Friday, September 9, 2011

The Perfect Hair Governor Vs. The Perfect Record Congressmen

                Having Perfect hair may make a politician look like he has all the answers, it does not mean he has the perfect record as a governor when he was Al Gore's cheerleader and praised Hillery-care. His perfect hair does not mean he is a perfect Texan when he was ready to turn over every existing piece of road to offshore corporations to charge tolls on roads people already paid for. His prefect hair does not mean he is loyal to American people when he violated the Logan act to attend the Builderburger meeting in Istombal Turkey in 2007 to seek the blessing of the international bankers seeking to destroy this great republic. Perfect Hair Perry does not mean nothing, it is just an illusion created by the media. He seeks higher office for power and personal enrichment. Not out of principle, or duty. He has sold himself to the devil, little does he know the devil will get his due when it is time to pay.

                Now we have the statesman who done to the best of his ability adhere to his oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. Without reservation for all these years stayed true to himself, his oath and those he served.  He is not eloquent or charismatic, He is a man who speaks from the heart. He does not seek the office of President for power, He does this out of sense of duty, because he cares about his country more than his personal pleasures. He cares about the country he will leave behind for his decedents. Postponing his retirement, people asking him to run for President and he answered the call of duty making the sacrifice; if necessary his very life so this great republic will survive. He will not accept a lobbyist junket or take a congressional pension. He returns his unused funds to pay for his staff back to the treasury. He has shown to be a good steward being faithful in the little things, he has shown to be faithful in much.

                So what will the choice be? A Texan with perfect hair or a Texan with a perfect record? If talking bull*@#! created money of thin air, we would not need the Federal Reserve System. Just ask Obama and slick Rick just start taking BS and we would all prosper. We would never go broke or bankrupt. Just have a shovel handy near the TV set. We all  know it is not that easy even though when the dollar is worthless. The real bull*@#! out in the cow pasture might be worth more than a dollar because at least it can be used as fertilizer for the garden. While our Federal reserve notes are only good for wiping your behind if Ron Paul is not elected President. So what will it be, Will it be Ron Paul, a man with a perfect voting record in congress being true to his oath or the consummate  politician who is perfect hair Perry. This is a man who will piss on our backs. While he will smiles at us, slick Rick will look us in the eye and lie to us saying"Do not worry, its only raining"



  1. Some people like perfecr hair!

  2. We can't expect honesty and common sense to win when mass media and corrution want the status quo. Ron Paul should win but won't be allowed to win. The people have no voice in America as we all now recognize.

  3. Perry, Romney... coifee, anyone?

  4. Maybe when perfect hair elected the people of the united states can bask in its glow as they starve to death due to the failed policies of both parties.