Friday, October 7, 2011

If You Cannot Make it to Occupy Wall Street or the Federal Reserve? Occupy the Zombie Banks in Your City.

               If you cannot go to occupy Wall Street or a Federal Reserve Branch near you in one of the 12 districts or satellite locations. Well what about the zombie banks that are the share holders of the Federal Reserve who got so much bailout money at our expense. These are the too big to fail financial institutions that is a parasite on our economy. So who are these Zombie Banks? These banks might have a branch in walking or a short driving distance form your front door.These Zombie Banks would have went under long ago if it had not been for the bailouts and Uncle Ben and his printing press.

               These Zombie Banks are Bank of America who is stealing home they do not own. There is Wells Fargo too that the sign with a horse and buggy looks more like a get away coach running away with the loot. There is JP Morgan Chase too who finances the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. Even go occupy the Rockefeller Residence in New York City There is Goldman Sachs who is one of the biggest thieves of them all. People in Europe need to stop protesting in the center of town square about austerity, but right at the Rothschild Mansion who is one of the ruling families responsible for much misery in the world.

                Many of you live too far away and your schedule will not permit you to, or you are short on cash to pay for gas and meals for the drive. If you cannot make it, go occupy one of these Zombie Banks in your city to send a message this bank is a shareholder in the Federal Reserve and a Zombie Bank. Let the people know who is responsible for our economic demise. Have a good time and meet like minded people in your community. All I ask is we do not interfere with the business of the bank branches. We must allow account holders access coming in and out. If they do not want us on their property, than stay on the sidewalk.

               We all have a right to freedom of speech and to express our grievances to these banks and their practices that has affected our livelihoods. If you decide to do this, you must no interfere with the patron going in ad out of the banks. With every right we have a responsibility to conduct ourselves in a peaceful civil manner. Remind the employees it is not against them, but their bosses. Be courteous ,civilized and educate.  This will be the difference  we will need to make the change we want.Go out and make history happen.  

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  1. Rise up Ye Americans!

    Rise up for your future and your children's future!

    This is your last chance!

    For too long now, both the US government and the US corporate and CIA controlled mainstream media have brainwashed, softened and paralysed the American people into almost total submission and ignorance.

    And now the Americans have wakened up?

    With millions unemployed, 46 millions on food stamps, millions living in tent cities and shelters, millions of American children subsisting below the poverty line and so much miseries and helplessness among them, there is really no light at the end of the American tunnel now. Instead, the United States squandered more than 700 US$billions annually to perpetuate US global Tyranny and invading small helpless sovereign nations.

    This is the window of opportunity to come out in their millions all over the USA to protest, demand and cause rigorous changes in the government and their military.

    This is their last chance to effect real change!

    Americans are now seeing through the lies and disinformation of their government. The time to keep Americans distracted by blaming and scapegoating foreign nations and intensifying their US military adventures and invasions is rapidly coming to an end.

    Americans must now begin their revolution and turn their "American Winter" into a people"s war against mismanagement of their economy, corruption, collaboration between White House, US Congress and the US corporate "elites" and the US military which has run amok globally.

    With a militarised political situation in the USA today, it won"t be long before the US National guard and the US military will be released to quell the rightful protests and revolution of the American people.

    The peoples of the World are empathetic and supportive of nationwide protests throughout the USA. But the American people must now take the bull by the horns and rid their country of the rubbish in the White House, the US Congress and of course the US military.

    This would be the Winter of Discontent and Revolution in the United States of America ….!