Monday, October 10, 2011

The News Diversion that Do Not Mean Nothing When a Revolution is on the Horizon

               I get frustrated reading the headlines about celebrity gossip and what is going on in Football. The headlines should read: Obama and Socialist try to co opt the Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations to push class warfare taxing the rich, Agent Provocateurs Paid by Police to Incite a Riot and The Federal Reserve Stealing the Wealth of the Nation. No we do not hear that at all. I am so sick of TMZ. I get nothing wholesome seeing tabloid Journalist follow high profile people around town. I say go get a life and get out of theirs. Hers is what the most annoying headlines I see that is not really important to me.

             Dancing' with the stars romances: real and rumored

             I can careless about any News about American Idol. it is such a joke.

             I do not care what actor or actress is dating.

             I do not care about the Republicans and Democrats playing good bad cop with us anymore when their goal is to accomplish nothing, They just act like they are doing something. I just wish Congress go home until election day and the President just watch Sportscenter.That would be the best move both congress and the President did all year. Maybe doing nothing would be good for the country.

            I do not care about if a fan threw something at Tiger Woods. I careless about his golf game.

            I do not care about pro wrestling by the WWE. That is just a mans soap opera. It is just like politics. It is just an act, Want to see a scripted play? Watch the Congress on CSPAN.

             I care less about the NFL and what a coach said or what antics a player did off the field. Until a football player punches out a goon groping his wife at the gates of a stadium because some pot bellied rent a cop grabbed her crotch. It is just a waste of my time.

            It is really very obvious when they throw up real dumb diversions of meaningless news to distract us away from what matters the most in life. The US Government are getting ready to make their final move against us to oppress the nation through debt slavery. The banks are getting ready to implode this country like a thief in the night. This will hit many people as a rude awakening. Mainly those all caught up in this do not mean nothing gossip TMZ and Access Hollywood report about. I am concerned about things that are real. I cannot in good conscience go back to sleep while the republic is slipping away. There are things far more important in life than what Charlie Sheen is doing. That is securing freedom and liberty for my children and my grandchildren so they will not be debt slaves waking up homeless on the continent their ancestors conquered. What happens to Lindsey Lohan is not relevant, fighting for the soul of the republic is. That is more important than what goes on in Hollywood.


  1. How did I get here? I stopped watching TV some years ago. This is news to me: as in the meaning of the word. As technology changed, I came to a realization. Before the internet, there were tube channels. The hyper wealthy owned 'mainstream media'. What is the difference between some 8yr old kid's tube channel and Faux News? Money. That to me is one of the great hustles; people who believe that a billionaires tube channel is 'real news' because he can pay the bribes to own main airwaves. Everyone seems to grasp that a tube channel is just the desires of the person who owns it. I look forward to the day everyone else catches up and stops calling what they make the 'real news'. In truth, at this stage in our society the reverse is true. REAL NEWS is only on the internet. There is no money in it to bribe the journalists. There is no government spooks controlling the editors - sure there can be - but they are quickly exposed and rejected from the movement. The law of propaganda is simple slogans the least educated can absorb. That is not an insult; that is the mechanical fact of the process. That song that gets stuck in your head, must be a song you heard. When you stop exposing yourself to garbage, it can't get stuck in your head. 100% of my exposure to mainstream media garbage is the links people make to it to debunk and mock it. When they ask what the occupy movement wants, what are my demands, I have my answer. It's not what I want; it is what I don't want. I DON'T WANT THEM. What do I want? NOT THEM, not their news, not their politicians, not their opinions, not their advice, not their guidance. It is culture, a digital ethnicity. I have my own people now, and it is not them.

  2. The News Diversion that Do Not Mean Nothing? double negative.

    When I Revolution is on the Horizon?

    grammar check

    why bother reading the article when one has to figure out what the title is saying?

  3. Correction: your ability to read and comprehend needs work. You foolishly think backwards. All the greatest minds on Earth who are not English speakers would translate into odd English.

    So, that makes THEM stupid people, or you?
    Get up, you tripped over your blunder.

  4. The jewish CONTROLLED media LIES to us!!! They even BOAST ABOUT IT. Check Out the Protocols of the Elders on YOU

  5. The government shills are now planting 'anti-Semite' posts. CONGRATS! Lonestar: the government only proves what they are, when you matter. All readers notice what is being fought for: your own government are message bomber BADLY STAGED anti-Semite attacks so they can point at their own attacks as ours. Sorry shill, try another post. You tripped over your blunder, again.

  6. MOST of the Semites in the world are ARAB!!! ... MOST jews are NOT Semites, but are EYACKs.... European Yiddish Ashkenazi Convertd Khazars... Think About it... Did Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor, Sammy Davis Jr., Tom Arnold, Whoopie Goldberg and Peruvians Magically become Semites by converting to judaism?

  7. Yes, we know; you are a Zionist posting staged 'anti-Semite/neo-Nazi' garbage. I know lots of people who don't like Israel. Nothing strange about not liking a country based on Apartheid a chosen race and one religion. Or not liking American's having to pay for it with their taxes. The thing is, no real people spray paint temples or post that ULTRA ULTRA CLICHE' CRAP about the protocols. No one is fooled by your badly-staged, anti-fake, and frankly rather boring cheap tricks. Of course I am laughing at you. You are right on topic. You are simple proof how casually easily it is for someone like me to identify you and reverse your sophistry back on you. Your mission was to make this appear to seem like a hang-out of Nazis. Instead, what you accomplished was spreading the news that people like you bombard blogs with entirely staged and fake rants. You are just another shill plating bombs. Just give up. I have seen your 'best' work. I casually destroyed you - casually. You were not even close to being almost a challenge. Just give up. YOUR PLANTED ANTI-SEMITE ATTACKS ARE OBVIOUS AS PLANTED FAKES TO BE DESTRUCTIVE.

  8. Has anyone seen the video Geraldo Rivera being rejected by the occupy wall street crowd?

    I rejected all (jewish) mainstream media garbage years ago. When everyone does the same they will powerless.

    By the way, I agree with the following comment above:

    Anonymous said...

    The jewish CONTROLLED media LIES to us!!! They even BOAST ABOUT IT. Check Out the Protocols of the Elders on YOU
    Monday, 10 October, 2011

    Mike, the antisemantic (who hates lies, doubletalk and duplicity).

  9. The problem is although Anonymous choice of words and message is hard to digest it is basically correct. All the lying and infighting that has gone on for thousands of years cannot alter the truth. "By their fruits Ye shall know them" Look around and see for yourself the suffering in Gaza. The Zionist movement which gave us the Neo-cons and the Project for a new American Century which is by the way "double speak" political talk for the destruction of America, hence, 911. Don"t take my word on any of this study for yourselves.

  10. Choice in words is everything. Not really a 'basic' idea since less intelligent people obviously can't keep up. It is the difference between good intentions and actual victory. Propaganda is war. So the issue is, are you a) telling the truth, b) winning the war, c) both. Let's take the best for example: Holocaust. About 85-90% of everyone is in Holocaust religion. If you bring it up, they go into emotional hysteria. Close second, Protocols of Zion: you bring it up and they go into emotional hysteria. "It's a forgery!" = the famous programmed response everyone knows. Thus: we see the TRUE BATTLE FIELD: 1) enlightening people vs 2) generating MORE EMOTIONAL HYSTERIA. How can I tell who is honest and who is a shill? Generating emotional hysteria. Be honest: you really think marching with a sign saying, 'Read Protocols of Zion!' is going to win the war? No, of course not. The ACTUAL MEASURABLE RESULT: will be undermining the good people and burrying them under emotional hysteria. Stop trying to sell me the CRAP! of 'truth' and talk real world to me: results on the battlefield. Did your work 'againt the Jews' work FOR THEM? or against them? It worked for them. Tell me I am wrong: tell me you flaming up the idiot class with Protocols and other ultra cliche' efforts, brought the good guys closer to victory. It didn't. Only agents OF ISRAEL spraypaint swastikas, and spam blogs about Protocols and Holohoax. That is all fodder for controlled media to help them win. Using the 'truth' in an emotionally charged flaming way, only DOES HARM. It never yet won more support and it always drives people away. Fortunately, I understand the war on a perfect level. You continue to shill, I will continue to debunk you. My tools are better, so I will win.