Monday, October 17, 2011

Mexico is more a Threat to America's National Security, Not Iran

                The southern border is a war zone. The President Bush and Obama have been following the agreements of the SPP/NAU without going to Congress for advice and consent. In that agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada was done outside of law without two thirds of the US Senate to ratify it. Both Obama and Bush refuse to secure the border. They will send our soldiers to Africa and to secure the Border with Iraq, they will never send our combat troops to the border to actually seal it and repel invasions.

               If they do send the troops to the border, it is the National Guard with no weapons and have to run away when the drug cartel open fire. The rules of engagement are designed to kill the soldiers than protect the border. So why we going after Iran? They are not the one sending troops over the border, they did nothing to attack us. They are not out to reclaim the southwest part of the United States for themselves. They have not shown any real acts of hostility inside the borders of the United States. No terror attacks and not acts of war.

                I wish we had people like General Pershing alive today. When Pancha Villa started a border war inside the US border. The General's Army pursued the bandit forces with a vengeance back across the border and beyond. Every time we went to war after the Mexican war. Mexico not only embraced our enemies like NAZI Germany and the old Soviet Union. When the nation was at war. Mexico tried to retake the southwest and failed. Mexico threatened if we did not pass NAFTA, they would force millions across the border. They claim the Southwest was stolen from Mexico when the Treaty of Hildago Guadalupe and the Gadstan purchase was implemented. We paid the Mexican goverment for all the land.

               Mexico is committing more acts of terror than Iran, Iran has committed none and does not want to conquer anyone else's land. Mexico is a narcho terrorist failed state. We need to enforce our immigration laws and jail employers who hire them. We need to eliminate social services to illegals too. Also no more anchor babies. Last and final, bring the troops home from abroad out of the illegal wars and place them on the border. We need to rescind the SPP?NAU agreement. Repeal NAFTA and lift the burden of regulations that do stifle economic growth and job creation. We need to withdraw from the United Nations. Mexico does not like this and I know they will fight tooth and nail to stop it.

               Libya has not attacked us, Iraq never attacked us and Iran never either attacked. But we want to go to war with them when they are not the threat. Our troops need to be on the our border, not fighting wars for Israel and the Bankers. Mexico is the real threat to us. The border is now a war zone where over 30,000 people have died on the border. That is more than the Iraq war. The border states and the cities on the American side are in danger always with fire fights, car bombs and rocket propelled grenades. We have real terrorism on the border by real terrorist called the drug cartels and the Mexican troops. Not the phony threat from a used car salesmen from Corpus Christi. Leave Iran alone and bring the troops home to secure our border, not the border of a foreign land for Israel.


  1. Hold on now, don't sick the dogs of war on us either, don't arm our criminals. Keep yr atf, dea agents within your own borders. You are the world threat.

  2. Fucking crazy Gringos are arming our Mexican criminals... Stop it !.

  3. What we need is a laser fence on the border that when any human crosses, machine gun turrets pop up and lay waste. Then round up all the lawbreaking scum and send them back. Border problem solved!!!!!!!!! We have the technology now to make it work.

  4. yes, and then once that fence is up, totally stop intervening in any way in mexican politics ever again.

  5. NobodysaysBOO!:
    Make Mexico a state with GW Bush a govoner that will teach the Mexicans a lesson!

  6. The mexican mantra

    “Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada” “For the race everything, outside the race nothing”

    All of the laws should be enforced equally, regardless of race, religion, and/or national origin. That is with the exception of mexicans, and they should be above the law and exempt from the law. And the only purpose that a tonto gringo serves is to pay taxes to support the superior and noble mexican.

    Anyone who disagrees with this philosophy is Xenophobic and a Racist.


    All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.
    George Orwell, Animal Farm, ch.10, 1945

  7. It is incredible that the criminals in Washington, starting with George W. Bush, have been able to delay security at the border all these years. If there was ever a symbol of blatant corruption in our government, this is it!

  8. If it was your surgeons and engineers jumping the border instead of your trash, I would think of it differently. Some minimal honesty would make everything easier to talk about. Mexico dumps their trash in our yard, then tries to make it sound like it is generosity. The last time my people formed a street gang, they were dancing in West Side Story. In prison, I would join a gang too. I'd like to get out alive. Other than on TV, it is not my people prowling the street as animal predators. I'm not ashamed to want Mexico to keep their criminal under class on their own side of the fence. To your own credit, I do understand why you are so cheerful about dumping your criminals in my country. I'm sure it is wonderful for you.

  9. America Zionist Mafia does rule Mexico. I don't deny that. Consider this: legalize drugs in Mexico. Tourism would increase a hundred fold. You can't have a drug organized crime, because it wouldn't be a crime anymore, so there is nothing to smuggle. Prohibition is required to have that. Can you legalize it? No. America rules Mexico top to bottom. Not Mexican banks that launder the money. And yeah, the CIA and their associates in other countries ARE the largest Cartel, let the drugs into America, and supply them arms - to eliminate the competition that are actually Mexican gangs. Can you legalize it? No. America does not give you permission to. Since Mexicans don't rule Mexico, there is nothing to talk about with Mexicans. You don't make any decisions.

  10. So, what is worse than Mexico being ruled by a drug Cartel? The profits sitting in Israeli banks.
    Trust me, crime is bad. You keeping none of the money is far worse. If you are going to sell your ass like a ho, you might as well keep the cash they paid to rape you.

  11. Our government needs to take the drug problem in Mexico seriously. It is insane to go to war with countries thoussnds of miles away, for possible made-up problems, when we have far more serious problems here at home. We need to legalize recreational drug use at home because the "Drug War" is obviously not working.
    I know what people will say: "We can't legalize drugs! That's create mass addicts! Think of the children!... etc..."
    All I can say is "B.S." When the legalized drug use in Switzerland and the Netherlands, they saw a statistical declie in drug use. Especially among the youth, who suddenly found it "not cool" to do something that's legal. Serious drug use, such as Heroine, saw a plateu in drug abuse numbers, as less people tried it, and the only ones that were using it, were already addicts beforehand.
    So there, you damn pussies. Stop believing whatever they tell you. It's human nature to be "addicted" to something. Some people pray, other meditate. Some smoke cigarettes, some drink alcohol. Some smoke pot (which, by the way, no one has ever died from, or killed anyone while solely under the influence of).

  12. If this is true why on earth did they allow all these uneducated criminal needy Mexicans with their hands out and their bellies always full of babies by the millions in this once wonderful paradise nation? This was not allowed in the past to protect the citizens.

    I was one of the few minorities in the U.S. and
    I am witness to how wonderful this country was WHITE.
    Now look at how crappy the U.S. is now!
    Screw the 1965 Immigration reform act that brought all the minorities here.
    Stupid white men!

    And if you Mexicans hate the truth of what I
    say--kiss my A$$. Go back to Mexico where you belong.

  13. It is a topic everyone knows and people fear losing their jobs talking about. 'White' crime is best known as Israeli. How many 'white power' people are in even one thing? Name anything. America's pro war? That is purely Israeli and Israeli First people. Purely. University teachers? All Zionist. Media? All Zionist. But I know what people mean: when the topic of Israeli Mob comes up, that is the 'Russian Mob'. When the topic of Zionist crime on Wall Street and Government, that is 'white' crime. Immigration? That was Israeli Judaism again. Christian Zionism? Israeli again. But that is the race hate of today. It is entirely legal and socially proper to race hate whites, so people do it openly. I have a saying that being an anti-Semite has served me well. I was on the right side 100% of the time. Iraq war? We said we don't want that war for Israel. Wall Street? I don't want Zionists controlling the Fed and Banking. On and on. As the new 'nigger', I am not accountable for any of these problems. I'm not pro-Israel. Racism? I like other races. When I eat Chinese food, I don't think about hating them for being all Chinese running the place. Or Mexican food for that matter. When I visit Mexico, I want to see what? Blacks? I want to see Mexicans, singing Mexican songs, doing Mexican dances. Ethnicity makes the world interesting. I have heard it all; they will say, "We don't hate whites!" Well, yes they do. Like the term 'self-hating Jew' what they mean is, so long as a white hates themselves, hates their own people, hates their own ancestors, demands their own people go extinct, so long as the white supports ethnic pride in everyone but himself, then they are not hated. The term for that is 'reconstructed'. If I actively become my own enemy, then I don't need to be hated. I don't want to genocide anyone, especially myself. None of the people who hate on me, have ever one time complained about white power in Israel. Whites only water fountains, roads, towns, everything in Israel, including marriage. Israel bans interracial marriage. More importantly, the minorities are idiots. Blacks and Mexicans own nothing in America. I wish you did. Jewish people get more and more and more in America. Blacks outnumber Jews like 9:1. You outnumber them 9 to 1 in the Supreme Court? In Congress? Owning media? lol, nope. Even if no one else notices, I notice. For all the talk of pride those others groups do, they are saps being used. What did Obama do for blacks? He is not one; his mother is a white woman. Obama the son of a white woman. Obama is busy starting a war in Iran for Israel. No doubt many blacks and Mexicans will die bravely in Iran. Will you gain from it? Nope. I call it like I see it. No one is calling the anti-Wall Street protests anti-black or anti-Mexican. Why? Because Jews hate Blacks and Mexicans and would never make you their equals. They don't let your people run Wall Street. The Blacks and Mexicans on Wall Street are their janitors. The truth is rather obvious, the WHITE NAZIS opened America's borders? That makes sense.

  14. The difference between a black, a Mexican, and a Jew as it relates to America is that blacks and Mexicans are American. Blacks want to live in Africa like I want to live on Mars. The country they care about is this one. Their money and power stays in America. Jewish people have a private race supremacy homeland overseas. They could not care less if America folds up. When it does, they move to their preferred nation. It is simply a matter of divided loyalties. The people in power on this continent need to love this continent, and only this continent. What corporation would survive when its board members had a first loyalty to a rival company?

  15. u fools are all racists retards that talk about inequality how about everyone just get together and work together for a better world then fighting each other and accomplishing nothing we are not children so grow the fuck up

  16. I have seen the human equality people work together - they built the white power race supremacy theocracy of Israel where people of different races are forbidden by law to marry. We tried your system. What did we get? You told a bunch of emotional lies, then did the opposite of what you said. No, I feel inequality, not lie that it exists then make more inequality like you do.

  17. America is becoming a third world country, i agree , just by reading what all this bunch of ignorant tornado debree posted here , starting with the author of the article , looks like none of you idiots graduated from elementry school . The author needs to learn how to spell , and study economy before posting B.s like that,

  18. Not really. You came to kick ass. You tried to kick ass. You made zero points. You made zero arguments. You hurled insults and ran away. That's called losing. Let me guess, in your fantasy world, you would give a lecture at Oxford by calling everyone an asshole, then running off the stage. You flopped like a dead fish, but you did confirm everything said was beyond your ability to refute in the least way.