Monday, October 17, 2011

A message From A Texan to the Police About Occupy Wall Street Nationwide in All the Cities

To all Sworn Peace Officers and Police:

              I would like to know is my question to the men in blue. Who do you work for and what is your mission? Do you work to protect the rights of the people? Is your orders is to protect the Political class from the people? Do you swear an oath to the corrupt political class to do their dirty work? Do you swear an oath to protect the bankers and Wall Street Robber Barons or did you swear to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States and the State you reside in? I mean from all enemies foreign and domestic.Do you believe the city goverment cares about you? Do you know what a lawful order is and unlawful directive is? While occupy Wall Street is escalating nationwide. Do you believe you are on the winning side?

              The truth is the second American revolution has begun. There is a good chance the government might not win this one. When the people take back their government from the robber barons and corrupt politicians. Do you think you will not be held accountable by the people? When you are ordered to abuse people and arrest them without cause. Can you use the excuse I was just following orders? To give a lesson in history. The trials in Nuremberg where NAZI soldiers where on trial for committing cruel acts against innocent people. Just following orders was not a good defense. Following immoral orders is not an excuse. It is still the legal precedent to this day. If you are one of those officers going out violating people's rights and abusing the people with pleasure because you are told to do it. Remember someone in the protest crowd has you face on camera and you name tag can be seen. people will not forget and will find you to bring you to justice. History repeats itself.

               Many of you officers do have children. Now what kind of society will you leave behind? Will you leave behind a free society where your offspring has the right to free speech and the goverment does not trample on their God given rights? Do you want your children being slaves to tyrants and despots? Do you want them living in terror and at will being beat up by thugs in uniforms because your son looked at them the wrong way or your daughter being raped just for the hell of it? Either case there is no recourse or justice in a hot tyranny. Is this the nation you want to leave behind for generations to come? Do you want your children being in a mass grave without a proper burial? Your name is not passed on because they never were able to reproduce an offspring themselves. Is this the legacy you want to leave behind for the generation that comes after you?

               If this is the America you do not want to leave to your posterity. My advice to you is so you are educated in what the law is. So where do you begin to start. I say read the Bible and the US Constitution, examine the State Constitution, study the bill of rights. Read the founding documents. Look at the Declaration of Independence. Read the Federalist paper and the Anti Federalist papers. Honor the oath you have sworn to uphold. Be an example to your peers in uniform and children keeping your word. Always do what is right even though you may stand alone. Right now those Robber Barons in the Central Bankers and in the Firms on Wall Street are robbing your pensions too. So which side will you choose? Do you have the moral conviction to stand with the people? Are you one of those "yes man" who will follow the orders of corrupt politicians who are just puppets of the oligarchs, and not think twice about the long term consequences your actions will have on the America you leave behind just going along to get along for a paycheck that will be worthless when the dollar has no more value?

                If you choose to follow the orders of the state and you think you are protected if you are a good obedient enforcer? Think again I say. If you make that choice, you are in more danger at the hand of your own government than you are at the hands of the people. In Soviet Russia and NAZI Germany, they routinely executed the guards purging them along with the population for no reason. That means you will share a space in a mass grave with the peasants. If you choose the side of doing right. You still take a lot of risk doing so sharing the same fate. At least you can die like a man with a clear conscience fighting for what is right. Chances are you might have the better protection of the population if you protect the people from tyranny and despotism. You may stand alone with the rank and file, but not with the people if you serve honorably in your duties as a peace officer. The people will watch your back if you stand on the side of right.

              This great nation is coming to the point of there is no gray area. The people from all walks of life will have to make a choice which side they will be on. We always have a choice and free will. When you swore your oath to defend and protect the Constitution.  That oath gave you the power to say no to tyranny and corruption. It gave you the power to say no to orders that are illegal that violate the rights of the people. You are not political enforcers. If a demonstration is making you bosses look bad in city hall. It is not your duty to oppress the people to save their political hind ends. It is your duty to preserve the integrity of the system of goverment not undermine it. Free speech is essential for the survival of a nation in these times, if the politicians do not like it. It is not your duty to do damage control for them.

              It is time to make a choice on what side you will be on. You can either be on the side of history of heroes who took a stand for freedom or being an judged as a criminal who committed many miscarriages of justice. What side will you be on, I hope you make the right choice for you children and you country so history will remember you taking up a righteous cause.  Remember Americans love the heroes who stood alone when it was right who risked all, Will you be that man who will stand with us or against us. Make your choice. time is short. There is no honor being on the side of tyrants, but there is honor standing for what is right even when you stand alone.

The Lone Star Watchdog


  1. Total waste of time. The police of America are the lowest trash we have. They are uneducated peons who joined a legalized prison gang. It would take a real man to stand up for something like honor or an oath. They are not real men. If a cop was on fire, and I was driving by in a tanker with 6,000 gallons of urine, I would not sell him a cup of piss for a $1,000,000 to put his fire out. I will never ever see anything that happens to them. 50 gang bangers dressed as clowns riding elephants could take them out, I would see nothing, hear nothing, know nothing.

  2. Most inspiring article, thank you. Please see this:Another Memo To OWS: Demand Regime Change
    Enough is enough.

  3. Boy oh boy! I hate to be a pig when shit hit the fan, its coming!

  4. Not that I disagree or anything, but history shows that these guys know they are in the wrong. They will not be sheep to slaughter WTSHTF. They will form very formidable gangs. They will be ruthless. Look at their behavior in so-called ROL. What do you think they will be like during WROL? Even the few citizens that would know how to deal with these SOBs, better have a strong family/ friend clan and lots of patriotic vets. Don't forget these future war lords have all kinds of toys thanks to the drug war and DHS.

  5. Filthy Rats won't be able to find a safe place to hide & no amount of weapons can stop the masses.

  6. “When People Lose Everything,They Have Nothing Left To Lose, And They Lose It” its coming!

  7. Excellent message - it should be passed around! I came across this interesting site: United States Code Section 1983 & Civil Rights Litigation.
    Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State or Territory or the District of Columbia, subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress.

    shouselaw dot com/1983 dot html#5

  8. There is a strong possibility it is going to get much worst. Wall Street was bailed out in 2008 to the tune of hundreds of billions dollars. The same Wall Street management is still in place and their banks have only gotten more risky. The political climate in DC will not allow a second bail out. When the derivatives market blows up when one large counterparty cannot pay up, watch out. Large corporations use these banks for paymnets for such tings as payroll, paying surpliers, etc. We could see unemployment north of 50%. I don't think the clowns in Washington understand the risk they are running. We need a special prosecutor to go after the senior management of Wall Steet.

  9. The Nuremberg trial were a kangaroo court; nothing else!

  10. The cops actually are upholding their oaths. Few people, including cops, realize, or care to, that there are two governments. The cops have taken an oath to the United States Constitution, which is a corporate charter. So they are in fact upholding their oaths.

    The Constitution for the Republic of the united States is almost identical. To know the difference requires reading and thought. This is boring and so few will even consider the issue. Most people prefer blind emotional excitement or intellectual blindness. Not much hope for the masses.

    The wind of change blows the leaves about. It must.

    The present gathering of souls is socialist and communist and unionist and earth worshipers and the welfare class and such as would elevate systems above individuals and liberty and men. These are shallow people who love the excitement of change and the security of being owned as property. They have not walked the long road. They know not what they demand. The powers that be do not fear this group. This group’s exposure has been encouraged. They will not accomplish much. Their reward will be bitter. They know not whom they strive against.

    Another gathering of souls will be those who have been broken. This will mostly be middle class and working poor who have lost everything. They will react violently and with careless desperation. They will accomplish more than the first gathering, but not much more. They have been anticipated. They will receive little food and water and clothing and shelter. They will be handled. They know not whom they strive against.

    And more souls will be gathered by the wind, here and there. They will be plowed back into the earth for the most part. They know not whom they strive against.

    There is a class of souls who will not be blown by the wind. A class of individuals who posses a grim and terrible patience. They have never known each other and never will, and yet they do. Individuals who can act singularly or in unison without command. Individuals who cannot be seen or measured or sensed. These are whom the powers that be fear with all of their hearts. Individuals who know time and are known by time and whom time favors. Individuals who can see through the mask of the psychopath. They know precisely what the enemy is. These individuals do not strive, they simply accomplish. They will succeed.

    About twenty percent of people, across the board, are psychopathic to one degree or another. They cannot be cured. They must be handled harshly or contained effectively. Few people will assume the hard responsibility or cultivate the courage to discern and handle these masked creatures. A new civilization will arise from what is left of America and in time it will fall, again, because men refuse to face the evil behind the mask. The information is available to all. We have only ourselves to blame when we fail.

  11. Only individual guerilla tactics will be able to stop these Nazis. It will be YOUR choice when you see one of these Nazis violate the law and how you should deal with it. They wear the uniforms, the people see the target.

    After the inevitable violent revolution, all Nazi cops with a charge from the people will stand their day in court. Treason is a crime punishable by death. Many a Nazi will wail in horror as they are taken to the People's gallows.

  12. Grrrrrr.....Texas troopers are number ONE target they're going to be slaughtered like pigs I swear I been waiting, it's comIng and it's going to swift & certain .

  13. EVERYONE READING THIS MUST READ NAOMI KLINE'S 'SHOCK DOCTRINE" 9/11/73 the 1st of 5 9/ll's in different countries all over Latin America --same pattern: destroy culture with shock & awe patterns - dismantle manufacturing, destory banking/commerce, begin methodical terrorizations of the citizens with 'official' forces - as in Nazi Germany, round up, incarcerate, slaughter those who stand up for right, academics, labor leaders, =dismantle schools, and state social services = postoffice, fire, police & replace with PAID/PRIVATE (they are using "public/private" & "public/academic" to research biochemical 'things' to 'protect" (whom)?

    Most recent posting of the GAO (General Accounting Office) #696, page 131, states:" We (taxpayer $$$) gave $16 Trillion Dollars to THE BANKS. 1st: it was $700 Billion, then another many hundred billions......NO, IT WAS $16 tRILLION --- how many zeros is that? How many LIFETIMES of debtslavery is that by every man, woman and child in our courntry.....IT BREAKS DOWN TO: $50,000.00 - YES, FIFTY THOUSAND FOR EACH CITIZEN. Why protest?

    LAST BUT NOT LEAST: JPMORGAN CHASE BANK just handed over $4.6 million dollars to the a NYPD association for "PAID DUTY UNIT" $37.00 per hour to off duty and former military (Xi, BlackWater sociopaths?) to rough up peaceful protesters. A faction of the NYPD ARE PAID MERCINARIES WHO TAKE PLEASURE BRUTALIZING THEIR VICTIMS....the supervisors in WHITE SHIRTS - it began with PD Balogna who pepper sprayed young girls with their hands behind their backs on their knees in a net.

    6 to 10 NYPD mauled then arrested a young business woman trying to close her Citi (OWNED BY SAUDI ARABIA) bank account...on YouTube....btw, NYPD doesn't pay civil suit costs, taxpayers do....big banks/ brokerage houses paying private mercinaries to abuse the public who are peacefully protesting.


  15. Boycott the banks. Or only keep the minimum possible to make your life convenient in there and keep the rest out. You could also be obnoxious to the bank and keep like 5 bucks in there and then constantly do a lot of pointless small transactions.

    Also read "Starving the Monkeys" by Tom Baugh, or watch his presentation on Youtube if you can't afford the book.

    To change the subject, Any effective revolution here would have to include the military and possibly also the police. They are, simply, the ones with the most guns and it wouldn't work without them. TPTB may have to bring in foreign troops to contain it, but the populace is relatively well armed too, so that would be a mess.

    If they start to come for people's guns and you have enough advance warning, then wrap up and bury yours. When a regime starts confiscating guns the next step is usually genocide.

    If their aim is to kill off an indiscriminate large portion of the population, rather than a targeted portion, it is most likely to be attempted with a bioweapon. Make yourself a positive pressure safe room and outfit it with food and water etc.

  16. I dont understand why you all only blame the banks and wall street and you leave the fed out of it totally crazy!

  17. If it were possible to take on Wall Street and the banks WITHOUT taking on the Fed, explain how. The Elders of Zion begin at the Fed in America and work their tentacles outward. All the same thing.