Friday, September 16, 2011

It is Good to See Actor Vince Vaughn to Endorse Ron Paul. Hollywood Does Have A Few Good Men.

                 When I would see Hollywood in the past endorsing the people who stand against the values defining what makes this country great. I would stay away from the movies for a long time because I was so turned off by some of the actors. Well I never liked Barbara Streisand, Jimmy Buffet and not too crazy about Bruce Springsteen. I just wish they shut up and sing. On the other hand they do have a right to freedom of speech to endorse any leftist politicians they want. They have to right to be idiots and the people who buy their albums have a right to believe them too. Unless they are Ted Nugent standing up for the second amendment, then freedom of speech does not apply to him when he talks about guns according the the liberals.

                 I liked actor Vince Vaughn in the movie remake Starskey and Hutch and the Wedding Crashers. It is better it is Vince and not Charlie Sheen. We can start to see many actors endorsing Ron Paul. I would like to see Bruce Willis who said the people who killed JFK are still in power today. it would be great to see him come out publicly for this man. I would like to see Aston Kutcher who is preparing for the collapse of society come forward too as a last resort to avert it. Even actress Mila Kunis who is from the Ukraine. She is very aware of what life was like under the Soviet system. Even seeing Mat Damon who has become very disillusioned with Obama breaking his promises come out and endorse this Texas congressman would be a positive for us.

                 We have seen the old icons of the past like Tom Hanks and Robin Williams come forward endorsing Bill Clinton. I think the old guard is becoming irrelevant and many younger actors are coming out for liberty and freedom. They understand what is coming down the pike. We can see as this country plunges further into the darkness of tyranny and the economic depression. We will see many entertainers coming out in favor of liberty ignoring the politics of old Hollywood. It is very good to see the actor Vince Vaughn come out to endorse my Congressmen who represents me in the 14th district. This should inspire more actors in Hollywood to think for themselves and not be afraid what the old Hollywood icons think. Hollywood will never be the same thanks to actors like Vince Vaughn starting a trend that can be called the Hollywood Revolution because the message of Ron Paul. when the younger actors embrace liberty and ignore the old liberal out of touch icons. The impact can have be change Hollywood forever.  Do you agree?


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  2. i b more impressed if he came out for free palestine and free political prisoners and free colonization of all americas, all land stolen by corporations and kings who came from europe and used millions of poor white europeans are slaves and kidnapped millions of africans and made 'em slaves like bad ppl do to dogs but working their 24/7 of their lives. killed millions of native americans who are true ppl of Texas. Texas is a Native American word. Texas became free from Mexico because rich settlers wanted to keep slavery LEGAL. so called heroes of texas where mass murderers. ron paul if he/s real he will be taken out because you can't change a system that is already too corrupt in every root of it. took a great idea of states from real americans and made it into a joke. There's no LIght in this country because the ppl who owe it are worse than zombies. till ya good old boys learn true freedom is in FREE AMERICA and let's us heal this land and go back to Native ways and accept our Native brothers, black Americans, who were in Texas before jesus fake birth.

  3. voting for ron paul is most liking other agent isn't going to do anything, stop wastin' ya time on a election that is a joke, bush proved TWICE our votes do not count at all. you wanna a change? know true self and then make ya dreams into actions. actions as in each one teach one. till love for all ppl is reach, till we stop drinkin beer and liquor and whine, that's what is killing us, till love overcomes jealousy and hate when we pass each other at wal mart or at the mall, till you accept blacks have good excuse for being mad at a white race, til u realize u white folks fell for divide and conquer to, til u realize founding of united states of america was just other illusion, and none of u have rights, it IS JUST A PIECE OF PAPER THAT SO CALLED FOUNDIN' FATHERS RIPPPED OFF OF NATIVE AMERICANS WHO HAD BETTER WAY OF LIFE, u realize ya way of life is not the way, we will never strive in this game.

    u.s. elections are a joke. 1812 was u.s. war against native americans.