Tuesday, September 6, 2011

To Error is Human, To Really Foul up an Existing Disaster is the US Goverment and FEMA(About the Texas Wild Fires)

                I do not blame the drought for all the wild fires in north Texas. Blame it on bureaucratic incompetence in the highest levels in the US Government. Everything the government touches turns to crap. The very government that fouled up after hurricane Katrina creating more havoc and chaos than the hurricane itself. This government hurts more than helps. Thanks to the Endangered Species Act and the help of some environmental groups putting little rats on the list of endangered species has hindered efforts of thinning the forest of dead brush to keep down the spread of wildfires.

                How can Rick Perry cheer that FEMA coming to save the day? This  agency is coming to save us from the wild fires in Texas? FEMA has so much common sense it would not surprise me if that drop gasoline on the fires and not water. Instead of the Texas national guard being at home to assist helping to battle the blazes to contain the fires.  They are not in Texas, but in Iraq fighting wars for Israel and the bankers. Not to mention I remember when firefighters were burnt to death from a forest fire because some idiot with a government desk job would not approve a helicopter to drop a large bucket in the lake to disperse on the flames. This incompetent buffoon was more worried about the fish in the lake than the lives of the firefighters. as a result of no water being dropped to make a path so these firefighters can escape harms way. The gave thier lives to save the fish.

                  The States need to keep the Federal government out, people should not be harassed for clearing the dead brush off their land and thinning the woods to protect some rodent or beetle. If anyone thinks FEMA will come to save the day battle these wild fires. I think the Little rascals with Alfalfa in charge can do a better job than the Federal government. The states are far more capable on its own to put out the fires if they use common sense. Asking the Federal government to help put out wild fires is like putting Al Capone in charge of the FBI to stop organized crime. These out of control blazes would be contained much easier if there was none of these ridicules laws like the endangered species act and the EPA standing in the way. If property owners are allowed to clear the land of dead foliage, putting American to work out in the forest thinning the dry brush. We would not be in this situation and the flames might have not gotten out of control, In the name of saving the field mice, Texas will burn many days more because of government red tape.



  1. Keep voting for liberal buffoons and this is what you will get. THis is the "Hope and Change half the population voted for... Well guess what, this is what we got. pure incompetent amateurs hell bent on destroying the USA as we know.
    The sickening aspect of this mess is the fact that the Marxist regime is doing NOTHING to help Texas in this time of need. Even sadder is the fact that these incompetent idiots are destroying lives in the process. But here's the thing, their "intentions" is all that matters. So thousands of people have lost their homes, people have died, families have lost their life savings... But, but, we (liberals) were only following the rules!
    Yeah, all led by a marxist on permanent vacation.

  2. I don't think the people of Texas will welcome them with open arms.

  3. Now, now, Texas boy... you forget that the left/right paradigm is a lie to divide & conquer us. FEMA was no better under Bush's admin. I don't see a bit of difference between any of these criminals. LBJ, Carter (although, of all since JFK, he was the least offensive), Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2 & now Obama. They ALL advanced the new world order agenda. As a matter of fact, Bush 1 gave speeches about how magnificent the agenda was. It seems you have been taking some talking points from Savage, another traitor extraordinaire. Same goes for Beck, Rush etc.... just more controlled opposition. Don't let them lead you around by the nose. Don't get your panties in a twist, please just consider that Obama is a PUPPET!!