , largely unnecessary, even if the NWO succeeds in enslaving humanity or weakening us it will still lead to their downfall for many reasons that I will not share. Their hubris and arrogance will be their downfall but the unfortunate part if how many go down with them or how long their reign will last. Could be generations, honestly. Lest "apocalypse" come, which I think they want that too. (I know they do but they think they will change the ending)