Thursday, October 6, 2011

Randy Kelton:A Poltical Prisoner in Cherokee County Texas

                One of the most miscarriages of Justice seen is happening right here in Texas.  Randy Kelton Rule of Law Radio host and Pro Se litigator was railroaded into jail by a corrupt court system in Cherokee county Texas. Randy was tried and convicted of practicing being a private investigator without a license for compensation using the Texas occupational code and manipulating the jury not using facts but vague terms not used in the actual law to convict him. Randy has done countless hours of legal research to  fight the corrupt judicial system in Texas. He has been on the Alex Jones show talking how to fight to foreclosure racket in Texas with much success that even lawyers were coming to him for advice fighting the banks to keep home from being lost.

                The Judge and the Prosecutor involved in the case were being brought before the grand jury for corruption. Randy Kelton was involved in bringing criminal charges before a brand jury concerning this Judge and prosecutor. These two very people were involved in the case are the Judge and Prosecutor tried Randy's case. This Judge and Prosecutor should have recused themselves for conflict of interest because Randy was bringing criminal charges against these two public officials. The court record shows the bias in this case in how they railroaded Randy to serve one year in jail as the maximum sentence as the law allows.

                Randy Kelton was deprived due process in the court. It was not really a court. How Randy was railroaded was by the very practice the Cherokee County courts have done. His right were denied by what is written in the Texas code of criminal procedure and the Texas Constitution. That is the court cannot take jurisdiction in a case unless there is an indictment by a grand jury. This Judge and Prosecutor skipped the grand jury altogether setting up a kangaroo court for the purpose to make Randy disappear. Randy was bringing criminal charges against this judge and DA for bringing people into the court without a grand jury indictment.

               The man Randy Kelton, you can love him or hate him. You can disagree with him or give it though of what he says. The truth is, if the precedent is allowed to stand. Anyone can be thrown into jail for practicing law without a license for helping people navigate through the court system or be in incarcerated for an occupational law for being a private investigator without certification for doing legal research. Randy Kelton has has much success exposing the Judaical corruption in Texas and helping people get recourse from abuses in the legal system using the law. The only way to silence him is to jail him because the Pro se litigants have been making headway defeating the tyranny in the state.. I just hope he can win on appeal and be out of jail by Thanksgiving. 



  1. An interesting fact about the American police state is that corruption is the only thing the government refuses to spy on or torture. The FBI is too busy framing Muslim patsies for terrorism using maps, explosives, and training the FBI provided them in the first place. The American Republic is a lot like the Roman Republic. The 'new rich elite' have zero patriotism or loyalty to the nation. They don't study poetry and philosophy; they purchase Ferrari litters, silk clothes, and $50 door mouse hamburgers. The corruption of the government has grown out of its pot into a full blown mafia. IMO all human civilization grows from the 1%. The problem is, if your 1% stop being philosophers and statesmen instead becoming greedy pleasure seeking greed machines, your society rots apart. America's 1% don't even call themselves American. They are 'globalists'. I don't want to end having a 1%. I want a 1% of people who are not utter slime. To me that is the giant cosmic-sized flaw of the New World Order. This isn't going to be Plato's Republic; it is going to be a world order of thousands of Caligula. When the master of the house is a degenerate lunatic, they burn it down while playing music like a Nero. Randy is a hero and a patriot, now a martyr. If you want to play Jesus, you get crucified. You can't be a real hero and not pay for it.

  2. How is "practicing being a private investigator without a license" related to "practicing law without a license"? Your article is unclear on this point.

    Actually, from the linked source ( "...Randy was wrongfully convicted of 'operating a private investigation company without a license' in Cherokee County, Texas, on September 29, 2011..."

    I think I understand the point. I thought I should bring this to the editor's attention.

  3. It is sad to see that the system is cracking down on those who stand up and attempt to correct and are the watchtowers of the system we put into place to protect us and our rights. Our laws are all bible based and if we truly believe in do unto others as we want them to do to us then what they are doing is inviting us to do the same to them. When the people wake up from their slumber and stand up for their rights those who have abused the system to silence those of us who try to maintain the system honest will deserve the reward based on the seeds they have sown. Their lack of regard for human rights will come back to bite them in the ass. Karma is a bitch. I hope you keep records of all those that have broken the law so when their turn comes we the people can use their own works to show their punishment is just and true.
    When the government is afraid of the people we have a good government and right now they act as if they own us. But times will change and they already are all over the world there is a strong undercurrent which will keep surfacing until those in power can not hold it back. In relation to being a private investigator under your personal name is actually one of your rights under the criminal code. I am not sure what has transpired but would like the details as I have met Randy while here in Australia. sdragut at yahoo dot com

  4. I want to trade his bail fees for some advice!

  5. It seems that a change in venue is justified to place the case into an unbiased court.

    There are mechanism in the state by which the DA and judge should be censured? And this would not really be enough - these people need to be removed from their positions.

  6. Could someone please file conspiracy and racketeering charges against the swat and court system in Cherokee and protect us citizens from the tyranny we are living under !

    "The issue that Kelton was investigating – and we are still waiting on documents from Craig outlining more of the details – was looking into “warrantless, illegal SWAT raids” on a controversial figure in Cherokee County named Robert Fox.
    According to a Cherokee County blogger, sourcing local media reports, Fox fought back and ended up in jail for 9 months. Kelton began his own investigation and was himself thrown in jail. It would appear the local authorities do not want to be questioned or investigated about potentially illegal activities that may be taking place in Cherokee County.
    “Robert does what we do,” Craig told Red Dirt Report. “He shows what the law is and what public officials are doing. When they started pulling these raids he fought back.” Note this blog post about Fox and a recent mistrial involving a “tampering with government” case brought against him.
    And Kelton comes along, Craig explained, filed all sorts of paperwork and the system did not like it.
    As Lone Star Watchdog wrote on Thursday: “The Judge and the Prosecutor involved in the case were being brought before the grand jury for corruption. Randy Kelton was involved in bringing criminal charges before a grand jury concerning this Judge (Craig Fletcher) and Prosecutor (Craig Caldwell).
    These two very people (who) were involved in the case are the Judge and Prosecutor (who) tried Randy’s case.”
    The blogger says Fletcher and Caldwell should have recused themselves “because Randy was bringing criminal charges against these two public officials.”" from: