Sunday, September 4, 2011

Here We go Again with an Imaginary Terror Threat Based on Nothing from the FBI and Homeland Security.

             These agencies are a joke now trying justify their existence and their useless jobs. The FBI and Homeland Security issued a terror alert of small plane terror attacks might happen on the anniversary of the Sept 11th 10 years ago. There is no clear and creditable agency to justify these threats. I just wonder did big sister Janet Napalitano pulled it out of her ass to have an excuse to keep the Police state intact. Does thins mean I have to get groped and body scanned to board a Cessna? As I know for a fact, it has been proven President Bush issued fake terror alerts to help him politically. Is Obama doing the same too? I think he is hoping more Joe Stacks to crash their small planes into government buildings which I see will not happen.

               This is nothing new. Every year after the Bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma city two years after the Waco massacre when the BATF burning all the residents of Mount Carmel including 17  little children. Every year since that day the marking the anniversary of the Oklahoma city bombing. President Bill Clinton and Janet Reno would issue a fake terror alerts as an opportunity to demonize the patriots might attack again to incite fear among the population and for political gain. This is how government keep people in line depending on them is to generate fear among the people to fear a fabled enemy that does not exist. In the 1990s the phony threat was Patriots, the first 10 years into the millennium it was evil Islamic fascist. Now, Ron Paul supporters are now the fabricated threat to national security.

                 I se the people are sick and tired of the fear games the government plays for power and politics. The post 9-11 America is a nightmare for the American people will great loss of freedom and an out of control government. We have committed our children to more quagmires around the world looking for the man with a towel on their heads because he might attack us. Laugh at them and go on with your life. These people when they make phony security threats are trying to save their political hides more than the American people. The truth is I rather face all the personal risk living in a dangerous society than lose my freedom. Do not let these threats get you scared. Truth is much safer to live in than accept a lie.



  1. Good Points, i had kinda made this connection already though.

  2. JNapolitano is the drunken sailor on shoreleave of molesters. 'Anybody, any reason, any where, to hell with the terrorists, I don't give a damn and I want to grope you.' Quite a creed and ambition Napolitano. You should leave it at home and you might get some help. Grope your dog in the meantime. Dogs are social climbers.

  3. from the movie bladerunner

    Deckard: [getting up to leave] I was quit when I come in here, Bryant, I'm twice as quit now.
    Bryant: Stop right where you are! You know the score, pal. You're not cop, you're little people!
    [Deckard stops at the door]
    Deckard: No choice, huh?
    Bryant: [smiles] No choice, pal.

  4. They just come out and say what their next false flag is going to be. Have your video cameras ready. I wouldn't put it past them to fly a cruise missile into a building or a bridge and say it was a caveman flying a small airplane full of explosives. Then it would be their excuse to shut down general aviation.