Friday, September 16, 2011

To the Police: Violate Your Oath, Break the Law. No Immunity and No Excuse.

                 This to the police officers, law enforcement personal and peace officers. You have been told a lot of lies that you do not need a warrant to search a person and car. You have been told to go out and draw blood on the side of the road without a search warrant. You been trained to believe that if a person demands a search warrant and they refuse to speak to you; or answer any questions. They might suspicious and hiding something. The fourth amendment still is in force today regardless what a politicians or a judge says.

                 You were sold the lie in the war on drugs to steal cash and property from innocent people without any due process. You taze children for refusing your commands that do not amount to anything criminal because you were told it was OK to do so. You have been given a false sense of confidence putting on those fancy SWAT uniforms with a bunch of toys as a gifts from the Pentagon to go play toy soldier to terrorize the people. Do you have any idea what you are doing and what the end game will be? In the end game the tyrants want. no one wins, no even you. You are not what you are supposed to be doing instead you all have become pirates looking for booty and to plunder the people by writing tickets. No protecting the public, just enhancing revenue for the government.

                Do you think you are safe because they told you that you are special by the Federal agents and the upper command structure? The truth is in the old Soviet Union and in NAZI Germany. The first people they will take out after they finished using you to suppress the population is you. They will get rid of you and you will be sharing a mass grave with the rest of the peasants. If they lied to the people, chances are they will lie to you too. they have no loyalty to those under them.That is you too they will toss away when they are finished. You are nothing special to them. Just useful idiots that just as expendable as the innocent people were.

                  If we dodge a bullet and escape the tyranny. You might be arrested and face a trial. If you use the excuse of " I was just doing what I was told and it was legal" They tried that in the Nuremberg trial after World War 2 prosecuting war criminals committing atrocities against the people was no excuse for a defense. The orders you receive now that break the law of the land. Just remember this one you break your oath and violate the law. You have no legal immunity whatsoever as a Police officer if your actions turn criminal. People can sue and even defend themselves if need be. Some state laws make it legal for citizens to defend themselves when a officer is breaking the law. If the law becomes lawless, they have a right to resist. That gun and badge only protects you when acting in good faith trying to uphold the Constitution and the laws that are in agreement with founding document. Once you overstep that line. You have no legal protection and a jury might not convict them if they defend their life, liberty and property.

                    As sworn officers, you have the opportunity to do what is right to stop egregious acts of injustice. You still have a right to say no when an order violates your oath. Officer Jack Mclamb said no many times and when he stood on the law. He was always reinstated back to duty. This is a time you think twice before you act. If you uphold your oath in good faith to the best of your ability. If you do your best to help people and serve the people on your watch. Then  you should have no worries. If you blindly follow what you are told thinking it will advance your career. Then you are not on the winning side when it is all over. You will not be enjoying retirement. You will be held accountable for your actions. I will tell you as we are told when we are told being in violation of the law or an infraction. This should apply to you too. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.


  1. good police officers are protected by God,
    unfortunately that means about 15 to 20 nationwide are protected. the rest of you scum, are in for a rude awakening on judgement day. and it will be here soon ready or not.

  2. The article says, "Ignorance of the law is no excuse." You're missing the fact that in America today, there is no law that applies equally to all.

    When, in the entire history of the USA, have you ever seen such open fraud, theft, murder and outrageous lying by government go unrecognized and unpunished. They don't even bother to hide it anymore because there's nothing you can do about it.

    The fact is, we don't live in a democracy today, we live in a dictatorship. Our "laws", like our Constitution, are just, "goddamn pieces of paper" to quote George Bush Jr.

    Once you recognize this fact, all this craziness going on around us starts to make perfect sense. Our police are behaving like police do in countries run by dictators. If you're going to continue to live here, get used to it.

  3. This should be in the New York Times.

  4. What you may not know is that police are not truly government officers... they are corporate employees and that in many, if not most ... or even all cases (and researchers are investigating this) they have no oaths to the constitution on record. This also goes for judges and other state and municipal "officials". One policeman on the witness stand in an Alaska trial admitted that he was a member of the PARAMILITARY as employed by a corporation masquerading as an actual government agency. THEY don't CARE about the Constitutional rights.

  5. Great article, but horrible grammar errors. Not to be a grammar nazi, but articles have more standing and legitimacy when words and punctuation are used properly. On another note, US code title 18 chapter 242 section 1983 is a great tool to use against rogue officials.

  6. I await the book "UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES"
    to become fact! Justice & Karma Combined!

  7. To mcklarity...

    Nice law but don't forget you need a justice system that will hear the case. Remember, the court determined that American citizens have no standing to pursue a case to determine if their president is legitimate. No matter how outrageous the lies by Mr. Obama are about his citizenship, no court will allow the facts to be presented.

    Rogue officials have the same immunity regardless of what the "law" says.

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