Sunday, September 11, 2011

Are We Safer Now then We Were Ten Years Ago After September 11th?

               I can say for certain when September 11th happened. I remember that day. I was not far from were President Bush was when he was in Sarasota Florida. I remember hearing the news at the bank that tyhe first tower was struck and when I returned home the second tower was hit minutes later. I stayed home all day glued to the TV set seeing the towers fall and the Pentagon being hit. I was thinking Martial Law was going to be called in the streets with checkpoints and a military presence on the streets because of those evil terrorist. I was not scared of Al Quaida at all because I was armed and ready to protect my home and community from any threats foreign and domestic.

              I was not quite woken up at that time and can remember Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannidy on the radio saying why we need the Patriot Act. They vilified those people who questioned the taking of civil liberties was touted they are helping Osama Bin Laden because they seen the threat of our freedoms taken away. Anyone who opposed the Patriot act was helping the Terrorist.Sean Hannidy spoke with pride on his radio and TV show saying "he would be happy to take off his shoes at the airport if it will keep me safe". The only voice who spoke with great skepticism of the Patriot act and all the knee jerk reactions I knew of at the time was Judge Andrew Napolitano. It is a shame all of what he said will happen over the years to come now have come true. I thank the judge for making me think.

              When this government passed the Patriot act all the way to the Military Commissions Act. Not to forget President Bush signing PD-51. We have lost the right to privacy. Our phones are being wire tapped without a warrant. Our internet activity is monitored and there is a camera on every street corner. We have no right to Habeas Corpus and FBI agents can write their own search warrants to snoop wherever and whenever. The TSA abuses airline passengers by making granny strip down and grope young ladies. Now the average American person who believes in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, who own guns, supports Ron Paul for President and opposes all these illegal wars are the now deemed the terrorist. So how can we feel safe now with the government looking over our shoulder for our safety?

               I do feel less safer now than 10 years ago. Our worry is not with Muslims anymore. It is our US government we see now as the threat to the safety of the people and everyone around the world. Our image in the world is tarnished by torture and invading countries that did not attack us. We are now not the freest nation in the world, but the most oppressive police states now. Many have sold into the illusion we must give up our freedoms to be safe. As a result we get none. Our government was behind the all the attacks since Sept 11th trying to use patsies and using agent provocateurs to stage terrorism. We have illegal aliens calling for reconquest of the southwest beating white people and shooting black people. They are ignored as a national security threat. Our government is into selective enforcement harassing patriots at the same time ignoring the criminal bankers and enforcing immigration laws.

               The truth is we cannot trust the government to keep us safe because they will never keep us safe because they become the threat. We are more in danger than ever before more by our government than any outside threat.So when we memorialize the 10th anniversary of the Sept 11 false flag attacks. Lets remind ourselves never again we will give up our liberties for safety. From the beginning, we should never have trusted Bush and Cheney. We should have instead put our trust in Smith and Wesson to secure the homeland.

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  1. I was fooled by Rush Limbaugh for a long time but not anymore. He is trying to be one of the elites by staying inside the box they tell him too but the insiders will never let him in the club. He may be rich but he isn't super rich and there is a big difference between the two. He is not a family member so he will be used and thrown out once his purpose has been served or his ditto head followers wake up and he becomes irrelevant which I think is happening already. I believe Glenn Beck made this realization to an extent and that's why he left Fox. I only hope the rest of these right wing conservative talking heads realize that we can either all hang together or we will all hang separately.