Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Obama Jobs Bill a sprung Poltical Trap?

              Democrats are famous demagoguery and have always won political warfare because the other side is too timid not to rock the boat and call a spade a spade. When Obama made his speech over the jobs bill. It sounded all good in a speech, When you read the bill that cost a half a trillion dollars. In reality it is kool aid with a touch of poison that will kill. It is really frustrating when the Republican party caves in when it is not necessary too when the public is behind them. 

              What does not work is central economic planning from the White House. It has always failed. The government cannot create jobs. It is the private sector that creates jobs. The White House Jobs bill is another government boondoggle that only benefits the insiders what we call crony capitalism. How can the economy get boosted with a 500 billion dollar tax increase? It cannot, if we want to create jobs, do like they did after World War II in 1946. That is slash the size of government and stop the overseas deployments in these undeclared wars. Stop the funding of over 900 military bases around the world.

              When the President sent the jobs bill to congress saying "we must pass this bill now". When looking at the details of the legislation. There is a tax increase with some employer incentives. It sound like mixing orange juice and rat poison to me. I see this as a possible political trap for the republicans were if the vote for the bill, the constituents will never forgive them for raising taxes. If they vote against the bill, they might be labeled as uncaring holding the economy back not having the spirit of bipartisanship. They will be vilified with the demagoguery as not wanting American back to work for political gain. I can see Speaker Boehner caving in again like he did on the debt ceiling.

              I can see the republican going along with Obama to avoid being labeled as uncaring because they are afraid to take the gloves off in Political warfare winning the public relations battle. Why the Republican cave in so easily because they are too timid and weak because they are afraid of engaging in Political warfare. Democrats and Leftist are never afraid to take the gloves off inj the public relation battle, Why should we not be any different. If we are going to win the public relations war. They cannot be afraid to call a spade a spade We do it daily in the bloggesphere . That is why we are winning the information war public relation battle. If the GOP just be fearless these political traps can never be used against them. I see this Job Bill a trap.


  1. Perhaps this works even better for you if you actually learn how to write, how to spell, and how to proofread your article before you publish it, so somebody might actually take you seriously instead of dismissing you as an illiterate foreigner.

  2. Well I am not the New York times writing propaganda with perfect grammar seeking a Pulitzer prize. Beside I read about people like you. an a pentagon or new world order hack, attack the writer and not the content. Typical tactic. I do not give a rat ass what you think

  3. The government can create jobs. Madagascar will be manufacturing Gibson guitars if the U.S. government has it's way. Then there will be more jobs in Madagascar thanks to the Obama administration.

  4. Well put realman2020,

    "Perhaps this works even better for you..." ; perhaps Anonymous (1) could elucidate to what "this" refers. I found the article perfectly clear and useful.

    But then I am a literate foreigner, who also does not give a rat's ass what he thinks

  5. Kool aid with a touch of poison?

    And you call others the demagogue?

  6. The government can't create jobs? Ever hear of the WPA? Or did you sleep through History class as well as English?

    What would you call the armed forces, if not government jobs? What would you call The Manhattan Project? The Hoover dam? The Panama canal?

    Need I go on?