Monday, October 10, 2011

Never Forget Those Who Stood Alone Against The Federal Reserve When It was Not Popular. We Owe Our Success to Them

                   We cannot take full credit for all the success we are having with occupy the Federal Reserve and Wall Street. Before we pat ourselves on the back and say good job. We have to remember there are those back decades before us who sacrificed everything to get the truth out about the Federal Reserve. Sen. Joseph MsCarthy who chased would be communist for years destroying the reputation of many innocent people finally found out the Federal Reserve was behind the advancement of communism and the fraud of the cold war. When he exposed the Federal Reserve Bank being behind funding the other side in the cold war. He was politically destroyed.

                  The Wisconsin Senator only got politically destroyed and was still able to collect his pension. There are those who paid heavily for exposing the Federal Reserve System. Some have been killed for challenging the Federal Reserve like Congressmen McFadden and Lindbergh. John F Kennedy was assassinated for challenging the Federal Reserve with US Notes Ezra Pound was locked up in a mental institution for speaking out about the Federal Reserve. Eustace Mullins who was mentored by Ezra Pound  was persecuted form speaking the truth. Gorden Kahl was assassinated because he spoke out against the IRS and the Federal Reserve calling the bank the beast.

                   Alan Stang sacrificed a promising career with CBS not selling his soul to the bankers and the corporate media. Arron Russo was harassed and lost a lot of work for his stand against the bankers. He paid money and took a loss for producing "America's Freedom to Fascism". Even Glenn Beck who is a fraud  found out the hard way even knowing how insincere he is, found out the hard way lost his show on Fox when he exposed the Federal Reserve System. No matter how much he loved Israel to keep his job. Speaking ill of the banksters was taboo to the controlled media. The most of all we have to thank Ron Paul for being consistent when he stood alone as a voice in the wilderness no one standing with him against the Federal Reserve. Him making a stand for over 20 years and now starting to pay off even though he is risking his life everyday speaking out against the private central bank.

                  When we get our country back and the oligarchs thrown out of the country or jailed. We cannot take full credit. We are nothing special. Many deceased patriots I do not know for decades exposed the fraud of the Federal Reserve. They were the ones who kept the truth alive an did not let it die with them in the grave. They paid the price of fortunes,freedom or their very lives. They been demonized, vilified and ostracized. They lived with the persecution, the humiliation and scorned. They paid the price doing what is right.  Let make sure history vindicates them for their struggle to expose the criminal enterprise. We will make sure their work is not for nothing done in vain. We will bear the fruit of the seeds planted by these brave men sowed. They did not see it their fruit of their labors grow from the seeds they planted in the minds of many Americans. We will reap the blessings because of these great men who paid the high price for a righteous cause. Lets remind ourselves to remember those who stood alone when no one would listen to them speak out against this Private Central Bank. They had a deep love for this country fighting to their last breath so this nation would not perish from the earth. We must finish what they started or America is finished.


  1. Jct: shows me when I first started picketing the banksters and got arrested. In 1982. When I was alone. I'll be there again Oct 15 in Toronto except, with a plan to offer, I'm not a protest-obstructor whose only goal is to tear down a fence, I'm a protest instructor with a plan to offer. The Argentine Solution using small denomination bond currencies for paychecks.

  2. Logan's BluffMonday, 10 October, 2011

    The Babylonian banksters will not go quietly. Expect false flags, mayhem, Fukushima like events, dirty bombs, etc.
    Remember, they started the war of 1812 over the unrenewed charter of the Bank of the United States.

  3. Great post. Thanks. Keep them coming.

  4. Remember those who REALLY CONTROL America !!!.... http://100777.node/500 the "master race" This extends beyond the banks. .... Their directions come from their guide book. WAKE UP, AMERICA!

  5. Lets us not giving out kisses and chanting well done. We are still dealing with the most deadly organization ever created by man. So far there has been a little bad news but there is a lot that needs to be done do get rid of the power that created this evil. It is clear during the Wilson administration our country was stolen by the bankers. There people clearly got us into the first World War which is the direct cause of the second World War. We need not praise but make sure be bury them before we become too happy. The federal reserve clearly should be put into chapter 13 and the hair cut should be placed directly on the member banks who own the federal reserve.

  6. "When we get our country back and the oligarchs thrown out of the country or jailed..."

    What makes you think they´ll be jailed or thrown out? You left out the most obvious: mass executions or better, slaughter. First the "enforcers" then the whores!!! The police represent the mechanics of oppression and repression whithout which no oppression or/and repression can physically take place. Everybody hated the police in the Communist countries and everybody knew that the police was the instrument of oppression and repression and the people hated them accordingly and for good reason. Without the police to ensure the safety of the tyrants, there would´t have been any tyranny. The police had the guns, the people didn´t and they regreted it!!! The so called "law enforcers" are actively aiding, supporting and defending those who are destroying us, who are chaining us and who are robbing us. No, these guys will NEVER go quietly into the political night and as a result they won´t have the benefit of being thrown out or jailed because:1) if they´re thrown out, they will definitely find a way to come back at a later date with a more sophisticated strategy and implement the same fucking fraud and oppression like they had instituted before they had been thrown out, and 2) jailing them will certainly guarantee they´ll be back later due to a either 1)presidential pardon, or 2)bribery and treason. So the only thing that will keep these globalist tyrants off our shores is for us to be mercilessly on the offensive and to never forget what they will do to YOU if they get a chance and they will certainly get one if they aren´t stopped at all costs. No despot has been known to abdicate without the element of brute force having been used and in the US it will be the same damn thing. If - by some miracle - Ron Paul gets to be the next President, it will be only a mtter of time before he will definitely be eliminated like JFK. Ron Paul is the lethal injection to the media, to the globalists and to the traitors that make up the US govt. I don´t believe that he´ll live if elected. It takes a full blown revolution to rid the nation of these vipers. They have murdered in cold blood 3 thousand+ of our citizens 10 years ago, almost 2 million people in Middle East murdered (and continuing), they have engineered and carried out the mass sell-out of our country to foreign governments and transnational financial entities, they have robbed us literally at gunpoint, they looted our nation (and still do), they are terrorizing our citizens and the world at large, etc. There´s no way they´ll avoid what´s coming to them. Yes, I AM very pissed!!!! The only thing different between Stalin´s USSR and Washington,DC is the technology in use today. The rest is the same. Being a veteran in the fight against tyrants of all stripes and names I know that the odds of this being resolved peacefully employing the due judicial process is next to zero. There´s simply no precedent to support this. Good blog you have, keep it going and good luck to you all!!!!

  7. what about JFK?

  8. Education is the key, educate, educate, educate.
    Cant say it often anouf.
    This crisis was a slow train coming, the signs where there years ago, the sole reason for me to like Ron Paul. In Europa we have hadd our bobbles, several, on rows, like tides.
    Whats different in the USA is the fact that People dint realize the magnitut and the cheer scop of this Housing bobble, and on topp of that the real idiocy, the Bailouts.
    No investigatiouns of obvious frauds and kooking books.
    In My country the Gov wacced the Banks, saved the puplic and companys with garantees, and gave the bondholders almost nothing if anything at all, when infact the Bank was Insolvent anyway, tecnicaly broken.
    Rearanged it, and soled it backto the marked when the Banks interiour was stable, with hugh profitt.
    The Goverment of USA made ONE bigg mistake and that was the god old, if you run you company onto the ground, its your own fault and why the Fu.. sould we pay bondholder anything. If you are a sleep by the stearing wheel when the shitt hits the fan, its your fault, the blame is solely in your hands.
    Nobody elsess.
    We know it.
    But the banks escaped it, never had any responcebility, never had any consequensess.
    And so on.

    No this crisis was obvious years ago, its just beomed a new reality to the People in general.
    That the Economics are essential in our world and sould never been given to the corps. thems selfs to regulate and control.
    We see the results of that, to day.
    Its not even Capitalism.
    Its Facism.
    Socialising corp. loosess.
    Thats plain stealing.
    With the help of a rotten to the core, political system. That same systemic default is everywhere, even I feel it.
    The food prices are skyrocketing and coustss of living in general has skyrocketed.
    And all of this is driwen by speculations and marked manipulations, like petrole, there is no shortage of petrol, nowhere, but the prices are on stratospheric levels.

    This has to stopp some day.

  9. To think that the problem solely exists with the Federal Reserve is a misconception shared by most people in our country. Fact is the Fed is owned by the to big to fail banks not the other way around. Currently the banks continue to operate on a routine basis screwing the World as the Fed runs cover for them.