Thursday, October 6, 2011

Will Obama Goons Provoke Riots Using Occupy Wall Steet As An Excuse to Bring In Martial Law?

                   The globalist are in the stage of desperation being between a rock and a hard place. They can back off and allow the economy to recover. They will not get their New World Order in the time they want. The other risk they run backing off is these oligarchs might be arrested and tried. The whole fiat money scam will be exposed forever shutting down the Federal Reserve Bank. Their Front man President Obama is running out of choices. He has tried to send out the Government Union Thugs SEIU to beat up Tea Party protesters at Town hall meetings to intimidate the opposition. There has been mass protesters and agent provocateurs have been neutralized. The sale of firearms and ammunition have shot through the roof. Obama's attempts on gun control are failing.  Operation Fast and Furious with the Sylindra scandal can bring down the Obama regime before election day. Some people are seeing the urgency to remove President Obama from office by the impeachment process before the 2012 election before he destroys the country.

                  Now we have the occupy Wall Street spreading like wild fire nationwide springing up in cities large and small nationwide protesting the government and Wall Street partnership robbing the American people blind out of their hard earned money.  Move On and many other leftist activist have tried to highjack the protest saying this protest is about higher taxes and the reelection of Obama with a totalitarian police state. That did not work. Many labor unions are joining the protest to co-opt the protest to make it look like they are the real spokespeople of the movement. It seems the disdain and opposition to the Federal Reserve Bank has now started to gain a lot of momentum dominating the protest now. This central bank created by an act of congress in 1913 is the real power behind the disastrous economic policies we all are suffering under. The leftist are losing the battle to take over the protest to advance their socialist agenda,also to discourage the good people who love freedom from coming out joining the protest.

                  In Newmax, it has been reported that Rush Limbaugh that President Obama is going to try to turn these occupy Wall Street protest into nationwide riots creating civil unrest. I see the President can use this as an a National Emergency so he can use the excuse for Martial Law on the streets of America. This where he will try to use the force of the state to confiscate fire arms out of the people's hands. I believe this will fail also because people are pointing out the thugs trying to start riots as an attempt to demonize the peaceful protesters. Obama is desperate to hold onto power. They are not having success taking over the protest. The wars will not work as a distraction anymore, people are looking straight at the problem. This Federal Reserve System  that must go, When people are looking at the real power being the central bank that has been working behind the scenes making policy without the consent of the people. People know where to look

                 As I see it, the US Government is losing control over the people, They see 9-11 as not Muslim attack so much. But an excuse for the government to grope us the airports, steal homes through fraudulent foreclosure methods, our phones being tapped and  seeing the encroachments on our freedoms. People about had it being ripped off by the government and the corporate cronies. No wonder Obama wants to set up riots. He knows a revolution will be a fight he might lose being ousted from power. People are fed up and I do not think riots or a false flag attack will not work either because people know their tactics and devices too much. Any staged event whether it be a staged terrorist event or riots. People will know who to blame and that is the Wall Street, the White House and the Federal Reserve System.


  1. Too many labor leaders, military leaders, citizens on the street and the rest of the world know of what is occuring for Obummer to get away with a simple assault, his only available wrong move left. Obummer's ignorant thugs underestimate the comprehension of citizens and military officers of today's treasonous actions derived from the previous administrations' crimes. These same thugs know not, and will have to be corraled by a superior force in order to be controlled. The Bush cabal wants chaos and destruction, evinced by 9-11, Fukushima,HAARP, etc.. Same goes for Britannia's crown. The nation-wide destruction and breakdown of Japan's industrial base and America's makes Europe look more in control of themselves than they really are.

  2. American Winter

    Rise Ye Americans!

    Rise up for your liberty, your future and your children's future!

    For too long now, both the US government and the US corporate and CIA controlled mainstream media have brainwashed, softened and paralysed the American people into almost total submission and ignorance.

    And now the Americans have wakened up?

    With millions unemployed, 46 millions on food stamps, millions living in tent cities and shelters, millions of American children subsisting below the poverty line and so much miseries and helplessness among them, there is really no light at the end of the American tunnel now. Instead, the United States squandered more than 700 US$billions annually to perpetuate US global Tyranny and invading small helpless sovereign nations.

    This is the window of opportunity for the American people to come out in their millions all over the USA to protest, demand and cause rigorous changes in the government and their military. This is their last chance to effect real change!

    Americans are now seeing through the lies and disinformation of their government. The time to keep Americans distracted by blaming and scapegoating foreign nations and intensifying their US military adventures and invasions is rapidly coming to an end.

    Americans must now begin their revolution and turn their 'American Winter' into a people's war against mismanagement of their economy, corruption, collaboration between White House, US Congress and the US corporate 'elites' and the US military which has run amok globally.

    With a militarised political situation in the USA today, it won't be long before the US National guard and the US military will be released to quell the rightful protests and revolution of the American people.

    The peoples of the World are empathetic and supportive of nationwide protests throughout the USA. But the American people must now take the bull by the horns and rid their country of the rubbish in the White House, the US Congress and of course the US military.

    This would be the Winter of Discontent and Revolution in the United States of America ….!

  3. Please......don't give them any ideas, that would start civil war

  4. Time to get off the streets and drag them all into the courts with a class action lawsuit against the Federal Reserve Bank to get all the money back with civil and criminal charges under the R.I.C.O. ACT for the criminals in government who assisted in the looting of our Treasury. Follow the plan here;

  5. the satanic zionist banksters and their parasitic arsewipe political, intelligence agencies and mercenaries, media, and corporate partners in crime associates are becoming incresingly desperate alright at the way the occupy wall st, end the fed protests are expanding and enticing growing numbers of celebrities and personalities - the numbers of patriotic modern day hero's is ever growing despite disgraced NY zio puppet Mayor Bloomberg instructing the thugs of the NYPD to use brutal tactics against the protestors in an attempt to discourage them - could a zio false flag nuke attack be on the cards to quickly install their martial law agenda - these low lifes desparados will resort to anything to keep their NWO one world zio controlled government grand plan on the cards and avoid facing the music of evil crimes against humanity

    zionism is a satanic cancer upon humanity
    well managed People Power can cause a future of Peace and Prosperity for our Planet

  6. 9 million guns cleaned and ready. A scary thought isnt it?

  7. They wont need to do that. Recall Biden said during their campaign that a great catastrophe would require Obama to do "tough things" (maybe martial law). Its not this. Here is what I believe it will be. They have been building the next stealth 911 false flag under the deniability of "natural disaster." PLEASE pay attention to this. It could kill 20 million people using weather warfare and has been in progress since July 17. Of course it also serves our de facto govt, the Knesset. This is serious folks. These are hard core psychos who are in mach phase for depopulation and the destruction of America:

    Isaiah 17 Destruction of Damascus prophecy has been recited incessently this year by the “pious” zionists-xtian & jew (who should be imprisoned for Hate Speech and incitement to violence in my opinion). But more along those lines…
    David’s HAARP weapon has been on HIGH fire upon the Canary Islands causing 10,000 earthquakes since July 17. Weather warfare that could catalyze a tsunami to wipe out the E Coast. Already the zionists are saying it would be “God’s punishment to the world for trying to divide Eretz Israel”. Samson Option. Northcom and NATO are active on the project- not ‘standing down’ as they did for the first false flag in 9/11/2001. They are even setting up bases off Cadiz.
    The quakes, which have puzzled scientists since their inception, “spiked up radically” when the UN went into negotiations for Palestine Statehood on Rosh Hashanah, and even more for Yom Kippur after UNESCO endorsed Palestine Statehood they are reaching danger pitch, as David’s HAARP has been thundering quakes again with escalating intensity.
    “Natural disaster”. What airtight deniability.
    Recently, Spanish scientists reported that the CO2 monitors around the most dangerous volcanoes were STOLEN. There had been 600 instruments stationed around Cumbre Vieja area for early warning system since 1996 and suddenly – gone! Disappeared faster than a pile of WMDs or Niger yellowcake. Add to this fact, that last spring the top US military brass was ordered away from the East Coast and to relocate to WEST of the Mississippi River by July 1st, and Illuminati agents could have some actionable ‘coincidences’ to answer for.