Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our Congress and the Israelis Cannot have it Both Ways Anymore Being Against Palistinian Statehood.

               Sooner or later the Israeli government can not have it both ways crying as the victim of so called oppression and being the bully of the middle east. They use the Holocaust as a reference point in history to solicit sympathy and money out of people. They want to deny the Palestinian people the right to be sovereign to self government no longer subjected to Israeli occupation. At the same time they say the Jewish people need a homeland while denying the Palestinians the right to self rule. What such hypocrites.

               I am not denying the Holocaust has never happened, It was not the only atrocity that happened. The iron fist of Communism claimed more innocent lives in the 20th century than under NAZI Germany. I am not denying the Jewish people had it bad under Hitler. I am just saying 6 million Jews that died is only a fraction than how many more were murdered at the hand of Mao Tsa Tung and Joseph Stalin. We hear people in the Jewish community demanding reparations from our government for the Holocaust we are not responsible for. If they want reparations, go ask the German government. We do not hear from Russian and Chinese immigrants here demanding reparations for what Communism did to them, having the bill put on the US taxpayer's shoulders. Why should Israelis get special treatment over others?

              If any of our congressional representatives buys into the swindle of the American Israeli Political Action Committee that Israel deserves more attention than we the people. Then they will find out they cannot have it both ways either. Let Israel fight its own battles and stop giving foreign aid to them. Stop committing our soldiers to fight their wars of domination. Supporting Israel will become a political liability when we have Americans that need help here. The Politicians will learn the hard way, you cannot serve two masters. If you are for Israel, than you are against the American people.

             For all the neo cons who complain about treaties and free trade laws undermining our national sovereignty attacks the right of independence of the Palestinians to form their own republic.  It is very hypocritical of the phony conservatives to raise concerns about our sovereignty being undermined at the same time denying the right of the Palestinian people to be a sovereign nation not subjected to Israeli occupation. If the our congress really believes in the right of national sovereignty. We should be supporting Palestinian statehood by our principles alone of self government.  If Israel claims the right to exist, they would should recognize the Palestinians right to exist also as a people and a nation.

             The Pro Israel member in congress cannot have it both ways. They cannot claim to be for human rights and turn a blind eye to the atrocities of the Israeli forces in the occupied territories . To pro Israel crowd cannot claim to be for our own national sovereignty and deny the right of a people to self government. The people who say we support Israel who claim to be Christian conservatives who claim to be up in arms about religious persecution of the Chinese people. They look the other way at Israel's persecution of the Muslims and Christians who are Palestinians and inside their own borders.

              The hypocrisy of the Pro Israel movement must be exposed to the light of day. You cannot be against human rights violations and being pro national sovereignty of Serbia and the former Soviet republics. Except when it concerns Israel, then the rules change. They ignore the human rights abuses IDF commits daily and the right of the Palestinians to self rule and self government because they claim to be God's chosen people is the mantra. If you are going to stand with Israel, then learn real fast, you cannot have it both ways. If you be for Israel, Go live there if you love them so much. My message to the pro Israel person, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. You cannot serve two masters.




  1. You can only run on bullshit and lies for so long. After a while people get fed up and you get your ass kicked.

  2. Palestinians cannot claim victimhood and act as bully either, right?

  3. Article says: If you are for Israel, than you are against the American people.

    What other nations does this apply to? Where else have the writer expressed the same sentiment about other foreign nations?

    Also, whilst complaining about American regard and interest in its longtime ally, Israel.....why then does Palestine deserve such attention and concern from the writer? Why is Palestine so important, if you are arguing Israel should not be?

  4. You can't be both victim and bully? Realman, you so often complain about how the federal government is victimizing you. Then you go right around and bully those who disagree with you.

    Obviously it IS possible to do both. YOU do it all the time.

  5. " I am not going to deny the Holocaust never happenened..."

    I have been silent on your bad grammar mostly because I can read through your bad grammar to your message. But this time, you really slipped up, my friend!

    You use a double negative: "I am NOT going to DENY"...if you had said instead, "I will deny the Holocaust never happened..." you are saying NO to "the Holocaust never happened" in other words you are saying NO to Holocaust denial. But when you say: "I do NOT DENY the Holocaust never happened..." you are in fact saying "the Holocaust never happened" with the double negative.

    Like I said, your bad grammar usually doesn't bother me, but this example does. Seriously, Realman, you really really should have someone proof read what you put up here sometimes!

  6. D.L., Maybe he thinks the holocaust never happened. Maybe he really does mean he really does not deny it.

    "Do you deny you've said, 'The holocaust never happened'"?

    "No, I don't deny it."

    It's a subtly of language. Part of what makes English so robust. Honestly, I think it is in large part of what makes a people great. The complexity of language reflects the complexity of it's people.

    Spanish, one of the easiest languages, and the people are more known for 'mañana' than complex thought. Greek, Latin, both tough languages, very complex, produced some of our finest thinkers.

    Perhaps Realman was making that kind of rhetorical point. About the complexity of our language. The way a tiny change in context can so.... ah who am I kidding? He simply didn't think about what he was writing, and it produced yet another grammatical disaster. It's gotten to the point where he is actually saying the exact OPPOSITE of what he means to say. Ridiculous.

  7. We know what he meant.

    there are far more serious issues with what he wrote than a double negative - like the import of the entire content.

  8. NobodysaysBOO!:
    A very simple little calculation will bring great ENLIGHTENMENT into your life just like the last page of your income tax return. I KNOW we hate boring numbers in the USA but just try!
    The amount of energy in a fully loaded 767 at full speed = x, take away the amount of energy required to heat the tons of WTC1 or 2 steel to a bendable temp. that fell in the street =y,
    What is left is the fact that it will require many 767's to do this WORK energy!
    NOW the amount of value given to ISREAL just since 1955 by the WORLD=x,take away the value given the WORLD by ISREAL =y,the result is that it will require many,many ISREALS to pay this DEBT to the WORLD!
    IF the world were to LIQUIDATE all the property owned by Jewish people WORLD WIDE the amount would not EVEN pay the interest on THIS DEBT for a year!

  9. Hey anonymous-algebra.....

    The energy from the plane impact is obviously not the entire amount of energy involved. The crash and explosive fireball ignited fires.....which you completely fail to account for.

    And rather than just state x-y, let's see your FIGURES?

    You don't have you're just making an unsupport4ed statement which funnily enough supports your belief. Not very convincing. lol