Thursday, September 8, 2011

Federal Interference by Mismanagement or Micromanagement Can Be Blamed For Out of Control Brush Fires in Texas

               If you want to mess up something beyond repair or recognition, call in the Federal Government. In most cases with the federal government managing the forest and wilderness areas. They have not done a good job at all and actually made things worse. The Federal Government has become a hazard and not a help to the people. The US Constitution delegated only limited powers to the Federal Government, managing land is not one of them. Managing the land is best handled by the people, local municipalities and the several state governments.

               Having a bloated centralized Federal government has been a disaster for the people. The Endangered Species act can be held responsible for firefighters killed because incompetence of a desk jockey in the bureaucratic way of doing things would not give permission to take water out of the lake because they might hurt an endangered fish . The erosion of private property rights where ranchers, farmers who live in national forest lands cannot clear to thin of dead foliage and dry brush. These alphabet soup agencies like the EPA, the forestry service and the Bureau of Land Management stands in the way of landowners managing their own land to protect what they own from out of control forest fires.

              What is really ironic is Governor Perry asking for FEMA's help to battle the wild fires in north Texas. The agency has been blocking volunteer firefighters from entering to fight the blazes to save homes. I wonder if FEMA is kicking down doors in an unlawful entry where communities have evacuated. These people looking to seize firearms out of the hands of Texans using a wild fire as a smoke screen to confiscate guns. Washington sends money to Mexico to fight their fires at the same time denies Texas aid just as they did earlier this year when west Texas was burning from wildfires. President Obama denied aid to Texas. These fires the Federal government might have been culpable in starting the fires.   It has been reported the BATF was responsible for starting those fires in west Texas earlier this year when there was county burn bans in place.  The BATF ignored them.

               These wild fires cannot be blamed on a drought only. Blame centralized big government one size fits all policies coming out of Washington DC. These forest could have been thinned out, if they allowed the state and local governments to take preventive measures clearing land of dry brush. With the environmentalist and the animal rights groups using the bad laws like the Endangered Species act to block land owners and state governments from clearing the forest, not allowing common sense to prevail has destroyed the wilderness , not helped it. All this dead and dry foliage is just dry kindling allowing the fires to spread out of control, instead of thinning the land to protect property and people. The priority of protecting some field mouse is good for wildlife, but not for the people preventing out of control brush fires does more harm to people and wildlife altogether.

               The states need to take back the power to manage their own lands, Mismanagement and micromanagement of the forest has been detrimental and a dismal failure on the part of the Federal government.  If the Federal government cannot manage the forest, how can FEMA manage an emergency after seeing the dismal job they did in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, Let the people of Texas and around the nation manage their own lands without government interference out of Washington DC. Once the government is out of the way, the people, the states and local municipalities can manage the land better to help prevent out of control brush fires then some distant bureaucrat out of Washington DC. When the people are in control, they may not be able to stop a fire from starting, but preventive measures thinning and clearing the forest does go a long way containing a blaze before it gets out of control. So why look to incompetence out of Washington DC when the answer is we are better off without them all along.



  1. Outstanding post. Thanks.

  2. addition, thought since you were talking about gun confiscation, here's one I just heard about...y'know that Gibson Guitar raid(s), apparently "they" intend to use the same law to go for the guns...the wood.."..But beyond simply the raid itself is the reality of the new environmental police state that appears to be taking over, where personal wood products of all kinds -- whether they be furniture, hand tools, or even guns made with rare wood stocks -- are now threatened with arbitrary confiscation."

  3. 100% agree with this article. Thanks for posting and saying what we all are thinking.

  4. FEMA's actions aren't driven by incompetence; they are part of a deliberate plan. FEMA is there to use the disaster to assert federal authority over state and local law and against the wishes of the local citizens. Action by FEMA starts with a military occupation--securing the scene--and continues by excluding local responders, refusing local help (including medical help for injured people) and establishing federal control over anything and everything in the area. Helping injured or displaced people is not part of the mission. Helping the politically well connected to property formerly owned by the citizens often is, however.

    Katrina was a huge success from FEMA's standpoint. They overrode state and local law and the Constitution to seize control of a major city. They liked the results so well that Katrina became the pattern for all their future actions.

    We need to throw FEMA out of Texas and the rest of the federal tax feeders along with them.

  5. NobodysaysBOO!:
    May WE return our rare wooden ARROWS, by sticking them in fema pukes ASSES?

  6. Interesting way of looking at this problem. Thank you for this post. Good site.
    Kathy Robbins