Sunday, September 18, 2011

NFL Groping is Preparting the Popualtion for Entering Football Stadiums Converted into FEMA Camps?

               In order to get a perspective on the whole picture. We need to look back a little in recent history. When New Orleans were ordered to evacuate prior to Hurricane Katrina. The people who could not afford to leave the city who lived in areas below sea level went to the Super Dome or the Convention Center. When the storm passed and the levees failed. The Super Dome and the Convention Center went on complete lock down were people could not leave. There was no clean running water. Violent crime was rampant and old people died in their wheel chairs. This is what we can see in a locked down situation how people were searched unable could not bring their firearms in before entering the Stadium to defend themselves.

               The Super Dome was a FEMA camp laboratory were the police with other law enforcement agencies pulled out to the perimeter and kept everyone locked down at gun point. If you look at the US Government's plans, all football stadiums are to be used for FEMA camps in the future in the event of a national emergency. The President uses the existing executive orders already in place to round up people and place them in these camps. Football stadiums are possible facilities to suit this purpose. Seeing people being searched by the TSA at airports, bus stations and train depots is one step toward conditioning the population having personal space invaded. Acclimating the public to unreasonable searches at airports, bus stations and train depots as the new norm is just training people to get on board one of these modes of transportation going to a concentration camp like fattened sheep ready for the slaughter after they been violated by a enhanced pat down.

                 Now the NFL is telling the public there will be TSA style groping at Football games. People will be searched from head to ankles as they do before boarding an airplane. Could this be the public being trained getting used to being searched and groped before they convert that football stadium into a FEMA camps? Conditioning the public seeing unreasonable searches of people as a condition to enter the stadium might to be prepping people to go into FEMA camps. When that giant Colosseum becomes a concentration camp, the horror and mass killings will start.

                 I would like to know when will enough be enough with this nonsense. When will people say "that is it, no more of this crap". This has nothing to do with safety, it everything to do in breaking our will when the time comes to have our way with us to be exterminated, we will be so demoralized and dehumanized. The people will enter that stadium converted into a FEMA camp like lambs to led to their death with the Judas goat NFL being the enabler. The only person who stop this is the one person you see when you look in the mirror. That is you. Have you had enough with this phony war on terror yet?

                As Americans, were is our fight to stand up and say no more? Would you sacrifice you freedom just to go see a lousy game in the stadium? This has nothing to do with keeping us safe, It has everything to do controlling every aspect of our lives including invading our personal space so we will submit without resistance when they try to herd us into these stadiums. This war on terror is a fraudulent war like the war on drugs. The government stages the terror and ships in the drugs. Why should we submit to the will of tyrants We still have a fourth amendment regardless what politicians and judges may say. Fight for your rights or lose them.We either draw the line in the sand and push back or we will be pushed over.  What will it be?


  1. Fuck the TSA Fuck the NFL

    Both should be torn apart - shame on America.

  2. Good one, Lone Star.

  3. Simple. Stop patronizing wherever they conduct their pat down searches. First airports, the stadiums, and whatever they choose next. That's my opinion.

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  5. I say let the people that arent awake and stupid enough to let this happen, Let it happen. Kill the non awake ignorant masses. I am starting to see what the elites see me and other people as, "useless eaters" I can survive in the wilderness

  6. Wake up people! We outnumber these killers! Time to give them a taste of their own medicine! I would rather die standing on my feet then dying on my knees! Do it for our CHILDREN!We are all going to die sooner or later! How do you want to live? Free or slave!!

  7. TSA checks of sporting events demand that citizens express their dismay in the form of civil disobedience by BOYCOTTING ALL football, basketball and baseball games that even attempt to establish TSA type illegal warrantless searches. OR until all Congresspersons, Supreme Court Justices and Executive Administration personnel are put through the same TSA style illegal warrantless searches as those people go about their daily jobs.

  8. refusing to go to NFL games should be an easy way to make them change their tune.

  9. Everything they do, they need YOUR CONSENT to do it. Its all about trust law. There is a very thin veil they operate under, and that all comes out of the CROWN corporation which owns the CITY OF LONDON corporation, and they own ALL THE RESERVE BANKS on the planet, and thus all the governments.

    They know if they push too hard they will be hunted down like dogs and executed, so it must be done in stages, and with consent. Terror is just one of the weapons they use.
    Check out Dean Clifford and educate yourself about the courts, and the difference between LEGAL and LAWFUL.

    You will see how it all ties in with everything thats going on.

    In a nutshell the legal system is based on presumtions and assumptions that THEY OWN YOU,simply because by default, you have not told them otherwise! They have replaced COMMON LAW with a legal system that has no authority over you whatsoever. The legal system is a corporation pretending to be operating under common law, a judge in the legal system has NO AUTHORITY AT ALL to tell you what to do, anymore than a manager at McDonalds can.

    Now, they have the right to do whatever they want as conditions of entry to a football game. Its a contract. They can say they will RAPE you before you go in, and its up to you if you agree to it or not.

    They will cross a line when they think they can do this shit in PUBLIC, or to public places like the beach and city streets etc. At some point they will try to, while in the same breath talking about freedoms etc and many will go "hang on, this feels like eastern european communism"! THERE IS NO FREEDOM WITH THESE ASSHOLES!

    Many decent hard working people are fooled into thinking they are doing something good for the community, like cops, but really they are working for the crown corporation and the city of london as attack dogs. I know many would be horrified to see just who and what they are working for, and what the plans are.

    They, the crown and all their entities have chosen a path they know will end in bloodshed one way or another, lets make sure its theirs!

  10. i drove past giants stadium in new jersey today(sept 18,2011). along the highway was a fellow with a hand written cardboard sign stating, "NEED TICKETS!".

    i guess sports fans will put up with anything to see the game. we are doomed!

    the NYPD blocked off access to wall street to limit the mass protest of free speech and the right to peaceful assembly. we...are...doomed!

  11. When my girlfriend saw the quarterback get bhind the center after the kick-off play, she asked,"Why are they doing that?" After being accosted by a mouthbreather-molester at the gate, it is going to be much tougher to explain.

  12. live free, die hard 1776

  13. Charge anyone (including police) with common law assault if they have been warned, but ignore your warnings. If that fails, then take matters into your own hands and do whatever the heck you feel is warranted.

  14. NO other human has the right to touch you unless you consent to it. If they are warned that touching you will result in dire consequences, then its THIER CHOICE to proceed.

    Also, its handy to ask them if they are "public servants"....they hate it, because you are the CEO/Administrator of yourself, and if they are a public servant they are to do what YOU tell them to do. If they are NOT a public servant, then who the fuck are they?! A PRIVATE CORPORATION!....and they have NO AUTHORITY whatsoever! None more than some criminal gang.

    At this point they had better just kill people out in the open to avoid retribution, which will come in the dark of the night.

  15. Print out these fee schedule or add to it and take it with you everywhere.

  16. Sorry should have added this too-

    Click Here to Print Your Fee Schedule

    This fee schedule is for you to use and attach to every correspondence you send to all entities. This Notices them that you do not volunteer your services and don't perform tasks for free.

    It's like an insurance policy.

    Forcing your unpaid involuntary performance and servitude ( Forced Labour ) Is a criminal offence !!!

    Everyone has the right to bill for their services and be paid !

    If they don't like your rate of payment or terms for your service they don't have to engage your services and are required to leave you alone. Otherwise it is harassment, debt bondage and forced labour !!! Criminal offences with terms of imprisonment ...

    Just think... are the people on the other side who require something from you "getting paid" to correspond with you and ask you to do things ??? If they are (and if they work for Gov agencies , council, police, etc ... you bet they are!). The list is as long as a dunny roll ...

    So if you choose to correspond / respond to any allegations, requirements, requests or tasks etc, by anyone, then provide them with your terms for your services. Your Fees Schedule and your Invoice for your services rendered and tasks performed for their benefit... and collect as they do ...

    This is about knowing who you are, exercising your rights and calling their bluff ..

  17. Hi everyone, This Illegal action at the NFL games is a test to see how far the RATS in charge can push us. I go to see the eagles every time they play, NO MORE... That will send my message to these RATS!!! AND UNTIL THIS STOPS I WILL NOT COME BACK, PERIOD!
    And that's it!

  18. Why do you stay at home? Go to the NFL game and do not consent to participating in lewd acts, or having your space violated. Be dignified, but firm. Ask for the name and TSA "badge" number. If enough of you go and protest, you big guys go, you will make an impact.

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