Monday, October 3, 2011

The Phony Religous Right Has No Interest in Restoring Real Morality Back Into America

                One of the factions that has my concern in the upcoming election is the counterfeit leadership of Judas goats in the Christian church will encourage their followers to vote for their own slavery. We criticize this for many years in the black church with liberation theology being preached from the pulpit by the Reverend Jeremiah Wright,Rev Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. We seen how from the Religious left uses twisted theology to achieve its agenda. Thus is how they preached the black people back into the slavery with the Welfare State. What about the religious right preaching us into endless wars for Israel and debt based currency with compound interest.

                Now we have to pay attention to the religious right pro Israel faction that can preach us back into bondage with endless wars and foreign aid. The Jewish Lobby is losing their grip on the US government now that people see the real Israel and not the repackaged one we see in tourist brochures. They will parade out with the moral decline, gay marriage,abortion and pro family values mantra. The truth is nothing has changed no matter how many of these people we put in office who claim to be religious Conservatives with he help of John Hagee and Pat Robertson encouraging their followers to vote for these people. Nothing changes even if we put 535 of these religious pro Israel people in both houses of congress and the oval office. The reality is that many of these people Christian Conservatives have been seen at Bohemian grove running naked in the woods should be a red flag. Congressman Ron Paul now candidate for the GOP nomination said "fascism will come to America with a bible on one hand with the American flag in the other". That is if we let these phony religious conservatives have their way.

               We have to beware of the subtly of the religious right preaching restoring morality to America getting us caught up in the abortion and gay marriage debate diverting us from the real cause of our moral decline in America. These issues are just a diversion from the real problem that encompasses who whole problem that plagues our economy and society in decline. That is the Federal Reserve Bank and the debt based fiat currency is the root cause to our moral decline that permeates every facet of our society. As long we have this dishonest money in circulation. Our society will continue to decline. When Politicians can have money printed out of thin air to pay for the Welfare State making the welfare check replace the wage earning father. This has created a dependance class politicians use to insure their reelection with buying votes with fiat money.  When Politicians can buy votes with money printed at the Federal Reserve. We can see the political corruption as a result of corrupt monetary system.

              This is how our undeclared wars gets funding lining the pockets of the Military industrial complex and gives no incentive for congress to balance their budget. This is how Israel receive its foreign aid. This dishonest money system has killed the free market economy. This dishonest fiat money system has corrupted every segment of our society whether it be in the corporations, in every level of government from the top down to out politicians using fiat money to buy votes. The monetary policy we have is at the root cause of our moral crisis. It is at the root of our fiscal crisis in government were we keep borrowing by printing money. If we want to shrink the size of government we need to replace the monetary system with a honest interest free money.      

              If these religious conservatives really were serious about restoring morality back into society that go to the heart of the problem which is the Federal Reserve System. If they want responsible fiscal sanity restored back into government with a balanced budget were we do not have to barrow.They would shut down the bank and bring back honest money. These Preachers who preach the bible scripture"The Love of Money is the root of all evil" to make is feel guilty as a means to encourage us to send money to them will never talk about the international banking cartel responsible for all the wars, famines and economic implosions. They never preach about how these Robber Barons used their dishonest money system to manipulate societies into moral decline in influencing  industry and Politicians with the funny money. When I see these people with WWJD T-shirts(What Would Jesus Do) When a person is temped by a nice girl in a short skirt never will talk about how Jesus drove the moneychangers out of the temple.

              For those who are reading this want to bring back a moral restoration back into our society. If they want limited and small government operating on a balanced budget. If they want to see fathers stay in the home and a reduction in out of wedlock births encouraged by the welfare state. If you want to see charity brought back into the church and community were people receiving help will have a hand up with incentive to work and make a living instead of dependence on unemployment compensation. If they want to see a real restoration in honest business practices. If you want a society where children caring for their parents  in their old age instead of placing them in Nursing homes and on Medicare.depending on a social security check. If they want their children not to fight wars of aggression for the bankers ,big corporation and Israel.They will see the heart of the problem which is the Federal Reserve System. As long we have this dishonest money system, we will never see our society be restored to a sense of decency and honesty that is so sadly lacking.


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  2. You are so correct.

    'If you want a society where children caring for their parents in their old age instead of placing them in Nursing homes'...

    Not too many people truly know Who and what God Wants. This is because of the way they've been "taught" through the so-called church and the lack of true desire in them to search and find out what God Himself Truly Wants from us.

    It is quite simple: take care of those around you who are in need. This should be as natural as breathing. But many don't wish to give up their comfort; to their spiritual detriment.

    I would advise anyone to stay far away from today's "church" no matter the denomination or sect, and learn from Christ Himself on how to be of His Remnant. John 5:39-40