Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Advice to Ron Paul? Fire Those Useless Consultants, Just Listen to the People

              When I was watching the debate in Iowa. I was hearing about Newt Gingrich taking about all these consultants making a campaign go broke before it gets started. When I hear about these high priced consultants being hired by politicians to run for office or seeking reelection. It just shows me that they do not have a clue about reality and are out of touch. I can tell in Ron Paul's last run for the President, he did get some really bad advice from his advisers and consultants inside his campaign.

               Many of these consultants maybe saboteurs to make sure candidate does not win. I rather see Ron Paul just go out there, just be himself and talk from the heart. If he feels angry about what the Federal Reserve is doing to Americans. He should not be ashamed to be a little angry with the crowd who shares in the nation's discontent with the direction of the nation. He should not be timid about throwing out the red meat rhetoric when he has the high ground already. I know there are a lot of high profile Patriots in the movement who will give the congressmen great advice on how to win the hearts of the people than some empty suit that gets his chunk of money regardless if he wins or not.

                Do you remember when George W Bush and Al gore were running for president? Do you recall Al Gore having a consultant telling him how to dress and how to part his hair. One of the debates he tried to look like Ronald Reagan with the rosy cheeks and how his hair was combed. When the vice President was on the front cover of Rolling Stone Magazine with an air brush trying to show his junk through his Khakis . It was pathetic to see.  That comes from a consultant Al Gore hired. I felt a little sorry for Al Gore because he was being forced to be something he was not to win office. That is the sad part of politics. It can turn us into the very thing we despise.

                All I can say to Ron Paul. To win this race to win the hearts and minds of the voters. You have to be your own man. The more he listens to advisers and consultants separating himself from the people. He will flounder. He cannot make that same mistake he made in 2008. We seen what happens when he will gets bad advice. We seen this in campaign commercials in the New Hampshire primary, they were ineffective because of listening to advisers. There are plenty of amateur video editors that could make a better commercial than these empty suits than think of.Consultants and advisers do. They do not like their man speaking their mind,taking a little risk identifying with the people. This kind of advice does more harm than good to the candidate. I see them as a liability.

                How Ron Paul can beat Rick Perry and the rest of the field of candidates is be himself and stick with what resonates with the people. All these candidates all depend on consultants and advisers to write their speeches and bring them up to speed with taking points speaking the party line. He has a real opportunity to show the people he is his own person not afraid to be himself. Newt and Slick Rick may talk like Ron Paul, but their records speak saying they will never be Ron Paul. Then you know these two are listening to their consultants because it what people want to hear. Then we know they are not for real no more then they are faithful to their wives that what they are told to say. Therefore, we are seeing the counterfeit patriot.

                Ron Paul has the moral high ground in this election. He has written many books and has been faithful to the office he has held by upholding his oath and returning expenses not used for his congressional staff back to the treasury. He does not need consultants to cover up his political past and scandals because he has none. His best consultants will come from the leadership in the patriot community who have the pulse of the public. Not from the party hacks. His record speaks for itself. He just needs to be himself and listen to the people. If consultants have done so well,than Washington would have been fixed long ago. Only advisers and consultants reenforce the status quo. The only way to win this election is to be unconventional and unorthodox allowing the grassroots to move the debate instead of the consultants controlling the talking points. I spoke my peace.


  1. If you felt sorry for Al Gore you are not supporting Ron Paul with this article - go away liar - you are trojan usurping

  2. Seph just because I had a little pity for Al Gore does not mean I voted for him. I still support Ron Paul. I had a little pity because AL Gore will never be his own man and have the personal dignity to be himself. Al Gore iwishes he can be Ron Paul if he had not compromised himself long ago.

  3. I think the author makes great points. Calling the author a "liar" seems unfounded to me - what exactly is the author supposedly lying about?

    It seems unreasonable, to me at least, to expect an author to know everything - and be enlightened about everything before expressing an opinion.

    There is a saying "Those who teach - learn" and "if you want to learn a lot about something - write about it." (or something like that)

    The author writes with candor - and in my opinion honesty.

    Great article.

  4. Factually incorrect, again. Last election cycle, Ron Paul did exactly as you propose- he had no election consultants. He "listened to the people". And he got creamed.

    His people couldn't agree on a media campaign, couldn't organize a rally, they didn't even know how to do a press release!

    I know that Realman2020 and the resident dummy brigade thinks that no one needs to get educated past the 9th grade level, but sometimes it is nice to have experts available.

    I hardly think that Paul would have won had he but had more election consultants. But he would have done better. This cycle, he learned his lesson, and does indeed have them. Fighting fire with fire, Paul is going to do a damn site better this time than in 2008.

  5. In his 2008 primary run, there were states where the grass roots organization tried to get Ron Paul on the primary ballot, but the national organization told them not to do it, because the national organization would do it. Then the national organization didn't do anything and the state organizations had to scramble.

    The problem with the New Hampshire commercials was that they tried to be slick but they came off as phony, with actors pretending to be excited about this new 'honest' candidate. It would have been a million times better if they'd just taken thirty seconds of Ron Paul facing the camera and talking about how the Fed works.

    I was in a Ron Paul Meetup back in 2007, and the girl running it was 'eased' out by the longtime political hacks whose 'big idea' was to have us stand over freeway overpasses and wave hand-made signs. Yeah, that convinced a lot of undecided voters -- seeing crazy people by the freeway.

    Oh, and he wanted us to sign a pledge as to how much we would give to Ron Paul each month . . . gee, I wonder if he was planning to sell a mailing list!

    Let's face it, for the past 100 years of the Federal Reserve it's been One Nation Under Banks, and our democracy is a sham and our elections are just puppet theater.

    Professional political consultants are there to help maintain the illusion of democracy, and they always believe in spending a million bucks to look slick rather than just informally talk truth, because it's by spending a lot of money in appearance that they charge all their fees.

    Frankly, I don't even know if Ron Paul is on the level, but I don't need to see anymore 'slick' commercials with dramatic music and flashing images. I need to hear someone talking the truth, and I don't care if he rambles or his voice is too creaky or even if he looks frail. I just want the truth, unfiltered by political theater.

  6. Ron Paul was great. He is not the Owner's candidate, however, so their spin doctors edit him out. It won't work.

  7. Political science authors and poll takers (plural) have established that about 30% or less of voters know anything for sure about their candidate and the candidate's party affiliation. Now that the Supreme Court OTUS has decided that news agencies and other candidates can tell non slanderous falsehood over the airwaves, Dr. Paul (who will get my vote) needs the best pro advice available. Lying is legal. But it does not work in medicine, mechanics, or nation management.

  8. I was involved in his last run so I agree 1000%, he was sabotaged and infiltrated. We had undercover FBI agents in our meet up groups and alot of leaders who told me he couldn't or wouldn't win. So why bother?

    I am a true believer. I feel Dr Paul is our only non-violent cure for what ails us. If he doesn't succeed, we are all in big trouble. The purges in the Soviet Union killed 147 million Christians, we are being set up for something similiar.

  9. I am also a true believer. If you can think a different side of this. There are more way to learn and teach to other. How can you adjust this type of scenario.