Sunday, September 18, 2011

Texans Who Favor Independence From Washington Should Support a Palestinian State Free From Israel. Sam Houston Would be for a free Palistinian State

               Let me put things to all you people in Texas who will today say"Amen and Praise the Lord!" in the church pews better think about the real reality of Israel. While you will be told to support Israel no matter what or God will not bless you better read their Bible again. Many Texans are very religious people, there are still some dry counties in Texas. We are told about China's brutal record persecuting Christians and lack of human rights. I think it is time to tell my fellow Texans the truth about the real Israel that is not a whitewash sob story from the pulpit.

              If you Texas thinks Israel is this hopeless group of people fighting for it survival daily and they need to attack Iran and occupy the West Bank, Golan heights and the Gaza strip because of those evil Muslims. Better look closely again. In these occupied territories. a good size of the population is Christian. Israel persecutes Christians in these illegally occupied areas and jails people for sharing the Christian faith on the streets. Israel has a dismal record on human rights too. They are not a noble nation as we think. Israel is not a free country. This country is very hostile to Christianity. They oppress the people in their own country and in the occupied areas. They persecute and oppress their won people too. They are not even real blood sons of Abraham. They are Kazarian people out of Turkey. Not the Jews of the bible.

              The people in Texas who cry for independence and secession from the United States for illegal occupation after the war of northern aggression. The rant about the heavy hand of Washington in Texas. If they want the United States out of Texas. They should support the sovereignty of a Palestinian state. The right to self government and self rule. To elect a government the people wants and to write their own Constitution.

              If Texas believes in the right of the people to alter and abolish the form of government that serves the people. They should support the same rights for the Palestinian people. Israel wants to right to exist, but does not want the Palestinian people the same right is hypocrisy. Israel will sooner or late have to put down the guns and make peace with its neighbors. We do not help the nation of Israel or the stability of the middle east as long Israel is the bully. If we Texas do not like the bully in Washington DC coming into Texas trying to run our lives. The Palestinian state just like Texas has the right to lift its head too and stand among the nations. If Texas want the right to be free and independent to establish trade and alliances with other nations. we have to also acknowledge that same right to the Palestinians too. To deny or not recognize that right, we deny that right to us also. If we Texans believe one group of people does not deserve it Independence , then we do not deserve it ourselves either.





  1. I appreciate your approach here, but there is a slight problem: whereas Texans need to know the reality on the ground in Palestine (becoming Israel), that Christians are being persecuted by the racist, apartheid Israeli regime; Palestinians do need their county to be recognized by the world before Israel completely destroys Palestine by perforating the West Bank by settlements, destroying Palestinian resolve in the Gaza concentration camp; the ultimate desire, game plan of the elite running rough-shod on the world is to break the world and its nation-states into warring territories without the rule of law to protect them from the savagery of elite corporatism (fascism). Remember: it is a key tenant of the neocon doctrine, whose ranks are filled with Israeli Likud, that there be no rival to their hegemony including governments, military, church; and a Texas stirring for Independence, another US civil war of "independence", serves their ultimate purpose.

  2. Texans DON"T need a "master" in Washington any more than the Palestinians need a master" in Tel Aviv.

  3. Why WHY do you persist on being wrong? On staying wrong?

    You stated that, "In these occupied territories. a good size of the population is Christian."

    According to the CIA factbook, "Christians comprise less than 4% of Palestinian Arabs living within the borders of former Mandate Palestine today. They are approximately 4% of the West Bank population, less than 1% in Gaza, and nearly 10% of Israel's Palestinian Arabs"

    Christians in no way are "a good size of the population".

    It's like it would kill you to check your facts or something.

    And why do you need them to be Christian? Isn't it enough that the Palestinian people are suffering? People need to be Christian before we can feel their injustice?

  4. Good article Lone Star. Thanks for drawing attention to the Palestinian plight. And thanks for pointing out the need for consistency among some of those who claim to stand for freedom and independence.

  5. Washington DC and the US GOVERNMENT is a private corporation owned by the CITY OF LONDON CORPORATION and the CROWN. They also own the reserve banks, the IMF, World Bank and UNITED NATIONS.

    The UN already recognised Palestine back in 1948, so whats the problem? The world has had enough of these banking terrorists, and governments who preach peace yet wage war. It's time for ALL OF US nations to render these corporations INVALID with no authority, because they can only get it from us, or be a dictator for all to see, and with that comes greater risks of death for them.