Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mr Boehner, The American People Have No Common Ground With Obama. Why Will He Not Listen

               Speaker of the House John Boehner does not get it. If I were the speaker of the house. I would draw up articles of impeachment for Operation Gun Runner and the Illegal War in Libya. I would make the ultimatum of rescinding regulations that are draconian against business activity that stifle economic growth. At least repealing Obamacare. To say he can find common ground means he is a Washington insider, a big government hack and out of touch with the American people.He is not doing his job keeping a check on power in the executive branch. He is more concerned holding onto power more than helping the American people.

               The 2010 election when the American people threw out the tax and spend democrats because the message was the American people have nothing in common with President Obama along with the party in power in both houses in congress. The voters were hoping for the house to bring gridlock against the White House. We got the opposite instead. This Speaker of the House has caved in on the debt ceiling, on a government shutdown. I can see the Speaker caving in on tax increases on the producers. The tea party people that were sworn into congress should have picked a leader with more courage who will do his job. That is keeping a check on the imperial executive branch.

                The speaker of the house will be tossed overboard in 2012 election. The people do not want a politician to play golf with a person who is destroying this country. There is no common ground with a tyrant and a socialist. If Speaker Boehner would do his job, he would be the President's worse nightmare and very easily could have neutralized the White House by just cutting off funding and hold the President accountable. What common ground with I have with a thugs in the White House? I would not sit down or talk with him about anything. I be the adversary;not his golf buddy.

               Speaker Boehner should just become a Democrat if he likes to play golf with the most corrupt administration in history. This way the house can vote on a new Speaker of the House who will do his job and hold the President with his agencies accountable as the Constitution mandates. When the current speaker is silent on the Libyan war, the raid on Gibson guitars and the raiding of family farms selling raw milk that is not illegal. When the President and his goons are oppressing the American people,especially the TSA harassing travelers.I would not playing golf with him because I have nothing in common with him if his policies violate the dignity of the American people.

              The American people are tired of go along and get along good old boy politics making deal behind closed doors. If the Republican leadership was more adversarial and not negotiating with someone that everything he touches turns to s&*t. People might have more confidence in congress. But when the speaker says he can find common ground and play golf with the worst president in history. It is time to toss him overboard because we cannot find any common ground with him either. The American people cannot get along with Obama's policies, so why should he? The truth is the Speaker of the house does not get it. What is your opinion? Mine is Boehner is brought and paid for by the same money junkies that finances Obama. Any real leadership would upset the money train out of our pockets to the bankers.


  1. oh.. they do get it! we do not! it's one big party.. and we are not invited. they all laugh at us, thinking we voted their asses in or out, when in all actuality... they are placed.

  2. Vote the person that you know who is honest and doesn't want to be in power into office. Get all these dems and repubs out of office and put independent thinkers who care about the constitution into office.