Monday, August 15, 2011

We Have A Right to Say No to Smart Meters

                When I lived in Florida, Progress Energy sent out a brochure saying how great these digital power meters were and how much we would save money with a more accurate reading. I thought nothing of it and thought it would be a good thing since I thought my electric bill was high enough. I was thinking I would save money from these new meters. I thought wrong and my electric bill tripped when I got my first statement. I was saying how could this be. I have not changed my habits at all. These new meters are ripping everyone off.

                 Most states laws demand calibration of many devices from scales that determines weight to X-ray machines for the safety of the technician and the patient. Unless you are with the TSA,then you fry. Speedometers on cars and Police radar guns have to be calibrated by law. DUI breathalyzer devices have to calibrated too.There are federal and state laws that govern the calibration of devices. When I called Progress Energy complaining about my tripled electric bill saying the meter is wrong and should be checked. They said there is no need to because the meters do not need to be calibrated. We were never told we can say no to having these types of meters and we can have the old instead that are calibrated.

                 Now after living in Southeast Texas for almost three years. I am content with my old fashioned power meter with all the gears and the spinning disk. My power bill is reasonable now. When Texas New Mexico Power announces these smart meters to be installed. We as consumers do have a choice to refuse. These smart meters do more than just rip us off. They are illegal in everyday. They invade our privacy and monitor our power usage. These meters are a surveillance tool sending personal information to third parties we never contract with. These smart meters are a violation to the contract agreement with the utility company.

                 We still have a right to say no to these meters. These devices send off radiation that is harmful to pur health and violate FCC rules since they do broadcast a signal more powerful than a micro FM station that requires a license. I say we start asking these electric companies to remove these smart meters or if we have none installed yet. We do not consent to having a smart meter attached to our homes. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 gives us the choice to opt out having these smart meters being used. We better say no now before we lose the right to say no. Why I say,it is because these mater not only rip us off with high electric bills. These meters are another big brother tool to see what appliances we use. It is none of none of anyone's business what I do in my home.

                  As consumers under the Energy Policy Act of 2005. If we do not consent to having  smart meter on the side of our house ripping us off with high power bill, microwave radio waves and a invasion of privacy. This law say we can opt out of smart meters and keep the old fashioned meter on the side of the home. Besides these smart meters kills jobs by eliminating the meter readers because a radio signal reads the meters instead of a person reading the meter. So put a notice out on you meter saying "NO SMART METER". If we do not say no, they will install smart water and gas meters to further rip us off. Say no to smart meters.

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