Sunday, October 16, 2011

To Occupy Wall Street :It's the Central Bankers Stupid, The Gate keepers of all Policy

                The Apostle Paul who written two thirds of the new Testament who said" The love of money is the root of all evil". Then you have Moses the author of the first five books of the Bible talking against usury and having a jubilee to keep a check on debt and to keep the people from being enslaved by unjust debt. When Jesus walked the earth. He drove out the money changers from the Temple because these thieves were standing in the way making people buy a coin holding a monopoly making worshipers pay for more to enter the place of worship. All three of these figures in the bible knew the money junkies if not kept in check can bring evil upon the earth.

                  President Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson all spoke out against the Banking Establishment of Europe. These great men of history vehemently opposed the Bankers controlling the currency on American soil.  They seen the threat these ruling families who owned the banks could do when they get a foothold in the United States. When President Jackson killed the second bank of the United States. It was not until the bankers came back again with a vengeance with the Federal Reserve Act President Woodrow Wilson signed into law. President Wilson later regretted on his death bed singing the bill into law.

                  President Wilson said years later looking back on what he did saying "I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world,  no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men."

                  Here are the evils the Money Junkies has wrought on America and the world:

       - Before the Income Tax and the Federal Reserve Bank came into existence. The Bankers and Tycoon set up tax free foundations to wage war on American. We have the Ford Foundation funding the fomenting hatred against America in Mexico encouraging illegal aliens crossing the border illegally. These foundations have set up a bunch of front groups as we know today as not to enhance to the quality of life in America. But to agitate groups against each other. The Rockefeller Foundation set up feminism to get the woman out of the home into the work place for tax revenue and to destroy the family. These foundations waged war against our culture, undermined our decentralized institutions, attacked our republican form of goverment and our moral fabric. Through the funding of eugenics, these foundations cheapened life promoting a death culture encouraging euthanasia of the weak, handicapped and sick. They pushed abortion of the unborn. This is why our society is in decline.

        - These Bankers are responsible for famines and revolutions around the world. The bankers financed the Bolshevik takeover in Russia creating the Cold war. The cold war was just a puppet show creating a perceived threat of those evil commies in Russia. The Bankers through the Federal Reserve Bank and other Central banks in Europe funded both sides of the Cold war. They funded propaganda on both sides fomenting hostile attitudes. When communism fell, they needed a new threat. So they used Sept 11 to create another fabricated threat. The used Osama Bin Laden a CIA asset to be a scapegoat. We had Saddam Hussein who would not play ball with the international bankers, gave him the green light to invade Kuwait which was a set up as an excuse to go to war until the US government concocted the weapons of mass destruction to topple him in 2003 in a second war. Now they are going after Iran looking for any reason to attack them. Not because of Nuclear facilities. It is because they will not go along with the central bankers. Libya posed the same threat to the Bankers, now they are being destroyed.

         - The bankers instigated the civil war in Yugoslavia because after communism fell. There were becoming a first world nation outside the central banker's control. They were prospering in a free market economy. Fomenting a civil war with their CIA asset Osama Bin Laden. There ignited old prejudices between the Serb, Croatians. The bankers could not have a nation with their own monetary system outside their control. 

         - They are trying to draw the United States and the Russian Federation into war with each other. They were using a proxy war using the republic of Georgia attacking Russia. We were very close going to war with Russia. I believe the bankers hate the Russian and American people more than anyone else. In history back in the 18th and 19th centuries. The Russian and American people were the strongest of the warrior class. Napoleon could not take Russia and the British could not take America back for the bankers in the war of 1812.
            in the 1800s, America and Russia for a long time have been a thorn the side of the central bankers in Europe. This is why I believe they are desperately now trying to draw both nations into war. They want both countries to destroy themselves. Russia under Putin has thrown out the bankers and the death grip the bankers have on America is starting to weaken especially if Ron Paul is elected President.. If both countries are free from the financial oligarchs over their economies. This threatens their hold on Europe. I do not want to go to war with Russia, nor do the people of the Russian Federation want it either.

        -  Since Sept 11, This event acted as a smoke screen for many agendas. We have seen the rise of monopolies were corporations with the Bankers have took over the Government. Our government turned a blind eye to the fraudulent foreclosures. there is a revolving door between government and corporations where people in certain post use the force of government not to enforce regulations and laws passed by congress. They used selective enforcement in favor of certain financial institutions and industries to shut down the competition. The corruption on Wall Street, in Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase Bank/JP Morgan is only the superficial symptom of a deeper much uglier reality. It is the Federal Reserve Bank that bails out these financial intuitions by printing money out of thin air outside the control of congress. This has spurred inflation that hurts the common people, but enriches the bankers.

          - The bankers through printing of money has funded the war machine around the world to consolidate power putting nations into debt. They would fund both sides in the wars so these nations will forever be in debt to them. This has given rise to the Military Industrial Complex.

           - The printing of money has created a dependency class in Europe and America. It has created the Welfare state where politicians use government money to buy votes. This has bloated the size of goverment that cannot be sustained for long with the printing of money to fund this bloated monster. This has created a 14 trillion dollar national debt. This funny money system has destroyed societies and attacked the family unit. The welfare check has replaced the wage earning father leaving children raised without fathers or a two parent home. This funny money funds these alphabet soup agencies to attack the family from another direction, free enterprise through EPA. When the printing press is moving at warp speed. The government has unlimited funding to oppress the people.

            - The international banking cartel though the IMF has blown our economies around the world, they are creating austerity measures in Greece, Spain, Portugal , the UK and Ireland where the politicians beholden to the Bankers signed the people onto a debt they do not owe, The Bankers want the tax payers to pay this debt. They are trying this through raising taxes, cutting government services and instituting carbon taxes where humanity will be taxed just to breathe and eat based on scientific fraud.

              The Central Banking Establishment is the insidious evil that plagues humanity. They have been behind all the famines and wars. They been responsible for the economic depressions and mass murders. We can pin the blame on Ben Bernake  George Soros, Maurice Strong, Bill Gates ,the United Nations and Warren Buffet for everything going wrong. We can point fingers at the dictators and despots too. They are just bird cage liner like our president is. They are just puppets too for the ruling powers behind the scenes. They all are willing accomplices that are just front men for the central banks controlled by the ruling families in Europe.

             They Bankers where they are in control only misery follows, they do not produce anything and only seek to control people. They are a parasite on the human race. We need to look past the Wall Street and political puppets right at who is responsible. The central bankers. We can jail all the people on Wal Street for their crimes. It is not until we start jailing the ruling families like the Rockefeller clan, the Warburgs, the DuPonts, the Harrimans , The Queen of the Netherlands, and the House of the Rothschild. We can shut down the Central banks nation by nation. Until we deal with these ruling families by bringing them to justice. They will keep coming back.

              The country of Iceland got it right, the people knew who to blame. They threw out the bankers and arrested the oligarchs. Once we shut down these central banks and go after the ruling families that seek the control the world through fraud and deceit. Humanity can have a reprieve. Just remember, its the bankers stupid. That is the head of the beast that needs to slain.

                These International ruling elite of the super wealthy has been a parasite on humanity for a long time. Through the control of the nation's monetary system through central banks has not only been the gatekeepers of economic policy. The countries beholden to them through fraud that controls every facet in how governments formulate policy concerning foreign relations, national defense, energy, industry, domestic affairs, education ,agriculture, and natural resources.It is time to slay the beast before they destroy humanity. We have the sword of truth on the side of good. Taking on the international bankers is a righteous cause were good always triumphs over evil.


  1. I find your topic interesting. The flip side of their coin is also worth considering. In the history of money grubbers, what did the grubbers think of themselves and how did they meet their ends? One of my thoughts on the occupy revolution is how the money changers want demands. People in charge like 'demands'. The unspoken suggestion is that they stay on the throne and 'give your demands' or not give them or judge them or whatever. All variations of the story is that they stay in charge and consider you. I don't want them to consider my demands. I want their asses in prison or in graves. The self point of view of money grubbers is surely much like that of their victims. The same old story that never changes. The screwer and the screwed. Scrooge had a change of heart. Real Scrooges don't. They talk about being too big to fail. Trickle down economics. It is like slave whores negotiating with their pimp. Even talking to them is a mistake. They should be treated as a virus or a fungus. I don't negotiate terms with a fungus. Those greedy self-serving jackoffs are going to say or do anything they have to so that they keep the power. Any concession they make will only be reversed later. The ban on usury needs to be in place. Every money lender from the proverbial Moses to now would all have said the same bullshit to keep their positions. I don't even want to hear their side of the story. I want them burned as witches.

  2. Its not the welfare.

    How about 800 + large US Bases around the world,the wars in Afghan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, and all the other small and medium skirmishes, from Serbia/Kosovo to Sudan, Libya. Try stocking and supporting all 800 bases with supplies, ammo, equipment, fuel, troops, ships, and all else involved, then the care of wounded and retired military, Welfare is a piss hole in Antarctica.

    Those people are living on crumbs, and you in Texas have given us both Bushes, where do you get off taking benefits from them when your own worthless coc*****ing Bushes (literal) have fucked us up so badly. Well?

  3. Wow your head line make's it impossible to read. STUPID that such a terrible word, and to whom are you referring to.

    We know it's the banks do get caught up in their bull and the other crap stories going around

  4. Post above me: PLEASE get new material. You have hustled that line on a dozen stories. B O R I N G

  5. Yes, the headline is correct. That person is just uninformed. "It's the ____, stupid." is a famous idiom of the internet age, repeated in countless variations. The mainstream media popularized it during Bill Clinton with his "It's the economy, stupid" a phrase in American politics widely used during Bill Clinton's successful 1992 presidential campaign against George H. W. Bush. <-- from Wiki'rag. There are many more examples. Internet savvy people should recognize that idiom readily. I did.