Monday, October 3, 2011

Here Comes the Marines and the Army to Defend Free Speech on Wall Street

             Seeing the dishonorable NYPD pepper spraying and beating up peaceful protesters. When good police officers stay silent inside the NYPD and not stand up when their colleagues commit crimes against innocent people, Then corruption prevails They are more afraid of losing their pension from being fired when they are are ordered to protect the thieves who will steal their retirement too. When there is no honor or respect for the Constitution  in the NYPD and the good cops will not step forward. Who will step up and fill the gap?

             It has been reported many ex military group of US Army Soldiers and US Marines are coming to protect the protesters in Occupy Wall Street from a street gang dressed in police uniforms. Now I would like to see the ex NYPD come out there and join these fine men. I remember the NYPD who assisted me when I was on 42nd street and I was Pit pocketed out of all my money and lost my wallet. I needed to get back on the J-Train to head back to Queens. I had no money. This officer knowing I was from Florida at the time and needed help. He paid out of his own pocket for me to get on the train and brought me a soda since I was thirsty. He shook my hand and wished me luck. The NYPD is not that way today. If it happened now, they would have ran my name in the NCIC check for warrants and interrogated to see if I am working for Al Quaida screaming at me. NYPD is not their anymore to serve and protect the people anymore. They are there to collect revenue for the city and protect the bankers who are stealing their pension funds too.  I would like to see those ex NYPD people out there with those ex military protecting free speech.

          Seeing some of the activities of the NYPD  corralling protesters by the orange fence or herding them on the Brooklyn Bridge making arrest for no reason. It shows these police officers do not know the difference from a lawful order and an unlawful order. They do not know the Bill of Rights and do not care to know them if it comes between their power trips. At least the veterans understand that they must step forward to stand in the gap between a corrupt police department and peaceful protesting regardless if they are people wanting the end the Federal Reserve to the communist flying their red banners. The right of free speech and assembly to redress government with their grievances is the cornerstone of a free and open society.  

         I am a veteran too who served as a combat medic during the cold war era. I never rescinded my oath I took on Sept 16, 1986 at the MEPS station in Tampa Florida. I will not go to Wall Street, I will join the veterans when we occupy Houston protecting free speech making sure Houston PD respect free speech. For all us veterans we must answer the call again. Our country needs us more than ever. Our government does not want us, but our country needs us to answer the call one more time to stand for liberty and justice against tyrants in our government so this great republic will not perish from the earth so we will be the beacon of light the world once knew again one more time.

          I salute my fellow comrades who are answering the call of duty to defend freedom and protect the right to protest and redress their grievances. We will not do with violence and not asking for a war. We are just honoring our oath we swore when we entered into service to our country. If we cannot make it to Wall Street we need to look out after our gatherings in our cities nearby. It is our duty to answer the call one more time. If we do not than freedom dies by our apathy.


  1. We are going to need these guys BIGTIME in Hilo. We get the cops the mobsters and the vacationing S&Bs invite to dinner every Sunday.I could go on.

  2. Something to consider with regard to the police: how many of them are Freemasons? Freemasons swear an oath of allegiance to their "brothers" and will never "squeal" on them. Squealing brings repercussions.

  3. Take careful note that the last two widely publicized incidents of whack-job abuse of peaceful demonstrators were performed by 'white shirted' police officials (Lieutenants, Captains, etc), NOT BY THE RANK & FILE PATROLMEN AND SARGENTS! IT'S THE JEW BLOOMBERG'S BUREAUCRATS, NOT THE 'BOYS-IN-BLUE'!

  4. NobodysaysBOO!:
    The mayor says"We have to destroy the city to SAVE it from these protestors REALL REALLY,go ahead PULL IT PULL IT!"
    MARINES IN UNIFORMS? Where the HELL where YOU BOSO's ON 911???? A little LATE for the PARTY?
    WATCH out for people who want to help a little too late and a little too MUCH like at KENT STATE!

  5. Those clowns occupying Wall Street are a bunch of wild eyed Marxists. I have no sympathy for the rights of people who would takeaway my freedom.

  6. It pains me to see my Brother Marines aiding these Communist, Union sympathizers! I hope this story is wrong! These Hippies should all be arrested!

  7. It saddens me that this Occupy Wall Street protest is sometimes misunderstood by those who like to put labels on those who are protesting, just because they don't understand what this protest is really about. It is to demand that the billionaire wall street bankers be banned from influencing how the govt runs. The way that we are living now is a result of Billionaires receiving bail outs from the tax payers to reward them for purposely causing the collapse of the Housing Market and collapsing the economy of the U.S. and Foreign countries.@ Nam Marine >>> I am not a hippie or a communist, but I am a supporter of this protest.

  8. A lot of people seem to want to shoot the messengers rather than address the issues. Are you happy with lobbyists buying Congressmen? Are you ok with the top corporations paying no taxes at all? Do you like seeing your jobs sent overseas? Do you want your kids and grand kids working minimum wage jobs with no future? We should be joining in with these protesters. We need people from all walks of life and all political persuasions. And those soldiers and police and others who stand up for freedom are my new heroes!

  9. Crazy on a ship of fools, one side destroys a country while the other desires to destroy freedom and democracy and all while others destroy those who destroy the destroyers.... Crazy on a ship of fools.

  10. Occupy Wall Street Demands:

    Z) 911 Investigation

    Y) Abolish the Federal Reserve

    X) Investigate ALL Political Players in

    W) Widespread, geo and historical

    V) Indict those who have been found
    accessories or players under the American
    Justice system

    U) Permit the Troops , and former troops, and
    military operatives to decide the Foreign
    DEFENSE Policy in an intellectual summit

    T) Eliminate Lobbyists in the American

    S) Create infallible , triple redundant
    voting under constitutional guidance

    R) Investigate and DETERMINE the
    constitutionality of the MEDIA and
    OWNERSHIP thereof pursuant to its use of
    socio-psychological programming

    Q) Revert to the Gold and Silver standards
    as black letter law states in the US

    A thru P is for the PATRIOTS who read this to


    to decide upon

  11. Honorably, honestly and profoundly written

  12. To anonymous and Nam Marine & Kitty:

    I was one of those "Hippies" that protested the Vietnam War, -- at first -- Because I KNEW that the War was NOT being properly progressed towards U.S./S.Viet Victory, but was, rather, a "holding op" making certain elements & individuals in America VERY RICH.

    (Nam, are you aware that a Russian general was in charge of that U.N. "Police action", the entire time? And, YOU were the "Police" it out).

    But! I QUICKLY realized that MY protest was NOT the basic motivation of the GENERAL protesters.

    THEY were after anarchy.

    I was after VICTORY or REMOVAL, and stopping the bloodletting.

    These "Protesters" in NYC have been amply recorded, giving their various reasoning for being out there, and, anonymous, VERY FEW of them agree or support ANY of your points.

    BUT! I DO!

    Unfortunately, again, the general corpus of Protesters in NYC are NOT there for the best & right reasons...MANY of them are so young, that they do not even understand, (nor are being taught), what form of government we are supposed to have.

    They keep calling for "Democracy" and "freedom"...We're a Representative Republic, with a 3 Branch system for Governing.

    I suggest anonymous, that you work to find ways to further publish your list -- Twitter? -- and get it out to those kids and people in the streets, and garner sound unity of reasoning.

    But, I also suggest Nam, that "generalities" and "broad stroke characterizations" are useless and waste people's time & distract from the GENUINE issue[s].

    And, lastly, to Kitty, I suggest that you take a LONG HARD look at anonymous' list of demands, and learn the "WHY" of their correctness, so that you can help other young adults make wise and educated determinations in these matters. Christian OUT!