Sunday, September 11, 2011

To the TSA Agents: A Call to Redeem Yourselves or Face the Future Repercussions

              We are now fast approaching the day we remember the 10th anniversary of Sept 11 2001 when the World trade Center collapsed, the Pentagon was hit, and the crash in Shanksville Pennsylvania. Ever since that day seeing people were in fear, no one was flying because they were afraid and was looking for the US Government to protect them. We were told freedom was attacked which was a half truth, it was not the Muslims in caves, but our own US government that was seeking to assault our liberties for more power.

              All you TSA agents, can you say air travel is any safer than it was 10 years ago? Can you take the time to use common sense and take stock of how your duties affected everything? Can you show some empathy for one minute and ask yourself this? How would you feel if your siblings,your parents that were groped and they walked away in tears? Suppose if it was your girlfriend or grandma being felt up, they were feeling violated? You would not like it at all. You would not like it either if you were treated like you were guilty before proven innocent. If you do not like this policy and you still comply with it, than you are not exercising your power to say no. If you all stood up sending a message to the bureaucrats that we will not enforce such nonsense. The TSA would not have such a bad reputation with the public if they used common sense. When people travel, they like to be left alone, Many travelers do not want to be poked and prodded; they do not want to answer any personal questions that are none of anyone's business. Put yourself in the air traveler's place and ask yourself, would you like it if it was done to you? If you do not like it done to you,then you should treat others with the same dignity you want for yourself.

                Do you think your bosses care about your safety and well being? Think again, Do your own homework on those full body scanners and the new foot scanners. Tell me if you think they are safe after your bosses lie to you. Have you known at Boston Logan Airport, your fellow colleagues are getting cancer standing next to these machines over a period of time? Do you know the Vietnam Veterans fought for years to get the Government to take responsibility for Agent Orange so former soldiers can get treatment. They just recently acknowledged Gulf War illness after years of denying it ever existed for almost 20 years. The US government is denying the recent Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are sick from depleted uranium and experimental vaccines, the US government is stonewalling taking responsibility by covering it up. The US Government lied to the first responders at Ground Zero after the Sept 11th attacks saying the air was safe to breathe when it was toxic while they looked for bodies. It took almost 10 years to get the US government to pay for treatment for the 9-11 first responders for related illness inhaling the poisonous air. If our government lied to these people, what makes you any different all of sudden telling you the truth about these full body scanners? They will not, they will stonewall and deny your illnesses was not work related for years. They will cover it up just like they did to the veterans and the 9-11 first responders.

                Right now public sentiment is against TSA because of its practices of invading people's privacy and dignity. If you do not like it and know its wrong. I think it is time you all start saying no to groping and shut off those full body scanners, start using the law and the Constitution as your grounds to say no. If all the TSA agents said no to the tyrants in Washington DC. What can they do if you all stood up at once? They cannot do nothing much. To fire you or send in force at the point of a gun would make them really look bad in the public eye. Grounding all flights would not be a good idea either. It would put the power freaks in a bad spot. Stop frisking granny, groping females and stop the madness at the airports. Just say no, you all have the power to say no. Do not allow them to take that right away from you. If you TSA agents decided to do what is right and say no to this tyranny saying no more. The public will give you all the support you need and will be very quick to forgive past sins  remembering all of you for doing what is right in the end.

               If you do not do what is right right now. When you all get sick with cancer from those full body scanners along with those radiation shoe scopes and the government stonewalls denying any accountability. They will cover it up so the former agents cannot get treatment for years to come. This time the public support might not be there like it was for the veterans. Do what is right or get what you deserve.





  1. "If you do not do what is right right now. When you all get sick with cancer from those full body scanners along with those radiation shoe scopes and the government stonewalls denying any accountability. They will cover it up so the former agents cannot get treatment for years to come. This time the public support might not be there like it was for the veterans. Do what is right or get what you deserve."

    Or worse, you could be at the mercy of the people you have been abusing for nine years. I wouldn't want to be in that position.

  2. More likely, the government will openly admit the scanners caused cancer and how as "compassionate" Amerikans we have a duty to use unlimited tax payer money to treat and take are of those that sacrificed sooooooo much to protect our freedoms.

    The people won't support the TSA claims but you can bet this wreck of a zionist israeli second state goverment will.

    Let the blood flow.

  3. sentiment....not sediment lol (next tolast paragraph)

  4. TSA violates our rights on a daily basis and is trying to convince us that digitally strip searching and fondling children’s genitals is somehow acceptable. It is a sad commentary on the decay of American moral values that so many are willing to accept this.

    TSA has become the most despised agency in Government and Pistole has proven incompetent, stripping us of our rights along with our clothing and dignity.

    He alone is responsible for the perverse practices being inflicted upon travelers every day and should be indicted for violating the basic human rights of millions of Americans instead of being celebrated for his malfeasance.

    The terrorists have succeeded in horribly altering our way of life and stripping us of our liberties and Pistole has been their willing accomplice. He and TSA are a national disgrace, instituting extreme policies in the absence of a proportional threat. Airport security is not a safety at any cost proposition. If that is the case then simply

    The US is now shunned by foreign travelers because of TSA and the ridiculed worldwide for our willingness to be violated and humiliated by our Government as a product of our cowardice.

  5. Michael Chertoff is profiting from the sale of these gonad cancer blaster scanners, and that piece of scum doesn't give a rats rear-end about the fact his devices are harming people. In fact, knowing the mindset of how these war and terrorism profiteering cockroaches works, I'd like to take a look at Chertoff's investment portfolio - and see if he is also heavily invested in pharmaceutical companies that sell chemo drugs. What a perfectly Satanic scam. Giving people cancer, profiting off of that, and then profiting again when they have to pay for drugs to prolong their lives.

  6. the appointed oligarchs created the TSA as a diversion/decoy so "we the People" do not go after the real treasonists, the oligarchs

  7. I curse the tsa...daily!

  8. Let these fuckers rot from cancer. Sounds like the funnier side of karma to me.

  9. I agree. Let them die from cancer. F*ck them. We'll get the last laugh.