Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Battle of Wills of Occupy Wall Street, Watch Out for the Modern Day Bolshevics

                  The globalist know when a revolt or rebellion is coming and try to trigger it to their advantage. The is was done during the Russian Revolution. The Communist were not the only faction involved in bringing down the Czar. There was many movements involved because the Russian people were tired of the life as a serf and wanted change. The Russian Revolution was started by the bankers and when the time was right the Bolsheviks took over the revolution stabbing the other factions in the back when it was all said and done. As a result, Russia was under 70 years of communist rule. 

                  This was not done by popular consent. This small group of thugs financed by Chase Manhattan Bank funding the take over. Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky all were backed by the oligarchs to take over the Russian government. It did not take a big Army to do this, but a cunning group of people who will lie,cheat and kill to take the reign of power. The people in Russia when the revolution started it was a patriot uprising, these many factions allied themselves with the Bolsheviks. When the Czar was remove, the communist double crossed the other factions taking power over Russia. You can call them Marxist, Socialist or Communist. They are cunning liars and deceivers that will stab the very people in the back who helped them win. History shows time and time again shows there people cannot be trusted. They have no honor for other people and even themselves.

                I warn the Occupy Wall Street  protesters. I would very reluctant to allow these people in calling for the end of capitalism, going after the rich bringing in a authoritarian system playing the class warfare game attacking the first generation millionaires and not the real oligarchs responsible for our poor economy. These are not grassroots people. These are foundation paid for rent a mobs financed by George Soros or other left wing organizations funded by Wall Street for Wall Street to derail  and highjack the real grassroots movement. They are desperate the people calling for the end to the Federal Reserve Bank the real power that was though Chase Bank funded the Bolsheviks so they can take over the first Russian Revolution. This not only happened in Russia, it happened in Cuba ousting Batista. again many factions brought down this corrupt dictator having Castro waiting in the wings funded by the banking cartel. This is how bankers won revolution using the real grassroots to get them into position and then taking over.

             When you see unions paid who are politically motivated backing the democrats who are soviet socialist who work for the government or are unions that get government suitabilities. When we see these different factions united on the left very organized and well funded trying to take over the Occupy Wall Street to silence the genuine person who wants to end the Federal Reserve Bank, the other who are sick and tired or corporatism stealing people blind who are uneducated.. For those who know the real power behind the dismal economic state. We need to educate the person hungry for information. We must not allied ourselves with these leftist. We have to isolate them and by sheer number of a large presence so we will not allow them to take over the protest. They cannot be trusted.

               These leftist trying to take over the protest who are George Soros paid for political hacks are the Bolsheviks of our day. We should not ally ourselves with them and keep our distance..If we allow them into the camp. We will get double crossed by them and they will have won by treachery and deception. This is how they always win when we let our guard down.When we are naive,they will take over. This movement is a battle of wills between the people who want thier country back who is educated or ignorant and wants change and those who will deceive us who have a hidden agenda to bring in an authoritarian system. The point is, it will come down to who wants it most. Will it be those who want our republic back, or will we roll over and let them tyrants take the field. it is our choice. They will prevail if we do nothing. Resistance is victory!

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  1. The problems I see with co-opted protests is several things. Firstly, let's say the CIA is behind it. Does that mean the CIA is wrong? No. They are almost always wrong, but that isn't science or logic; that is a biased assumption. Second, since all protests can be co-opted and someone always tries, then what? Never protest? I do know that the ruling powers hate the idea of the slaves knowing how to protest at all. Anything, even enemies, teaching the public that they 'could' protest and 'have' a contrary opinion works against the ruling powers. Co-opting is a permanent fact of life. Controlled media will always pay their own fake protesters to hold fake signs so that the media has anything to film for TV. If they don't plant signs they want on tv, they would have nothing to film. My natural expectation would be for groups of planted protestors with goofy signs about Marxism, Communism, and Global Warming. Even though 911 was an inside job, as everyone knows, my enemies want those signs, so they can film them, put them on tv, then have the news actors mock the protests as 'conspiracy nuts'. The media fully understands manipulating the tv-watching public. Manipulation does not 'require' lies. Truth is every bit as useful as lies when all you care about is results. There is a rare sophistication to being a writer, a reader, or a political analyst. These are not behaviors of the common Xbox playing beer-drinking slob. But those slobs are the majority and the battlefield. Bringing the slobs to your side is what the controlled media specializes in. Bringing them back to your side is what we need to specialize in. Having any protest is better than none. Winning more slobs is better than losing them. Co-opting them back is better than being co-opted. If they can 'plant signs' designed to influence the slobs, then so can you. This is a very old reality of war: losing honorably totally sucks. Winning is what victory is made of. Winning is all that matters because it is certainly better than losing. Young men die for a cause. Mature men live for one. The revolution must live and attain victory, not die with truth on its lips. As the smaller, weaker, disadvantaged side, it is guerilla war with appropriate tactics. Strategy leads to victory. How about the sign: Since the government and Al Qaeda hate us for our freedoms to protest, doesn't that make my government Al Qaeda? This is a poor example perhaps, but I want to illustrate that Al Qaeda brainwashing was a tool of the enemy, that you can co-opt against the enemy. Using billions of dollars of Al Qaeda propaganda back at them by linking that emotional hysteria back to the government hating protesters is a way of winning with the tools you have. I'll take any public awakening over none at all. We already proved they are useless as docile sheep.