Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Bloggers are Winning the Poltical and Information War. The New Art of Poltical Warfare.

                 The sad reality in the Conservative establishment is they boxed themselves in by the rules of civility, they want to make serious fundamental changes in the system. The reason why they lose every battle is because they do not use the art of political and information warfare. If they do call out the truth, the leftist who use the rules for radicals will use every dirty trick in the public relations arena to win. This is why many people are frustrated with the republicans because they let the other walk all over them fearing retaliation from the left wings willing accomplices in the main stream media. They rather cave in and cower than stand up. This is why congress and especially the republicans have a low approval ratings. Not raising the debt ceiling was an easy political victory with popular support if they held the line. We won the political and information war in cyberspace on not raising the debt ceiling, it is just politicians gave it away at the negotiating table.

                   Now the dynamics of the political war has changed with the internet, now the bloggers and journalist of the alternative media has shifted the balance of power in the public relations war. When the bloggers call it as it is, speak out and say what the politicians fear to say and wish they can speak. This has forced our ideas to become mainstream in the media. Ten years ago, there was no talk of ending the Federal Reserve, now they are forced to talk about to stay relevant and compete with the alternative media. Now with technology of people carrying cameras and catching politicians in their own words by what they have said. Reporting news the establishment would not report.This is why we are still getting the information out to the public. Because we speak the truth people should know. We cannot be filtered or censored. We are independent and free. That is why we are winning.

                   If we cannot get the people we elect into office to stand up for the interest of the people they serve and stand on the fact. Then it is up to us the bloggers and alternative media to get the information out and hold our elected people accountable if the people we entrust will not have the courage to stand for what is right. Then it is up to us. We are the vanguards in the  political and information war. We are the last real bastion of the free press of a free people When our politicians fail us. We step up and tell it like it is.

                    As blogger, we are the new weapon in political warfare the globalist hate because we are winning waking up the heart and minds. We are growing stronger by numbers daily that makes their tactic less effective as the days go by. The more we expose the truth, it is more difficult for them to counter the truth with propaganda. We define the art of political and information warfare. When the media stays silents, we shout from the house tops in cyberspace. So do not let your heart be troubled. The reason why the tyrants are accelerating the police state is because they are loosing the war. They are not winning and they are moving to silence us. I think it is too late for them because they have lost the war on information and in the political debate. If Political warfare can reduce Al Gore to an idiot because we beet him in the political and information war. It tells the world, we are a force to be reckoned with in the art of political and information warfare


  1. I love your blog. But the white font, on black background, is very hard to read.

  2. Yes! We are getting our thoughts out there via blogs just like this one. And in ten short years,... imagine that. Used to take a whole lot longer to inform enough people to make change and bloggers did it in ten years. KUDOS! :D

  3. I dont belive. Blogger (Google) censure many blog; this venezuelan and italian blog it's out because google closed! Googl censure!

  4. Therefore, it is important to become familiar again with the art of political war. While Democrats are morally bankrupt and no idea of ​​politics.