Wednesday, September 7, 2011

FEMA: Get Lost! Texas Does Not Need You

               The good Congressman Ron Paul coming under fire for his scrutiny of FEMA because of the disastrous results this agency brings to an area when there is a natural disaster. Now when we look at thew Texas wild fires. The Federal government has played a role with these wild fires getting out of control, First with government policy. Not allowing the thinning of the forest clearing dried or dead brush acting as kindling to spread the fires much easier. FEMA is the kind of agency that would bring gasoline instead of water trying to put out a fire.

                 Remember with horror on my TV screen w watching those people helpless on the freeway overpass in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina because the Federal government wants to create chaos instead of an orderly recovery. FEMA has blocked what is needed and allowed what is not good to make matter worse. Now this agency is not blocking Texans helping their fellow man keep the fires away to save their homes. This agency is creating complications with malicious intent as a power grab more than helping people. FEMA is not there to help Texas. It is there suppress Texas. Texas take all your guns with you, if you are ordered to evacuate because FEMA will kick down the doors to confiscate the guns by unlawful entry.

              Texans are far better capable of solving its own problems and does not need FEMA. I am hearing reports of ranchers and farmers are taking measures of protecting their farms. FEMA ordering the firefighter to stand down while home burn tell me that FEMA need to be thrown out of Texas. I hope the  Sheriffs and the Constables take measures as constitutional officers to limit FEMA or throw them out of their county so the firefighter and volunteers can show the world how Texans does it bigger and badder. So go home FEMA, get out of Texas.


  1. apropos of FEMA taking over and refusing to let the volunteer firemen fight the fire:

    Rick Perry has a new nickname: Mouse Balls.

    Pass it on.

  2. FEMA had one original concept when it was created to ensure the survival of the Government of the United States in the event of a nuclear attack in this country.

  3. NobodysaysBOO:
    fema is the junk yard of failed politicos and their spoiled brat kids and relitaves, every despot in power hides his operatives at fema untill they get re erected.
    There are no professional emergency responders at fema only horse show ASSHOLES!