Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Putin Wants Russia to have Memebership into the WTO is a Big Mistake

             As American speaking to the Russian people, I have to commend Vladimir Putin bringing stability to the Russian Federation and now Russia is now a stronger nation with good sound economic policies. Russia is a country that can sustain itself within its borders to feed themselves, defend themselves and provide for every need. I cannot say I like or do not like the idea China and Russia having an alliance. I read about the Chinese junk now on the shelves in Russia. I mam concerned more with Russia and its long term stability as a nation. The truth is China is not a country that is not to be trusted when it seeks to dominate the world economically with bad trade deal that benefit them only.

             Having trade with China is a parasitic trade partner over time. You can see Russian companies lobbying Parliament trying to convince the member to put burdensome regulations and laws in place making it so expensive to maintain industrial strength inside Russia, so they can move the factories to China. They be selling the idea of converting the economy from a industrial economy to an service economy is a lie. The flood of cheap Chinese products will make it hard for Russian manufacturing to compete with cheap labor in China. There is a high cost to low prices. When the companies convince the Russian government to regulate industry inside the Russian Federation, moving a factory to China to increase profits seems attractive to big business.

              I see China playing nice with Russia as a partner. Once Russia is admitted into the WTO, the Russian Federation loses control of it trade policies to an unaccountable tribunal. China has been involved in unfair trade practices with the United States and in Europe. These unfair trade practices that put the United States at a disadvantage will put Russia in the same predicament. If Russia has a trade dispute over China's trade practices, they take it to the WTO to resolve the dispute. The WTO will rule in favor of China every time even if Chinese are wrong and has broken the agreements. Russia should never pu the power of trade policy into the hands of an unaccountable and unelected organization.

               I ask Prime Minister Putin and President Medevev, if you want to preserve the Russian culture and integrity of the borders, If they want to see future prosperity and a sovereign Russia strong in its character as a nation. Please heed the warning of America's first President and General of the first Continental Army George Washington. He has stated in his writings" Stay out foreign entanglements" The WTO like the UN are entanglements that undermine the sovereignty of the nations. There is nothing wrong with trading with China, as long as Russia protects its industry with tariffs so their is fair competition in the Market place. if Russia becomes a member of the World Trade Organization, The Russian Federation surrenders the right to directly settle trade disputes to an unaccountable panel. If Russia is to stay sovereign, it must avoid foreign entanglements to be economically independent. Sorry Mr. Putin, you making a serious mistake in judgement. Stay out of foreign entanglements for the sake and survival of the republic; or your legacy in the years to come will be overshadowed by high unemployment because of the WTO. Do not let Globalism destroy the Russian economy. 

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