Friday, September 16, 2011

I Will Not Snitch for the Bitch(Janet Napolitano)

                  The war on terror has gone far beyond what common sense dictates. When the government instilled fear into the people's heart after Sept 11, 2001. Many Americans were scared looking to the government for protection from a fabled enemy that does not exist. When  fear was in hearts of the people, they all lost rational thought and common sense. As a result, they cried for security if they surrendered their liberties for a false sense of being kept safe. The government seeks to protect itself and its own power selling the illusion of keeping us safe.

                   If we look to the Constitution and read the writings of our founders. We will see there is nothing new under the sun. The right to a jury trial, the right to bring forth witnesses and evidence in a trial for your defense, and the right to confront your accuser.The reason is so the government cannot abuse the people in a court of law. When the government has free reign in the courts, the denial of due process creates repeated abuses,usurpations and miscarriages of justice always follow. Especially when the trials are politically motivated, count on abuses following.

                  The new "If you see something, say something" expansion being proposed is designed to protect the accusers and not the accused. We can see the government bringing forth false witnesses because all of these proposed regulations . They may never take the stand. This law may cause a knee jerk reaction among the people saying something because many people in tyrannical regimes will get in trouble for not reporting a crime that might have happened without proving anything happened. So people will react saying anything just to keep the heat off of them. This is how the East German Stasi worked.

                   We have seen this snitch system with the child abuse. There would be a toll free number to call if you suspect abuse. These rats never give their name and the accused has no idea who turned them in. If the children are removed from the home, there is no way to challenge the credibility of the person making the allegations. Many people used this system to collect bounties, others used this system for retaliatory and malicious motives. This is why the accused bad parent is at such a disadvantage when they are dragged through the system because Constitution protections are not there as they should be.

                      One of the only ways we can defeat this Police State is use common sense, mind our own business and not buy into the fear that terrorist are everywhere out to attack us. Do not give them an excuse to justify their jobs. This only benefits the people in power and the bureaucrats, it does not help us one iota. If we do not give them any business, these fusion centers and the draconian TSA tactics and these homeland security public service messages will crater on itself for lack of support. Ten years later after Sept 11, 2001 and the phony death of Osama Bin Laden. With the TSA and Homeland security stealing our freedoms in the name of safety protecting us from a phony enemy, people are realizing after all this time, they have been conned. We have to question if this is all necessary and come to the conclusion it is a scam. When the government say s they are streamlining the process trying to get around the Constitution only invites corruption in the court if not called out for what it is.

                     We should not tolerate a system that protects the accusers from any prosecution, defamation lawsuits and accountability. Our alienable rights written the Constitution must be protected in preserving the process allowing character witnesses , a jury of his peers, the compulsory process to bring forth evidence in court to defend themselves and most of all confronting the accuser.  Streamlining the process trying to get around the Constitution in the name of keeping the homeland safe shows corruption in the courts will reign if not stopped in its tracks. We fought a revolution against the British crown for these same abuses.

                       This is why I will not snitch for that bitch Janet Napolitano because I will not contribute in the destruction of the Constitution in the name of fighting a phony enemy that does not exist. I will not participate in a scam to violate my fellow countrymen rights over nothing something made out to be something. I am not one of those naive dogooders who thinks he is doing his part not thinking of what the consequences are. If we are going see something and say something. Turn in the people in government violating our rights. We have to send the message we are not buying into this "If you see something,say something" pointing out we know who the real terrorist are and who the real threat is. It is not white people with a hooded jacket or a Ron Paul supporter. It is the government itself that has become the real threat to our safety and well being. So if we see the government terrorizing an innocent person, we say something telling them we know who the terrorist are. It is the government. So do not snitch for the bitch turning in people for normal everyday activity. Snitch on the bitch and her minions is how we will win.



  1. I've actually got a thing for Janet Napolitano. She's so hot, I just can't keep my pants on when she appears on my television. You can tell she has a great rack under her conservative wardrobe. Man I'd give anything to just have one picture of her with her shirt off.

  2. Besides, it ain't healthy being a rat.

  3. EVERYONE in this administration is either a Crook, Liar, schemer, or flat out arrogant. I'd pay good money to take a steaming dump right between Nancy Palosi's fun bags.