Saturday, September 17, 2011

We Should Be Proud Being a Thorn in the Side of the Bankers.

               What is going to defeat the Bankers and the Globalist is their over confidence. It is time we stop giving our enemy credit they do not deserve. Stop making seem all powerful and all knowing thinking they know what they are doing. They can only sell the perception that have everything under control to us to make us think they are unstoppable. The truth is we are kicking their butts and breathing down their necks. We just have to stop giving them power by our own words.

                 Right now we are seeing the rise of the anti banker insurrection happening in Europe. The Anglo Banking Empire is in trouble. Printing their way out will be fruitless this time around The people in the Muslim countries see the banker's agenda to dominate them economically goers against the Koran. The world has become awake to the money changers. Thanks to patriot broadcasters and people's determined will to expose these robber barons. The over confidence of the money junkies will be their own demise. The Rothschild and Rockefeller Dynasties will fall. Sooner or later, some of these leaders who were once brought and paid for by these bankers will say that is enough when they see all that bride money will not protect them form an angry crowd with pitchforks. They will turn on the people who backed them when faced with an angry population breathing under their collar.

                   We are seeing the beginning of the end of the ruling oligarchs. They think they will get their planetary financial dictatorship with a bank of the world making everyone slaves to a debt we do not owe. Call it divine providence or karma. What goes around comes around. Sooner or later people will be aware of all of their devices and what tactics have worked in the past to take over will be ineffective. As we say, what goes around comes around. They can only do it for so long before they reap the consequences for their actions. Whatever a man sows, he shall reap. the destruction these bankers have sowed to the world will reap the harsh consequences for their actions will come back to haunt them.

                    The world has become awake to the banking establishment. Thanks to people like Bob Chapman and Gerald Celente in their persistent predictions with accuracy second to none. As a result. The world is breathing down the bankers necks. Iceland is just the beginning of the anti banker insurrection. All the wealth in the world will not stop them from escaping justice when more countries like Iceland start to rebel jailing the oligarchs. When they try to accelerate tyranny around the world, so will many other revolutions that happen in Iceland will happen too as an unintended consequence for the bankers over reaching in thier lust for power. Wars cannot be started as easily because many nations know the bankers need a war. This time I do not think they will get their war. Libya was the last straw.

                       We are the thorn in the bankers side. Not everything last forever. Wall Street and the City of London maybe having a party celebrating stealing the wealth away from hard working people. Soon the party will be over and the money junkies will be held accountable for what they have done. If we stay a thorn in their side. They cannot implode this economy as long we keep our guns and have them on the run. America cannot fall, we will survive these crooks. Our empire will die, but the our republic still lives on.


  1. we aren't a thorn. we're a dagger. not in their side. to their hearts. it's a good day to see red banker blood flow. and even better day. to see blood flow from those who controlled them.

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