Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Boycott ESPN for Firing Hank WIlliams Jr for his Free Speech

               Even though I do not watch ESPN anymore or the NFL. It is not only the groping at the gates that Homeland Security has mandated. Now it is Hanks Williams Jr being fired from Monday Football for speaking his mind. I remember the Dixie Chicks in the news because they were demonized for speaking against the Iraq invasion. I used to watch Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh grill these musicians not being for the war. None of them stood up for their right to their freedom of speech. All we heard was they were helping the terrorist.

               Now Country music icon Hank Williams Jr has been fired from ABC/ESPN doing the Monday Night Football intro for speaking his mind on Fox and Friends about his feelings of the current political climate. I did not agree with everything he said. I will argue with him on some of what he said. I wish he look at Ron Paul. At least they cannot label him a racist because he did say he likes Herman Cain. Anyway, I will stand up and fight for the right for him to say it and speak his mind. If there is a violation in the contract Hank had with ABC/ESPN were the  media giant broke the terms of the deal. I would sue them.

              We cannot allow people to get fired for their free speech. This is the tactic of tyrants to silence high profile people from speaking their mind. This is trying to send a chilling effect through Hollywood not to speak out against the current regime or be terminated. Many of the younger actors and actresses in  Hollywood are speaking out by coming forward like Vince Vaughn supporting Ron Paul. Mat Damon who supported Obama is now disillusioned by his performance.

               I remember when  neo con talk show host Laura Ingram came out with the book "Shut up and Sing". In some of the content of the book was  geared to singers and actors not to speak up or they are helping the terrorist if they speak out against the undeclared wars. What Hank Williams Jr said is nothing new. What really scares the powers that be is what he said. What the Country music legend said is what millions of American people feel. His words confirmed one thing, that is the people are not alone and that this musician was just saying what resonated with the nation.

                Now lets boycott ABC/ESPN. Do not watch Sports center or NASCAR. No more Monday night football. Let the advertisers know that use of ad space on these stations that you not be watching ABC/ESPN because they fired Hank Jr for his political speech. Lets hurt their ratings for what they did. This double standard needs to stop, people have a right to freedom of speech, especially when it is political speech. Political speech is protected speech too. The founders wanted this type of speech to be especially protected.  Just because this Icon spoke his mind on what he though about the sad state affairs of the nation is no excuse to fire him after 20 years.

                  It is time we send a chilling effect though these industries that fire people for free speech. We must not allow high profile musicians and actors to be punished for their right to speak political issues. I think the singer Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Buffet are idiots but I am not going to call for their record companies to revoke their contract because I do not like their support for Obama. No I will not, they have a right to be stupid even though their political speech I do not agree with.We must not self censor ourselves in fear of reprisals because of what we speak. This is the time to get loud, not cower in fear. Free speech is our God given right, and not something granted by the state. Obama and his banker masters are on the ropes. When the empire strikes back, then we have no choice to push back.  


  1. The first amendment protects someone's right to free speech from being censored by the government, it never meant that someone could say what they wanted without any consequences period. This is the same as what Charlie Sheen did. He has a contract with the network & the NFL & I'm sure part of that contract requires him not to say or do anything that might embarrass them.

  2. The late George Carlin spoke of "the REAL owners" in the world and how "the game is rigged." Any further pontification, as far as I am concerned would be trite and obtuse.

  3. OK, Since they are pulling Hank's music from MNF
    because they think he said something bad about
    Obama, I will be pulling my VOTE FROM OBAMA!
    Take that and SHOVE IT!
    Take my music cause of Obama, I'll take my VOTE
    away FROM OBAMA and vote for his opponent!
    And I'm not the only one!
    Hank hasn't been on MNF for no reason!
    The Country Loves HIM!

  4. Com'on People!
    You can't boycott ESPN effectively BUT you can make sure the man they fired HANK for won't be re-elected!

  5. I agree 100%! If the NFL thinks we should bow town and lick the jackboot of tyrannical government, and now corporate mega greed, They can reap the seeds they sew. Boycott the whole damn thing. Don't go to games, don't buy their products, and don't buy from their sponsors, and then lets see how far this goes.

  6. I'll vote for a horses patoot before I'll vote for Obozo, the bankster's whore again. Try firing me, ESPN. In fact you are fired, ESPN you and the greedy rodent Mickey Mouse! Boycott Disney! They are the ESPN owners and some of the all time greediest!

  7. Same people who supporting Hank now, burned Dixie Chicks on the stake in 2003. Please be consistent with your boycott or support. Try to remember what you did in 2003 and do the same.

  8. I'm going to boycott all you that worry more about losing "your" music on Monday Night Football than all the other abuses we have suffered these last 98 years. Losing Hank's music during football is what gets you going? You are the problem!

  9. The Dixie Chicks ran down their government on foreign soil....their fans burned them....they did not lose their record contract or get fired for what they said.....

  10. you know late night tv has made fun of presidents for years and they havent been taken off the air for that...yes i know hank wasnt kidding on his thoughts but lets get real...if another pres was in office besides obama and hank made the same comment nothing would have been said...our dictator not leader says what the american people can say and thats really sad. lets get a republican in office....

  11. To the first poster's comment about 1st amendment.
    What you fail to see is that, like ever other Jew law, there are always LOOPHOLES. The Govt can NOW economically punish you in an indirect way by working in colusion with the Corporate Lobby Groups to have THEM fire you with the excuse that we are a private corp and have the right to fire anyone who's speech we find offensive to our organization. This is what happens in many of these cases and how the govt will try and silence and punish its citizens that speak with disenting views.